LotFP is a bit inspired by B/X D&D, so if you are able to play that solo, then you can with LotFP too.


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I'm pretty sure it's just PDF.


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I'm not sure how active James is on here as far as answering questions; if you don't hear a response in the next day or two, I recommend asking on the Facebook group or emailing him.


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I believe your second interpretation is correct. If I remember correctly, the backpack simply makes it possible to carry all that stuff, it doesn't "help" as far as encumbrance is concerned.


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The shirts are often released in limited editions. You can check both the US and European webstores, and Noble Knight Games also has shirts.

But yeah, they typically sell out of the most popular sizes, and I don't think he ever reprints shirts...just moves on to new designs.

The best thing to do is sign up for the newsletter so when new things are printed, you are informed and can go pick up what you want. The shirts don't sell out SUPER quick, it's just that after a few months (or years) the sizes are limited.

Yeah, we've had one regular release cycle and a gencon release cycle, but no ref book yet.

You didn't miss out on 2nd edition, it's just late.

I'm pretty sure once it is released it will be the only edition for many years, with numerous reprints.


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It's big enough to engulf a person, but small enough for an adventurer to try and leap over.

There's also a picture of it, which makes it look a bit bigger than the above would imply.

There are also mini-gods in the chasm. I'd say they're the size of a dog? And the main one is the size of a bear?

Or if you assume 1HD is the standard size of a normal human, the minis are human sized and the main one is the size of five humans?


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Chaotic. Generally all magical or supernatural beings (including Magic-Users) are Chaotic.

In LotFP alignment is not indicative of how the character behaves like it might be in D&D, it has more to do with what type of creature or being it is. Humans, in general, are neutral. Magic-Users are chaotic b/c they engage with the forces of chaos.

A lawful being would be something on the opposite end of chaotic, perhaps a god or angel. Clerics if you use them.


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Tarynt wrote:
ninate9762 wrote:

So, I guess this is where a bunch of people hang out to yell at and insult each other. If you find that fun, have at it. If not, I'd suggest staying out of there. Me, I don't really check in here all that often, and when I do, I don't comment much. Obviously continue reading. Since I don't want to ever even hint that people are playing LotFP wrong in their home games. There's no reason your game should match whatever "platonic" LotFP is this release cycle.

Parody or irony?

Spam. It's an exact copy of one I deleted last week.

Agreed, it was one of my favorites to run.

I believe that booklet is reprinted in the Tutorial Book in the Grindhouse set (the art and text I see in that image match up with it, at least).

It's really a full discussion of various authors and works, but, I can at least provide you with the authors and any works that stand out:

Clive Barker - lists numerous works - too many to write here, to be honest

Robert E Howard - mentions Conan and Solomon Kane

Fritz Leiber - lists numerous works, including the Lankhmar series

HP Lovecraft - recommends beginning with the well-known short stories (Call of Cthulhu, etc.) Also mentions Robert Bloch, Henry Kuttner, Frank Belknap Long, and August Derleth

Edgar Allan Poe - lists the classic horror stories and poems

Clark Ashton Smith - mentions the Zothique Cycle, Hyperborean Cycle, and Averoigne Cycle

JRR Tolkien

Jack Vance -  mentions many novels and stories, such as the Dying Earth and the Demon Princes

Jules Verne 

HG Wells

Others [no discussion of these - just this list]

Anderson, Poul (The Broken Sword, etc)
Bierce, Ambrose (everything!)
Blackwood, Algernon (The Willows, etc)
Bradbury, Ray (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
Carroll, Lewis (Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass)
Chambers, Robert W. (The King in Yellow)
Doyle, Arthur Conan (The Lost World, etc)
Dumas, Alexandre (The Three Musketeers, etc)
Hodgson, William Hope (House on the Borderlands, The Night Lands, etc)
Homer (The Iliad, The Odyssey)
Joshi, ST (The Weird Tale, The Evolution of the Weird Tale)
King, Stephen (Eyes of the Dragon, Cycle of the Werewolf, the Dark Tower series)
Lord Dunsany (most everything)
Malory, Sir Thomas (Le Morte d’Arthur)
Merritt, A. (The Moon Pool, The Ship of Ishtar, etc)
Moorcock, Michael (Elric stories, Von Bek stories, Corum stories, many, many others)
Orwell, George (1984, Animal Farm)
Shakespeare, William (MacBeth, Hamlet, etc)
Shelley, Mary (Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus, The Last Man)
Stephenson, Robert Louis (The Strange Curse of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Treasure Island)
Stoker, Bram (Dracula, Lair of the White Worm, etc)
Swift, Jonathan (Gulliver’s Travels)
Wilde, Oscar (The Picture of Dorian Grey)

I looked through my PDFs and I see that there is a recommended reading section in the Tutorial Booklet. Do you own the tutorial book and are just asking for a more condensed list of the recommended books and authors? (The way the material is presented is not in the traditional list of books and authors - it's full paragraphs divided into discussions of various authors and their works - so compiling a list will take some effort.)

Or do you not have it, and are curious what the publisher recommends?

Pretty sure the Grindhouse Referee book will not be in print. But the full art version is available for free at Drivethru:

https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/14 … se-Edition

That said, he did just reprint the original version of Death Frost Doom, despite having a couple of other reprints already available for that - but it was provided as a freebie for ordering 8 items from the store. It's always possible the grindhouse book could be reprinted in a similar manner.

