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I saw somewhere that there is some advantage that Musket has over an arquebus. But I can't find it. Muskets are a lot more encumbering and have the same range and damage. Why would you want a musket?

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As far as I can tell, RAW, there is no advantage.  I feel like the arquebus should have a range increment between the pistol and the musket, if you want to house rule it so there is a good reason to choose a musket.

I think mechanically/strategically, one would choose the musket if setting it up in advance and trying to strike a target from a distance. The arquebus is good for adventuring and getting a shot off into melee - and shortening the range of the arquebus would lean into this.

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I checked my own gear sheet that I made based off the LotFP rules, and I have a note that Muskets ignore the first 5 points of armor at all ranges. I could not find that in the rule book, but it doesn't seem like a house rule I would come up maybe I found that somewhere in the official rules or an a FAQ somewhere?

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¶They ignore 5 points of Armor at short range (at all ranges for muskets).***

The rule is on page 159, under "Matchlock", which lists most of the general firearm rules.
This makes it a good weapon for battlefields (and maybe wilderness travel) but not so much for most "dungeon" locations.