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Hi there,
I'm a 44 years old, and live in the south of Sweden with my wife, 2 kids from a previous marriage and a black dog.

I started playing B/X in 1981, and then went on to AD&D1e, but in truth it was the B/X engine with bolted on classes, races and stuff from 1e. In 1989 we dropped D&D for other games, like RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, Traveller, T2K, Cyberpunk, KULT and more. I was SO tired of level based games with XP and I swore to never go back that road. We played CoC until 1994, when I moved away for a new job. The other guys got involved in careers, kids, studies, houses etc, and the games ended up in boxes in the attic.

Fast forward to 2007. I got divorced and while moving I found my old games. I started reading and that was it! I found Dragonsfoot online and started reading gaming blogs and buying vintage D&D stuff on ebay. And the beauty of classic D&D felt new again. 

I stumbled upon LotFP when I bought the Vornheim book a while back. At the time I was content with my TSR D&D stuff, so the whole clone-thing didn't feel as something for me. However, I started following the clone/simulacrum scene of the "OSR" and started reading the new stuff coming out, supporting old school rules sets. And found it to be excellent! A new take on the traditional Tolkienesque high fantasy genre. And lots of creative people, sharing stuff and publishing their stuff online.

Anyway, given my love for horror gaming and the bizarre, coming here was just a question of time:)


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Greetings everyone, my name is Andrew. I'm 35 now and I live in Jersey City, NJ, with my wife, two dogs, and partially-formed future human child (due in August). I moved to the NYC area about 5 years ago for a job, and now I *ahem* work for the government. Before that, I had a pretty odd life in Ohio and I just try to avoid that place now.

I started playing AD&D about 25 years ago when my friend and I were hacking our way through the old SSI DOS games, Pool of Radiance and Secret of the Silver Blades, etc. We wanted a more interesting experience than the computer games could provide, and right about then his sister dumped a bunch of her old boyfriend's gaming books on our heads.

I've played some game or another ever since. From D&D and its derivatives to Rifts and Vampire and many others. I have the dubious honor of having designed Palladium Books' original website logo. It hovered there for about 15 years, and I got $100 worth of products from their website for it. Hoo rah.

In the last few years, my buddies and I have been figuring out various gaming systems through the internet, first by using chat rooms and VOIP, then Google Wave and another VOIP, and finally Google Hangouts using Tabletop Forge and now, Roll20.

I came to LotFP when an old friend invited me to his G+ Hangout game, and decided to use the LotFP rules. I'm quite enamored with the old-school ideals and Jim's philosophy in particular. About a month ago, I started developing an RPG of my own with a magic system that mirrors what he put up in the Dev section. I've been giggling my way through the rules and the forums for the last few days.

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My name is Franciolli, I'm a 35 years old gamer that lives on Brazil with my wife and a 3 years old son.

My first contact with LotFP was in a convention that I help to organize here. A friend brought the LotFP box and we've played The Tower of the Stargazer.

Love at first sight.

Not so recently I translated the character sheet to brazilian portuguese to try bring more players to the LotFP fantastic world.

I'm also write to a brazilian blog dedicated to RPG [] where I write a lot about this system.

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Hi, I'm 21 years old and I live in Turku, Finland, with my wife, synthesisers, and records. I'm interested in history, music, films, and 20's & 30's pulp literature.

I don't remember when I first role-played, but I was quite interested in such games from about 10-year-old. I had troubles with finding a group, though, so my fascination was manifested mostly through reading magazines and rule-books. That sounds really lone and it truly was. Anyway, I have been gaming actively for several years now, mostly Call of Cthulhu but some others as well. I'm currently active in two groups. The another one has been dedicated for CoC, but as we formed the other we --after hacking through couple of Conan-inspired BRP adventures-- decided to play something 'old school'.

LotFP proved to be the most interesting of these systems and now we have played it for almost a year. I really like the style and spirit of the game. Clearly separated character classes is a great idea, each has its own specialty and doesn't interfere with the others. Thus all types of characters are needed. Still 'level inflation' is avoided: even though the PCs become able to stand more damage etc. failure is always equally likely. The characters simply can survive from increasing number of failures before they are defeated. Thus there's no need to constantly increase the power level of 'regular' enemies and thus nullify the character improvement.

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About me: I started playing B/X D&D back in '81 or '82 (can't remember exactly when), moved on to AD&D soon afterwards, stopped playing after high school when the gaming group broke up. Dabbled a little with 3e when it came out, and recently got swept up in the OSR movement.

