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My name is Justin. I'm currently a librarian in Columbus, OH though I'm from a backwards little redneck town a few hours south of it.  I'm almost 30 years old and I've been playing D&D (or some variation of it) since I was nine or ten. I've played every official edition and many of the osr versions. I'm going to be honest and admit that every edition and bits and pieces that I've liked and not liked. I've played many other tabletops too. Other than fantasy, I'm a fan of horror and superheroics. Cinematic Unisystem is my favorite non-D&D derived system, though Mutants and Masterminds (any edition) is a close second.

I have a blog (www. and follow many gaming blogs (particularly OSR blogs). My first introduction to LotFP was actually the Something Awful WTF!? D&D Grindhouse Edition article. Initially I didn't feel it was my cup of tea. Well it's still not in many ways, but having a nice cup of dark coffee is good too. Playing D&D With Pornstars is really the blog that got me interested in LotFP. Since then I've purchased several pdfs, though I've not been able to run anything yet (I moved a few hours away from my typical gaming group).

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Hi Everyone,

Let's I'm an American living in Abu Dhabi. I've lived overseas for ten years or so now - Japan, Portugal, Kyrgyzstan. Started D&D back in the day with Holmes. Played a lot of 1AD&D. I've kept up an interest in gaming over the years, but haven't played much. Got bit by the OD&D bug just a few weeks back. LOTFP immediately grabbed me from the cover art. Read the book, and wondered where the setting was, only to realize it mostly came from the spell description. That got me working on my own world and own campaign for the first time in years and years. (Obsidian Portal plug:

Anyway, love what's going on with LOTFP and hope to run the setting I've developed soon. If all goes well, I'll be writing my own OD&D clone as (Advanced LOTFP! /That's a joke!/).

Anyway, nice to meet everyone and keep the dice rolling.


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Greetings LotFP Forum!

I am Sebastian, I currently reside in Canada after having spent about 5 years in mainland China and Hong Kong. I am 28 years old.

I took interest in traditional fantasy RPG's sometime during the 90's when I got into fantasy PC games and Lord of the Rings. It wasn't until "Iamapsycho" made his pencil and paper conversion of the 'Fallout' computer RPG that I started playing Traditional RPG's. I ran a very short infrequent campaign of that with a few people and then I ran the Shadowrun third edition quickstart scenario with them. After that I hadn't played any RPG's that didn't involve using a computer program until returning to Canada. Once back in Canada, I attended an RPG event and joined an old-school D&D game at a local bar. I also discovered that some of my friends were in a 3.5 D&D group and figured I might as well join them. After playing with them for awhile, I started a Lamentations campaign and convinced them to join it.

I first learned about Lamentations of the Flame Princess by seeing one of those banner add's on 1km1kt I think or some similar site. Then one day years later, I saw the grindhouse edition box set for sale and decided to pick it up. What sold me on it? the name (and that it came in a box). When i found out it was OSR, I felt really good about having picked it up.

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Greetings all.
Ive spent the whole of my 41 years living in the land of dirty beer glasses, saturday night punch-ups and fish and chips . Discovered D&D in the eighties, played two fighter brothers called Glorpa and Florma and thought a two handed sword had two handles. Also had a halfling thief named Halflinger after i put his race in the name box and couldnt find a rubber(eraser).            Currently i am going through some sort of mid-life crisis where i want to recapture the joys of my adolescence and basic D&D.
I must have every sodding OSR game going and have spent hours pondering which to use or ways to combine bits from each to stitch together some Frankenstiens monster of a game. In the end i decided to use house ruled Basic Fantasy but then discovered the ten foot pole blog and amongst Bryces list of best OSR adventures were Death Frost Doom and Tower of the Stargazer, from there i discovered LotFP. Cheers Jim, great game.


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I'm 52, started with the Moldvay red box, despised/envied AD&D, moved to Runequest at university and then left gaming for a very long time.

I restarted by running a game for my son's tenth birthday (five years ago): D&D intro set (very well made) and ended up running 3.5 for a group of young teens. We tried 4e and it was slow as hell, so we moved over to Savage Worlds. I picked up the LotfP Rules and Magic crowdfunding because of the fabulous art and some lingering nostalgia for the game I made HUNDREDS of characters for back in the 70s.

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I'm a 30 year old gamer from Kentucky, introduced to B/X D&D by my father when I was in elementary school.  My current role playing group formed when I was in high school, and we've now been gaming together for half our lives.  We still meet 2 or 3 times a week, although what players attend what day (and thus what game) varies.

Currently I'm running a 4e D&D game that meets once a week, and has been going on for about 2 years now.  I've followed all of the XP rules by the book, and the party is 26th level.  If the group can't meet in full on that day of the week, I run a backup game of ACKS (Adventurer Conqueror King).  They're still 1st level in that game, and are running through a modified Keep on the Borderlands.