The new Referee book will hopefully be available in the next release cycle or two (maybe within a year)?

Better Than Any Man will be getting an official reprint, likely in some sort of deluxe hardcover version.

I actually wouldn't be terribly surprised if the other free RPG day stuff was included as part of the Better Than Any Man reprint (like as a free rpg day anthology?), but that is definitely not officially announced, it's just my guess. Those other free RPG things may instead be released later down the road, or as a part of some other collection (or, possibly not all, but I would be surprised by that b/c they were all written by James Raggi, so he has the rights to re-release them however he wants.)

Noble Knight Games frequently has out of print stuff available if money is not an option.


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There's a book available at DriveThruRPG called BX Options: Class Builder, published by the Welsh Piper, that has rules for building classes from the ground up, including the experience point requirements.

I haven't done a deep delve to see how aligned it is with LotFP, but since LotFP is based off BX I would imagine this book would be a good place to start.


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The Vhaidra Saga wrote:
Crunk Posby wrote:

I think when the print copies sell out?

PDF coming out yet, James?

Last I heard from James is that this would not be released as a PDF due to an unforeseen issue.

Whenever the Magic-User is getting the benefits a laboratory provides, as stated on page 82:

"The time required for items 1–5 is doubled if the
Magic-User is not working in a library worth at least
1,000 sp per level of the spell in question. Time to
create a potion is doubled if the Magic-User is not
working in a laboratory worth at least 1,000 sp per
level of the spell that the potion will duplicate. Creating
a wand or staff requires both a library and a
laboratory worth at least 1,000 sp each per highest
spell level included or the time is doubled."


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I checked my own gear sheet that I made based off the LotFP rules, and I have a note that Muskets ignore the first 5 points of armor at all ranges. I could not find that in the rule book, but it doesn't seem like a house rule I would come up with...so maybe I found that somewhere in the official rules or an a FAQ somewhere?


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As far as I can tell, RAW, there is no advantage.  I feel like the arquebus should have a range increment between the pistol and the musket, if you want to house rule it so there is a good reason to choose a musket.

I think mechanically/strategically, one would choose the musket if setting it up in advance and trying to strike a target from a distance. The arquebus is good for adventuring and getting a shot off into melee - and shortening the range of the arquebus would lean into this.

Krycek_84 wrote:

I recently bought a copy of Fermentvm Nigrvm Dei Sepvlti on Amazon. Is there anywhere I can get a free PDF of the infection cards?

Many thanks

If you email the publisher (James Raggi) a picture of you holding the book, or your invoice showing you purchased it, (or some other "proof" that you bought it) he'll make the full PDF available to you for free.

As I read it, the LotFP version of Phantasmal Force, in spirit, seems to be an attack spell. So anything that causes damage makes sense (such as Magic Missile) but I don't think it can charm people. It's essentially a powerful illusion spell forcing defenders to defend against a creature that may be far more powerful than the spellcaster, but which can be nullified entirely by passing a saving throw.

(As far as mixing it with other versions of the game, I think that's your call as a DM - I personally set LotFP as the primary source, which trumps any other rules I might bring in.)


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The only core book you can get in print right now is the Rules & Magic. The tutorial book is not available in print.

I know you said you don't want PDFs, but all of the PDFs offered for free on LotFP web page are great:
-Referee Book = the other core book
-Eldritch Cock and Vaginas Are Magic = collections of spells and new rules

There are also a number of free adventures:
-Better Than Any Man (phenomenal!)
-Stranger Storm (in the Referee book mentioned above)
-Slugs (bestiary!)

The best thing to buy in print as a starter is the Fire Adventure Anthology, as it contains 4  adventures written by James Raggi, including Tower of the Stargazer, which is a great starter adventure for new Referees and players.

After that, I'd say both the other Adventure Anthologies are essential, along with Death Frost Doom.

From there, I'd say buy according to your interests.

There is no official bestiary (but there will be one with the new Referee book coming later this year).

There is no official underground adventure for Veins of the Earth (although you could pick up Deep Carbon Observatory to complement it, but that's not officially LotFP).

Yeah, about a day away would mean less cultists coming by, so a bigger event when one does actually show up.

It just occurred to me that the treasure is probably supposed to be the possessions of the rich widow who moved all her stuff there - so there would be furniture, jewelry, art, and likely silver coins. It's left open enough that you could set it at whatever value you want - so characters could level up, or maybe halfway to level one, or whatever feels right to you.

I've never run it; I did read through it quite a while ago and just skimmed through to remind myself of the main points.

-The surface: you should put a town nearby. There are numerous towns in LotFP adventures you could use (Obscene Serpent Religion 2, a few in Better Than Any Man, etc.) The cultists do come around periodically and ask people to join the cult. You could include an early scene where the party sees people running to hide from a friendly cultist coming into town.

-I think the widow just moved all her stuff there and left the house empty.

-I would roll 1d20 for the encounter once per room, and when directed under an entry. Once a named cultist is in a room, they would become a "nothing" result on the roll in the future (unless a lot of time has passed).

-Personally, I wouldn't worry about the Spinner in the Darkness until my players engaged with the module and I saw how they dealt with it.

-I think this module was written with OSR/LotFP in mind, so not sure you need to increase treasure values?


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Me either - I had to do some googling. I guess it's what they use in Canada as well, since the author is Canadian.


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It says "round off" which is British for "round." So you'll round normally (typically down for anything less than .5 and up for .5 or higher).