I downloaded the LotFP pdf from Drive-Thru RPG after listening to James' interview on the "Save or Die" podcast. I had heard of the game, but didn't know too much about it before then. Just wanted to let you know that at least one person bought your game after you did the podcast circuit.

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My name is Chad, age 33, from Bremerton WA (a short ferry ride from Seattle).
I've always liked the idea of RPGs and I read every book I can. I like the more out there stuff like Jorune, Rifts, and Planescape. I like fluff more than crunch. I prefer setting to system.
I love art and enjoy the richness of DCC and LOTFP.

I found LOTFP looking for weird art.
I'm a new GM looking for some sort of holy grail, a font of wisdom that will serve as a template to design my own system.
I get my grindhouse box this week I hope. Coming all the way from finland...

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My name is Wayne. I run a blog called Semper Initiativus Unum. I'm married with a daughter who is almost 11 months old, I've played D&D since 1995 and have been part of the OSR since 2007 or so. I publish a zine called Dungeon Crawl. I've followed LotFP since before it was a game (I actually have an entry in Green Devil Face #2), and since Better Than Any Man I've become acutely interested in its approach.

So that's me. A number of you probably know me from elsewhere.

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I'm Libertad, I post on other message boards related to tabletop games.

Started reading Dungeons & Dragons books around 2000, got my first group together around 2004.  Played 3rd Edition immensely and still avidly consume it, played a little bit of 4th Edition.  Recently checked out 1st Edition AD&D and various old school retroclones.  Never played in or DM a game for an old school game yet.

I downloaded the lotfp rules some time ago, can't remember when, after browsing the Internet for retroclones.  I particularly enjoyed many of its new spins on traditional old-school gaming, such as thematic changes to spells, the Specialist class, and of course Summoning.

I purchased the Vornheim book after hearing many good things about it, and I got hooked on Weird Fantasy.

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Howdy folks!

Okay, so, my name is Jim, I'm 28 years old, and I've been tabletopping for, oh... about 14 or 15 years on and off. Mostly AD&D 2nd back in high school, quite a bit of Ravenloft, a good deal of 3rd, some Mechwarrior, a bit of BRP, and various homebrews and suchlike. Back in the day we used to break out the old Otus boxed sets once in a while, but it's only in the last couple of years that I've really become enamored with the whole "old school" dealy.

Anyway, I'm here mainly because LotFP is just so damn metal. Oh, and to pick a brain or two. I'll do my level best to contribute to the materials hereabouts, but for the most part I'll just be concentrating on my home game and gleaning what advice I may.


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I picked this game up after reading the reviews and thoroughly enjoy the rules. I've played since the early 80s and this is a nice new take on things.

Cheers all!


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Greetings I am Jason age 33 and I live in Belleville Illinois. My first exposure to D&D was through the cartoon as a child. I was introduced to the actual game when I was in middle school by a friend. I started with second edition in 1996 and immediately incorperated it into another friend's freeform LARPing game. That was short lived as we all began playing Magic the Gathering around that time as well.  After moving on to third edition when it was released and playing it for nearly five years I began to look into the oldar editions and picked up a Moldevay Basic set at a flee market. None of my players shoed intrest in plating the older edition as they liked the options the d20 system provided. I was just looking to find a simple rules light game as I grew to loath WotC's abomination.

Moving into the present, with my brother getting out of the navy in a few months I wanted to cobble together a flavorful and old school styled game. I've been looking at various ret-cloned of D&D for some time though none have truly sparked my fancy. Then I found LotFP an it was very similar to what I was envisioning mechanics wise(being poor I downloaded the free Rules and Magic pdf). This was last week, I intend to get a physical copy of the Grind House Edition when funds allow. Till then I will continue to use a hodgepodge of old school systems with the LotFP pdf. as the primary rule book and currently the Delving Deeper Monster Book(it had Dinosaurs and Robots ect.) for the manxome foes my players will face. I am intrigued by Isle of the Unknown and Carcosa as well as they have spurred several ideas of my own.  And well that's about it, I will likely post on here detailing minor modifications I have made for my home game and to inquire about the various flavor and fluff that LotFP provides.

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My name is Kyle, I am 26 years old and living in Canada (the expensive city of Vancouver).  I first started roleplaying in Highschool when the guy sitting in front of me in Band Class was reading some book with characters and descriptions.  I asked him what it was and he lent me an old copy of the game (White Wolf's Vampire:  The Masquerade) and invited me into his gaming group.

