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I haven’t experienced anyone sitting out. Combat usually needs everyone to fight or run.

Someone on the Deliberations of the Punk Duchess Facebook group seems to be organizing a pickup and shipping from Seattle...

https://www.facebook.com/groups/DotPD/p … 205554742/


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Better Than Any Man is long, but it's actually an interesting read. If you have the time, I'd suggest just reading through it even if you don't want to run it, and then use just a couple of parts of it for your mini-encounters.

It's basically a sandbox style book with many different adventure sites, NPCs, monsters, and encounters that could be pulled out and used by themselves.


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Okay, I have a few suggestions...

First, I'll share how I introduced my players, all coming from Pathfinder, to LotFP:

First, we played A Stranger Storm, which is currently available for free in the Referee book:

-This includes a mystery to solve, lots of role playing and NPC interaction, and introduces the "unfairness" of LotFP - there is a 50% chance that a character is lost just by interacting with certain NPCs - but the kicker is, players may not know this until later in the session! There is the added bonus that players are very likely going to fight an exact version of themselves. They will learn first hand how to handle themselves in an exactly evenly matched fight.

Second, we played The Tower of the Stargazer:

-This module feels very much like a traditional dungeon crawl, except it features many LotFP twists. My players learned that they simply cannot save everybody and for the first time in their RPGing careers, actually abandoned their comrades to death. It was a rough but necessary lesson! smile

Third, we played Better Than Any man:

-This is the whole kit and kaboodle. Players will be required to analyze situations, NPCs, encounters, and monsters. Should we talk are way through this? Fight? Lie? Help them? They must make choices, none of which are "perfect" and then face the consequences of those choices.

Finally, we played The God That Crawls:

-This teaches the players how to manage food and light, that sometimes the monster is simply unbeatable and running is the only option, however, getting as much gold as possible is the only way to level up. They MUST learn how to run, track light and food, and encumbrance, while getting as much loot as possible and hoping to escape with their lives (and XP).

After these four lessons, I think the players were finally suited to LotFP and we've been playing weekly for the last 5 years! I wouldn't do it any differently if I had to do it again.


Now, if you are intent on creating mini-encounters and not using modules, here's what I'd do for a "balanced" monster encounter:

First, I think the assumption you made about giving the monster(s) the same HD as the players is more or less fair. Just keep in mind that in reality, monsters break all sorts of rules, so this is never a sure thing if you run a pre-made monster.

Second, you can use basically the same stats as the adventurers either combined into one monster or multiple monsters.

Third, give the monster some interesting powers that you know the players can overcome, but will take some puzzling to figure out.

For inspiration, check: Fire on the Velvet Horizon, the monsters in Better Than Any Man, or use one of the Slugs from the free Slugs book and adjust its stats. (It doesn't even have to be a slug, you could just use the stats on a different body...but, honestly, why shouldn't it be a slug!?:)


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The quick and easy answer: there is absolutely no relationship between monster difficulty and PC level in LotFP or other OSR games.


The idea is that it's up to PCs to decide whether they can take on the threat or whether they should flee for their lives.

The monster they're facing might be 1 HD and easy to kill (but look absolutely terrifying). It could look like a small child and have 50 HD. It could look like a small child, have 1 HD, but turn anybody who attacks it inside out killing them instantly (or not killing them and now they are a horrific monstrosty themselves).

The primary focus of LotFP is NOT combat, so you will find there is little support for adventures where the primary concern is for PCs to go and fight and kill a monster. 

That said, it doesn't mean that you can't set this up for your players.

If you can answer the following questions, I may be able to guide you in the right direction:

1) Will your players (and you) be okay with the party being utterly destroyed by the monster?
2) Are they interested in a monster that might only be defeated through non-combat means?
Such as:
-procuring a particular item
-interacting with NPCs to figure out the monster's weakness
-interacting directly with the monster to see if it even needs to be defeated (can be reasoned with?)
-joining forces with the monster?
3) Are they interested in facing a few monsters and learning when to fight and when to run?
4) Would they be up for problem-solving and role playing over combat when defeating the monster?

Any other information you can provide?


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It's not out on PDF yet. The best way to "check" is to just go to the LotFP main site: http://www.lotfp.com/RPG/ and see if it's been updated there (ie, Eldritch Cock is listed with the other free books).

Subscribing to Raggi/LotFP on G+ is the only real way to get up to date news - he'll likely announce that it's available on there before anywhere else.


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1) That is how I read it. You must state the number of each spell being memorized. If the Cleric wants to cast 2 CLW, then they must declare that in the morning.

2) Yes.

3) Correct.

4) Correct. Spellcasting during combat is very dangerous!

I highly recommend you check out this and last year's Free RPG Day offerings from LotFP: Vagina's Are Magic and Eldritch Cock. They are available as free downloads from DriveThruRPG (and you can access them from the main LotFP web page). They present 42 new spells, and a new magic system that I believe is more fun than the traditional one.

Some highlights:
-All spells are available at first level.
-You actually only need to memorize each spell once, but then can cast it multiple times (using up a different slot).
-Instead of spell failure,  you have a chance of miscasting spells (like when taking damage).
-Taking on some risk, casters can cast unmemorized spells and/or beyond their allotment for the day.


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Update: 22 spells in EC!


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I believe so.


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The last update I heard on this was the beginning of July 2017. I have content in this issue and Raggi communicated to me that he was working on getting it onto DriveThruRPG as PWYW. I haven't heard anything since then!


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The only difference between the backer and official RPG day VAM is that the backer version has a ribbon bookmark. No differences in content. Also, the backer copies were signed by the creators involved.