I'm also running LotFP each week, and one of the other group members is running a Pathfinder game.  We all have shelves of games, ranging from obscure Indie narrativist games (Fiasco is incredible, by the way!) to countless versions of D&D and Whitewolf products, Hero System, GURPs, Fudge and Fate, CoC, WFRP, Shadowrun... you name it, we've played it.  We also sometimes play boardgames, Magic: the Gathering, and Warhammer 40k.  Our tastes are pretty eclectic.

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Greetings! I'm Ian, a 37 year old gamer from Ontario. I began with TSR's Marvel Super Heroes, but was forbidden from playing D&D while I lived at home. I actually didn't play it until my 20s. I've been actively role-playing since I was about 12, and have never taken a significant pause from gaming.

I run a Dragon Age RPG ever two weeks for my children, and am working on a campaign setting for LotFP. My plan is, when my group's GM wants a break, to run this campaign.

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Hi all!
My name is Rafael, im 33 years old from Brasil.
I got here looking for those amazing pictures, and started reading a little more about the system. I got the Free RPG Day adventure (dont judge me, i sad

It seems a hell of a adventure! Oh, still about the illustrations, i loved how they tell stories. Its more than just a action picture, it makes you wonder.

Too bad shipping is always so expensive! For now, i have the no illustrations version, but who knows one day i can get the real deal?

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Hello! I'm a 45 y/o gamer from Puerto Rico. I started playing D&D with Moldvay edition, back in '80? I've played every edition since, as well as any other RPG I've been able to get my hands on. I first heard of LotFP a couple of years ago, but it wasn't until a couple of days ago that I read a G+ post regarding negadungeons that I became really interested. I did purchase Vornheim some years ago and that is a wonderful product. I purchased Death Frost Doom today and devoured it in a couple of hours. It blew me away!

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Hi! I'm 39, a Finn, and this game is the first anything  D&D related for me. Been role playing for about 24 years (2300AD, Twilight 2k all versions, Runequest, MERP, WFRP2ed, L5r 2d, etc. as campaigns, then these new-fangled strory games lately). I think I first was introduced to LotFP via Roolipelaaja magazine, and later, after puchacing Vornheim I got bitten with the LotFP bug and contracted an itch I only this summer have been able to scratch as we got a loose summer campaign of LotFP going.

I'm enjoying it immensely, it delivers exactly what many games promise and is really easy and light to run. The focus is all the time on the right place, we never have rules debates or spend time leafing through a pile of books to find something. OOC, that is. I've now run three published adventures (Death Frost Doom, Fuck for Satan and Forgive Us) and in about week and a half, I'll run Tales of the Scarecrow & A Single Small Cut.


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Hi, I'm Ty; I live in Australia and play casual RPG's with a small group of friends.  Most of them have a lot more experience with these games than me.  I got enthused about D&D recently with the release of 5e and was trying to get my group to give it a go.  I've never played D&D before and wanted to see what all the fuss is about.  One of my group really dislikes Wizards of the Coast and suggested LotFP as an alternative.  I referee'd Tower of the Stargazer and I think we all had a great time.  I'm looking forward to learning more and playing more LotFP.

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I'm 29 years old player from Poland. I began playing RPGs almost 13 years ago and it was WFRP (THE roleplaying game in Poland then) and after that Vampire the Masquerade also. There was some Cyberpunk 2020, Mage the Ascension, Vampire Dark Ages, Star Wars Saga Edition, WFRP 2, Savage Worlds and even D&D 3.5. All in all I was more inclined to simple mechanics, never liking too much hard rules grinding like WotC D&D etc.

I've discovered old school some 2-3 years ago through one of polish blog about history of our hobby. Article after article I was more interested in that style of game and in the end purchased some older versions of D&D (AD&D, AD&D2). It was too difficult to obtain even earlier editions, so I was enforced to use retroclones (Swords & Wizardry, Dark Dungeons, OSRIC, Labyrinth Lord). Today I don't remember how but I discovered LotFP site - after some reading I was almost sure this is version and feel of game that interested me most.

I bought Gim, Carcrindhouse box in one of our stores and it was it. After that came Vornheim, Carcosa, The God that Crawls, Monolith from beyond Space and Time, Isle of the Unknown, Seclusium and Qelong - many of them considered by me as the best portions of my little collection. When Wizards published reprints of OD&D I allowed myself one box of goodies. I don't play old school exclusively - we still have fun with original WFRP, replaced Masquerade with Requiem, play some WH40k (Rogue Trader mostly) and are thinking about trying Mongoose Traveller and FFG Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

I'm happy to own a copy of LotFP and few supplements. With two of similary minded friends it looks like we'll have tons of fun with all the games we're playing - with LotFP in the top 5.