Which turned out to be basically a LARP group, and so I was thrown into the character-acting fire right out of the gates.  Still, by the time the game was wrapping up and my character died, I realized I got upset and that I had grown attached to the character...  which is basically the point I got hooked on the game.

I have since played Dungeons and Dragons, Rifts, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Chaosiums Call of Cthulhu (also the D20 version), any and every White Wolf game basically, plus a bunch more weird and obscure games...  (things like Little Fears)

I found I have a deep love of the mystery / horror genera of games, and I really like them dark and gritty, which is how I got pointed in the Lamentations direction (I searched HORROR on Drive Thru RPG and Lamentations came up.)
Love the idea, love the art, love the balance of Fighters vs any other class, LOVE the concept of one monster / having a rare number of monsters to evoke a sense of mystery and fear.  Totally looking forwards to running a game of this when I get some players together.

Anyways, thanks for having me in the fan base and nice to meet you all.

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Welcome to all the new people that have joined recently! Feel free to jump in on any conversations as making this game your own is a big part of the experience.

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Hi everyone!  I'm 37, live on the pleasantly foggy California coast near San Francisco.  I started gaming with the Moldvay Basic set ca. 1983-84.  Played AD&D1e and some other TSR games in grade school and college, drifted to other systems starting around 1999 -- folks in my group were mostly into Call of Cthulhu, Fading Suns, Palladium Fantasy, and White Wolf games.  Returned to old-school D&D in late 2004 via Castles & Crusades, then moved on to other OSR flavors...

My arrival at LotFP was largely driven by my interest Early Modern historical/fantasy gaming, which has been steadily increasing since the bug bit me 2009.  I've checked out a few other EM-era games -- Witch Hunter: the Invisible World, Honor + Intrigue, Renaissance, Sabres & Witchery, etc. -- and homebrewed my own Barbarians of Lemuria variant, but when I heard that LotFP was going Early Modern, how could I resist?

LotFP has now replaced Labyrinth Lord as the system for my Barrowmaze game.  I was really impressed by the Better Than Any Man adventure, now I'm looking forward to getting my hardcover Rules & Magic book and checking out some other modules!

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Greetings, O Assemblage of the Esoteric and Illuminated! 

As I have never properly introduced myself to this august company, it is fitting that I should remedy this oversight.  I am James MacKenzie, a pompous paladin of purple prose.  I have been gaming since 1977, when my young mind was warped and twisted by the arcane scribblings of Mssrs. Gygax and Arneson. 

Once known to prowl the tangled forests of New England, I have wandered far from my accustomed homeland:  For several weary decades, my sun-maddened howls have been heard among the ancient ruins of Tucson, elder city of America’s blasted southwestern wastes.

Reining in my passion for overwrought prose, I’ve written a few small adventures for Paizo Publishing.  As a member of the Werecabbage freelance writing collective, I’ve also had the good fortune to help with projects for 0one Games, Open Design, and Frog God Games. 

Over the years, I’ve tried out dozens of different RPG systems.  I was never fond of AD&D, but the system worked well for creating the kind of adventures I wanted to run.  More recently, I have grown fond of Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, and Feng Shui.  I wandered over to LotFP after noticing a review of Death Frost Doom, quickly discovering that I shared Mr. Raggi’s preference for weird fantasy.

I am very pleased to make your collective acquaintance.

Yr. Obd’t. Servant,
James MacKenzie

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My name's Chris, I'm 36 and live in Seattle.

I started with D&D 2E in high school, along with bits of Shadowrun, Paranoia, Marvel Heroes, and a couple of homebrew games.  Then took a hiatus from RPGs for about a decade or so and have gotten back into it.

More recently, have played/ran D&D 3.5, D&D 1E, Pathfinder, (also Tremulus, Fiasco and a few other storytelling games...)

I also have a massive board/card game collection (in the hundreds).

I first saw LotFP (Grindhouse Edition) at a bookstore and was intrigued, but was already in the full swing of other games and didn't see room for another fantasy game at the table.  Then many months later I picked up Better Than Any Man at Free RPG day and was sold instantly.  It's a great foil for Pathfinder, almost opposite in every way (note: I love Pathfinder, but just pointing out how there's now room for another Fantasy RPG at the table...), and is exactly what I wanted out of D&D 1E but was having trouble getting.

