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I’d like to wear a LOTFP shirt in conventions and festivals in my country (France) to promote a bit
Is there going to more restock soon ? There is not so much sizes choice at the moment i write this message
Thanks in advance for your reply


Re: About shirts

I am recently learning about this TTRPG for the fist time

Not sure if id ever want to play but I do want some shirts and books.
It seems like much of the best stuff are no longer available

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The shirts are often released in limited editions. You can check both the US and European webstores, and Noble Knight Games also has shirts.

But yeah, they typically sell out of the most popular sizes, and I don't think he ever reprints shirts...just moves on to new designs.

The best thing to do is sign up for the newsletter so when new things are printed, you are informed and can go pick up what you want. The shirts don't sell out SUPER quick, it's just that after a few months (or years) the sizes are limited.