Topic: Phantasmal Force Question and Limitations

I'm preparing an OSR campaign with home rules heavily inspired by 10footpolemic. Armed with the lotfp corebook, LL - Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion, LL - Theorems & Thaumaturgy and AD & D2 Player Handbook, I am creating an extended and sometimes reworked spelllist for MU. The question arose at the moment with Phantasmal Force. Why lotfp-PF cannot create objects and phenomena as it was possible in AD&D2, and most importantly, are there any restrictions on the capabilities of creatures created by this spell? If the magician creates his own copy, will the copy be able to use magic as the original? Will Phantasmal copy be able to shower enemies with Phantasmal Magic Missles, Phantasmal Fireballs, and so on? How will the Phantasmal Charm Person work?

Re: Phantasmal Force Question and Limitations

As I read it, the LotFP version of Phantasmal Force, in spirit, seems to be an attack spell. So anything that causes damage makes sense (such as Magic Missile) but I don't think it can charm people. It's essentially a powerful illusion spell forcing defenders to defend against a creature that may be far more powerful than the spellcaster, but which can be nullified entirely by passing a saving throw.

(As far as mixing it with other versions of the game, I think that's your call as a DM - I personally set LotFP as the primary source, which trumps any other rules I might bring in.)