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Hi, I'm Ed from Maryland, USA. Lived here most of my life. I'll be 26 this year... I started playing RPGs when I was 12, and have been interested in fantasy gaming for as long as I can remember. My family used to be a bit behind on the times, so we had older computers sitting around. I played text-based adventures on an old Apple IIe, played some of the old DOS games like Pool of Radiance on a 486. Also can't leave out Super Nintendo and games like Lufia II and Final Fantasy.

I got a hold of the TSR silver anniversary starter set in 1999 or so... it was an introduction to 2e. Picked up every book for 3e when they came out, and eventually upgraded to 3.5e years later. I never really played RPGs in a group at this point though. I played 3e with my grandmother in Forgotten Realms. It wasn't until I was 18 and moved out of my parents house that I really started playing D&D (3.5) a lot. Took a break, then played 4e for a couple of years. Burned out and disenfranchised with that, I stumbled across LotFP after seeing it on my local game store shelf, and checking out the reviews. I've probably owned the grindhosue box for a year or two now and it's gotten the crap beaten out of it but is still holding together nicely. I play with my fiancee 1on1 regularly, and have run a bunch of intro sessions for all sorts of people in the area... we are now working on our own LotFP campaign smile

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Cutter Goode here from Belfast in Northern Ireland. I’m 42 years old, so should be getting to grips with the meaning of life if Douglas Adams is to be believed. I’ve been casually monitoring the OSR scene for a few years now and have bought a few bits and pieces on pdf.

This week I ordered the LotFP rulebook and Carcosa from Jim in reaction to Monte Cook’s Era of the New Men (or Numenera, as he seems to prefer to call it…). I wanted something real, recognisable, written with humour and free of nouveau jargon.

I don’t hate ‘story games’, but given the choice between words and numbers, I prefer numbers.

I started gaming with AD&D back in the early ‘80s and passed through the predictable phases of Cyberpunk, Shadowrun and World of Darkness before settling into Call of Cthulhu and SLA Industries as my systems and settings of choice.

I was also witness to the creation of several home grown games in the ‘90s, and of all of these I regard Wasteland Games’ Heretic to be the most beautiful.

But I never forgot AD&D.

I haven’t played very much since my kids were born but circumstances are now making gaming more of a realistic possibility again. If I have to nail my colours to a mast it might as well be Jim’s mast.

I’ll use small nails Jim, you’ll hardly feel a thing.

You people are all alike, you march in here, young, try and touch the local things.
I suppose next you'll be spraying me with one of those cans of paint, smearing poor Tubbs here with excrement.


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Good evening, folks.

Lux here, from Derbyshire in the UK. I'm 42, and pretty new to the whole OSR thing.

I started playing in 1982 (it was RQ, a game run on New Years Day by my uncle). I loved it. In the intervening three decades, I've run or played loads of different stuff - although never much D&D.

Wife and I took a break from gaming with our old group when we started a family. Now the little chap is a bit older, I've fallen in with my local gaming group from twenty years ago. They love the horror/weird of aspects of Call of Cthulhu.

I picked up the Grindhouse Edition a couple of months ago (Leisure Games were kind enough to throw in a print copy of Better Than Any Man left over from Free RPG Day too). D&D as such doesn't really do that much for me, but LotFP's 'Early Modern' leanings totally hit the spot. I suggested it to the group in the pub on Sunday, and got the go ahead.

I'll be running my first game tomorrow night. I'm going to run Tower of the Stargazer (with a few little alterations) and set it somewhere in the Netherlands. If they survive, I'm going to try and tie in to a visit to Amsterdam.

Joop van Ooms is just *too* brilliant not to use.

Very much looking forward to it smile

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Hello, I am a 37 year old construction accountant by day, skateboarder by night, living in south Austin Texas. I began gaming around the age of seven with a game called OGRE by Steve Jackson. I got into fantasy role-playing around the age of eight with some friends at school using the red box version of D&D (not sure what edition that is). Played AD&D until they released second edition (I think I was starting high school about that time), then began playing Rifts with some kids in high school. Switched to Cyberpunk 2020 for a few years, then stopped playing games altogether when I started college.

It was only until a little over a year ago that I got back into gaming after moving to Austin with (ironically) OGRE. Steve Jackson Games is located literally a few miles from my house, and I happened upon a game going on at my local comics shop. I wanted to get back into role-playing a bit more, but found the newer editions of D&D to be a little uninspiring. I realized a little later that OSR was a big thing after visiting some forums, so I did a little research and came across LotFP.

I've started a small group just recently using these rules and Carcosa as the campaign setting. I dig the low-fantasy/sci-fi/horror feel to it.