EC, for this year, actually does have content differences. The backer copy has a magic item included.


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I can’t find an official clarification from the rules, however, I think multiplying times 10 for catapults vs monsters is implied.

I think ramming was called out because it specifically does less damage to large sea monsters than to other ships.

Carcosa has already been reprinted once. I would imagine both would be up for reprints someday, but don’t know for sure.

Tower of the Stargazer - good old school dungeon crawl with some LotFP twists.

Death Frost Doom - put LotFP on the map, dungeon crawl meets horror.

No Salvation For Witches - lots of NPCs interactions, horror, and gonzo.

Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children - super gonzo,  full on LotFP, and FREE!

I recommend checking them out and seeing which will work with your group. I’ve run them all and the players enjoyed them.

He is only selling these books at the con b/c they’re small soft covers. He has experimented with various types of releases: PWYW, crowdfunding rewards, free rpg day, bonuses only for ordering from his webstore, 1 day only releases, limited runs, reprints, and special versions of certain books.

Point is, don’t assume this is the end of shipping. He’s just doing something different for these releases.

Sorry I made an assumption that US distribution would help you. I have nothing to offer you on that front!

Andomedanaea wrote:

The Facebook page gives the impression that the postal rates are pushing him out of business, except at cons.
A great shame. I would be willing to pay more for postage if I had to. I already pay double when I buy from Goodman games. I only don't buy more from them because I don't like their stuff as much as LotFP.

I don't think he'll stop shipping books any time soon, but there probably does need to be a change if LotFP is going to gain more access to oversea customers. There was talk among some Facebook users to look into helping out by providing a U.S. based distribution center.

I'm with you though - I'll still pay the high shipping rates to get the books as long as I need to.


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I think probably the best places to look are: OSR, D&D, LotFP forums on G+; similar or same forums on Facebook. They both are pretty active and I bet you can find some people who are interested in PBP.

I'm pretty sure that DFD will get a reprint eventually. Any of the top selling books that aren't limited in some way will likely get reprinted as long as there's demand.

FFS may not ever come back in print. Raggi mentioned a while back that he had a plan to offload all his remaining copies (not sure if he did that or not) but to me that communicates that he had too much leftover and/or it was a slow seller or for whatever other reason he didn't want to keep it in stock as a regular LotFP book.

Not sure what's up with DLD.  If it was advertised as a limited release or was part of a crowdfunding reward, it likely won't get reprinted either.

I agree with you though, I'd love to see all of the out of print stuff come back! I'd also love a reworking of Pembrooktonshire and The Grinding Gear in the style of Death Frost Doom.

Correct, LotFP assumes real world deities and religions. (This is how I play it.)

England upturn’d has alignments and religions for England in the 17th century.

Another OSR resource you could use if you want to stray from strictly real world religions (along with 1E Deities and Demigods) is Petty Gods:

http://www.rpgnow.com/product/149434/Pe … ed-Edition


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Sorry, my suggestion was serious. If you continue the pattern of modifiers, it seems like it would be at least +1 for each step beyond 18 (which would equal +10). If you used a "roll under Wisdom" check mechanic, with a failure only on a 20, then the character would succeed on 95% of their Wisdom checks (or 100% if you don't incorporate any auto failure). So a +10 or +20 honestly doesn't seem to make much difference to me...especially since they'll be swarmed by demons in a few weeks.

Let the player have their fun before they suffer. smile

All three of those books you're reading are great and really hooked me on this game. For the past month, I've been running two LotFP sessions per week!

Shipping to the US from the LotFP store is like it's own random generator chart. I've had stuff come within two weeks, and other stuff it took two months, even when shipped from the store within a short amount of time. I've probably ordered about a dozen times and have never NOT gotten something, so just be patient if it doesn't come right away.

D30s didn't exist, or were hard to come by when the RECG was originally published, and this one is mostly a word-for-word reprint. To do what it says, you would roll a 1d3 (so a d6, but you halve the result) and if you roll a 1, then you'd use the first set of 10, a 2 would indicate the second set, and a 3 the third set. The d10 tells you which one out of each set you use. There are also d16s available to use for the "Plant" chart on this page. smile


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Seems like +10 at the least, right? I mean, what can it hurt? Give him plus 20 if he wants

Also, I created an unofficial FAQ at my blog to help new players. You might find it useful:

https://thegruenextdoor.blogspot.com/20 … ncess.html

And then you should check out some of the other blogs linked to there, as they're updated more frequently than mine! wink

Soapstone wrote:

Yea, already snagged the 6 free things though I am kinda confused as to where FRPGD 2015 is. I got the 2 adventure pdfs from 2013 and 2014, 2016 had SLUGS and 2017 had Vaginas are Magic!, where is the FRPGD material for 2015? did LotFP not put out anything that year?

You're correct, there was one year where LotFP didn't do Free RPG Day. I think there was too much else going on that year or something.

Character sheet: you can google it, or use the veins of the earth one on the main LotFP page (see below).

I think there are a growing number of players in the US, but the best way to go about it is to find some gamers and get them into the game yourself. smile

New Referee book is in the works, and will hopefully be out soon, but not sure how soon.

Those free rpg day releases will not be found cheap in print, and are currently not available from the store. (You can get PDFs for free, see below.)

You can’t change the currency, but google can help with this too. Just type in the euro amount and “U.S. conversion” to see what you’ll be paying. When you buy stuff, the conversion will be automatic.

I assume you’ve been here, but just in case, on the right side of the page are links to all the free stuff: http://www.lotfp.com/RPG/