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Hi, I'm Bob Faust. Just picked up the rules and am very impressed with the feel of the rules. Looking forward to our first game week after next.


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Hey, I am Dan 'Akco' Atkinson. I am 23 years old and cut my teeth on AD&D back when I was 12. Since then I have played anything I can get my mitts on, paying special attention to the Old World of Darkness range, the retro dungeon crawl resurgence and just about every wafer thin indie title tucked away in the the back some a LFGS.
After picking up "The god that crawls" on a recommendation I was happy to find that evidently someone else run fantasy game like I ran fantasy games! I have been absorbing myself in the Lotfp free RPG modules as well as getting to grips with the core rules before I go and splash some cash for the grindhouse edition and referee book (at time of writing is still "coming soon" )

Like a fair few people on here, I imagine, I am a writer and a game designer working on a variety of projects from mobile phone titles to fully blown pen and paper efforts. I take part in the student nationals in the UK each year, so look me up there if you fancy a chat.

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My name is Mathieu (or you can just say Matthew, if you don't speak French), I'm 35 years old and I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I got into roleplaying games when I was 12 years old, with the second edition of AD&D. My group and I switched to other games (mostly HârnMaster, Call of Cthulhu, and World of Darkness games) when I was 15, and we haven't played anything related to Dungeons & Dragons ever since...

Until recently. A friend of mine told me: "you know what would be fun? Dungeons & Dragons!" Since I didn't have any campaigns in the works at the time, I just said "why the hell not?" and started writing stuff. I still have the old Ravenloft black box and decided to set the campaign in that world. The idea was to have a simple horror game (what I do best, really) using the old AD&D 2nd edition rules.

Now, my local game store has had a copy of the LotFP deluxe edition for years. Every time I went there, I'd have a brief look at it, tell myself I should buy it one day, and then put it back on the shelf. Well, that day came a little over a week ago, and I have absolutely no regrets! Even better, the box is part of the first printing, making me one of the 610 lucky few... 4 years late. smile

I've decided to use the LotFP rules for my Ravenloft campaign, and started looking around the internet to learn more about this cool little game. One thing led to another, and now I'm writing an intro on this forum. wink

Talk to you soon!

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I'm Andrew. 36, Army veteran, Kentuckian. I started off with the Mentzer box, as well. Been gaming 26 years or so. Mostly D&D, up until 3.5. When I was in the Army, I got really into WH40K, and have sunk entirely too much money into that hobby. I love Poe, Lovecraft, Leiber, and Moorcock (yeah, that's a setup for a pretty bad joke, I know). I'm a pretty decent amateur bicycle racer, and a passable musician. I work in the IT field now.


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Hey smile

I'm Daniel, currently living in NYC, but originally from Eastern Europe (Hungary). smile - I loved the geographical references of A Red and Pleasant Land to bits wink "Garden of Pests" is utterly unbeatable -

I'm 34, a software engineer, and at the university, like all geeks and nerds, I used played a lot of ADnD. wink My gaming life however started when I was 13, with a Hungarian RPG called MAGUS, which is best described as a rather mediocre, rules-heavy and extremely awkward cross between ADnD and BRP, whose creators represented everything that is damnable about "story-based" and "realistic" gaming, and the decline of Oldschool and sandbox styles... smile

I haven't really gamed for about 10 years now, but got involved again recently, because who knows. One day I was bored and decided to have a look at some old gaming-related haunts on the Net, and was pleasantly surprised to see that an entire ecosystem of awesome games has sprung up, and in a flavor - "oldschool" - that I have never encountered before (except in vitriolous articles about how "dumb" it was supposed to be).
(EDIT: I think it's worth mentioning that maybe the strongest influence that got me interested in gaming again was the awesome and unimitable Melan - Gabor Lux - with his incredibly colorful S&S settings and adventures.)

And well, I found that I love the idea. I have always preferred Sword and Sorcery to Tolkienese high fantasy, and I really enjoy these evocative and strange worlds to explore and monsters to kill (or be killed by in exotic ways). smile

The immediate pull of LotFP was the absolutely beautiful and elegant rules system. I've yet to see a DnD-like that is so well thought out. And well, once I started reading some adventures, I decided I like "weird fantasy" as a tone - I'm still not sure what I want to do with it as a referee, mind you, but I like it. All of us humans have some seriously weird and messed up shit sitting somewhere in our brains, and it's great fun to share some of it.

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Hi.  My name's Rob. I'm 45 years old, and have been playing some version of D&D off and on since 1983 or so (I don't recall the exact date, since I didn't mark it my calendar; these were the Dark Ages, you understand).  Along with the Red Box, my first gaming experiences were Gamma World and Call Of Cthulhu... which kind of primed me to become, all these years later, a LotFP fan waiting to happen.