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My name is Kenta (Ken) Tanaka - 25 - formerly from Maryland in the US and now bouncing my way between the USA and home.

In terms of the stuff i've played in the past - Call of Cthulhu, D&D, Shadowrun, some World of Darkness - the older one -, GURPs, Conan RPG, Clockwork and Chivalry, and a lot of JRPGs like Sword World, Tokyo Nova, Alshard,.

Was gifted the Grindhouse edition from a friend and having a blast with LotFP amongst some old friends.


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Hi, my name is Judd. I'm a 38 year old librarian who lives in Queens and works in the Bronx in NYC.

I've been playing lots of Burning Wheel in the past few years. I came by LotFP by way of Seclusium.

I'm looking forward to playing.

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Hi all, I'm a Birmingham (UK) based gamer in my mid-twenties. My name's Tim Franklin.

My gaming history starts with Warhammer 40k (like just about every other twenty-something gamer in the UK); at university I dropped wargaming in favour of RPGs, mostly White Wolf systems and the totally awesome Unknown Armies (cosmic bumfights.) I've got plenty of ludicrous stories from the latter (which I'll spare you wink )

I came across Lamentations from some interviews on Atomic Array podcast years ago, but only picked it up last year and I'm finally getting around to writing an adventure. I love the aesthetic choices behind Lamentations, particularly the emphasis on the PCs as not particularly savory people - just a bunch of borderline insane, murderous, cynical treasure grubbers - and also their position in the universe, ie - totally insignificant.

Another big factor was my obsession with the Dark Souls vidyergame. If you haven't played, it's an incredible RPG with a nigh-incomprehensible world and a crushing sense of your character's cosmic meaninglessness. I spent ages trying to figure out an RPG that would handle that sense of doom, before settling on Lamentations because, well - Lamentations.

The other slightly weird string to my bow is that I co-authored an article in "Dungeons and Dragons and Philosophy" with my buddy Pete Wolfendale (he's a full-fledged philosopher as well as an ace GM). It's about the aesthetics of role-playing games and in a very-long winded way it says that the aesthetic power of an RPG comes from its ability to tickle our brains' world-building facilities: the combination of simulation and chaos in an RPG allow us to mentally simulate a world that is bigger than our capacity to understand it which gives a massive aesthetic hit. Lamentations' emphasis on an objective world that isn't narratively dependent on the players, but filled with chaos bombs that inject unexpected change and wild consequences is just a great example of pure RPG aesthetics.

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Hi. I'm Patrick and I live in Madison, Wisconsin.

I bought my first set of D&D rules in 1983 for $1.00 at a garage sale when I was 7 years old. I wasn't really playing by the rules until about 5 years later when I finally met some older gamers. As a teenager I abandoned gaming for awhile but always wanted to have a regular group and kept buying and reading books, many of which I still have but have never used. I drifted in and out of gaming as an adult because finding a regular group was always a challenge. I spent 8 years, off and on, playing in a Deadlands game.

In 2008 I hadn't played with a regular group in over a year and I wanted to get back into gaming, so I convinced one of my gamer friends to take me on as a roommate and that helped to create a space for everybody to play at. There are three core players in our group and we've seen a lot of people join our group for a time, but then move to another city, or have children, or get a new job, and our game has changed systems and campaigns just as often: Mage: the Awakening, fantasy setting using World of Darkness rules, Legend of the Five Rings, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Stars Without Number, Deadlands, Champions, Apocalypse World, Dungeon World, Arkham Horror (it's a board game but you *can* role-play it), and of course, LotFP.

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32 year old who grew up mostly in California.  Grew up on Air Force Bases, and then joined the Army (currently in Germany) as a second career after working as a Mortician for a while.  Started with AD&D 2d ed in 4th grade and dabbled in a lot of different games and systems.  My favorites ended up being Call of Cthulhu and Deadlands though.  I always found myself gettling saddled with being GM so I've come to terms with that finally.  I was immediately turned off with D&D 4th ed, and realized I was tired of the powergaming that always seemed to happen with 3rd (I know it can happen with any game..).  So I wanted to go back to my roots and play AD&D again.  I stumbled across LotFP in that search just as the new gamemaster's book  was being funded and jumped on in, at the same time re-discovering Tomb of Horrors and plenty of other classic Gems of roleplaying that I've heard occasional stories about but never experienced.  I'm hoping to be able to focus some of this manic energy into something that I can give back to the community some day.  Right now I'm getting an online campaign ready with various friends to run some classic dungeon modules with some LotFP adventures mixed in.

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