I grew up in Pensacola, FL, and currently live in Los Angeles, CA, where I work as a math tutor, volunteer as a fossil excavator at the La Brea Tar Pits, and will soon go back to uni to finish a long-delayed degree in geology/paleobiology.  I moved to L.A. in 2004 after losing nearly everything I owned in Hurricane Ivan.

I'm sort of new to the old school renaissance; my growing dissatisfaction with the cumbersome rules of 3.5/Pathfinder and 4th edition drove me back into the arms earlier iterations of the game.  From there, I started scouring the web for reprints and such, and stumbled upon the likes of Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry, etc.  That was roughly three years ago.

It took me that long to discover LotFP, which I think may be the best iteration of the classic rules so far.  It really scratches that dark fantasy-horror itch from the ground up... I mean, those spell descriptions!

Anyway, I'm developing an OSR game of my own that's much fluffier and cuddlier than LotFP (which y'all can read more about at my blog "Great & Small: The Roleplaying Game Of Animal Fantasy" --, but I won't talk much about that here.

Instead, I'll be submitting a magic item for that contest....

"The universe is indeed humorous,  but the joke is on mankind."  -- H.P. Lovecraft.

Visit my blog at !

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Hi everybody,

I am french, 40 years old, and lives in the suburban area near Paris. I discovered rpg during the 80s, first with the Fighting Fantasy Books ("the warlock of firetop mountain", "the citadel of chaos"), which were translated into french and widely distributed by french publisher Gallimard.

Shortly after, I discovered the german rpg "das schwarze Auge" ("the dark eye"),  translated in french by Schmidt and retitled "l'oeil noir" (Schmidt also translated and distributed the first edition of Chill). "L'oeil Noir" was a blast ! First D20 in our hands, first character sheets, first adventures in group (and not solo ones). The beginner's Box was sold with a three panel screen, a rulebook, a scenario book, with great black and white illustrations.

A few months later, I discovered the "Dungeons and Dragons" red box that my parents offered me for christmas, if I remember well. Again, it was a total blast ! I was hooked by Larry Elmore stunning art, by the polyhedral dice, by the solo adventure (with the female cleric killed into the dungeon and the infamous black wizard. You know what I am talking about), the overall design. The rulebook was great, with lots of monsters, treasures and advices about creating a dungeon.

From 12 to 16 years old, I played a lot of rpg with my friends. AD&D stuff, of course but also a host of other games : Stormbringer, Hawkmoon, Paranoïa, Marvel Super Heroes, Star Wars d6, and many others. My only regret is that  we never made a campaign. We never raised our characters up to the ninth level, then builded up castles and gathered followers. We rather made a lot of  "one shot" adventures, with different character classes, levels and alignments. We tried a lot of games, but never stuck to one.

Time went by. I lost some friend, met some new ones and continued to play rpg. I've played 3rd edition D&D, then 3.5 and 4th edition. I also tried many free rpg on the net, game mastered a lot, tried some games (MERP, Savage Worlds), bought others that I read but never played (Rifts, Nightbane, Werewolf Wild West, Space Opera), collected some others too.

Now, I am selling a lot of stuff that I will never use and focus on two things : playing old school D&D-like games, and trying the other games I have collected over years.

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Name: Eddy
Location: Kansas, USA
Age: 37

I've been playing D&D since the late eighties, save a dry period in the late nineties, but filled with CRPGs like Baulder's Gate.  My earliest role-playing memories were around the sixth grade (age 11 or so).  My earliest DMing was about the same time.  I was shown the basic game by my friend's older brother and his friends. Of course that being said the first years for me were almost entirely Monte Hall theater of the mind play--And we loved it.

These days I'm finishing a PhD in Sociology and work in the field of criminology.  I, like many before, credit much of my intellectual curiosity to my early years of pilfering through the DMG.  So in short, I've been living in the Gygaxian universe most of my life.

Recently I've been running the Tyranny of Dragons campaign for fifth edition.  I played third edition for the better part of thirteen years.  But, I grew tired of the arms race and bloated crunch of 3.x systems.  A couple of years ago a played in a year long first edition Greyhawk campaign.  It was then that I discovered that I don't want all those damned rules.  I am finding myself more and more enamored with the OSR movement and material.  So far I have read a few of the clones, but am far more drawn to LotFP dark/weird fantasy.  I am currently writing a gothic fantasy setting with LotFP rule set and am planning on running a campaign there soon.

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Hi, I'm Alexi.  35 from Boston, started gaming when I was 10, so that's uhhh 25 years I guess.
I'm re-launching a campaign I ran in the 90s that was set in a quasi 1470-1550s kinda atmosphere.  Think Landsknects, Border Revers, witch-burning etc.
I'm advancing the story line 200 years and giving it a TYW/ECW feel.   We will be running a modified version of lotfp rules.

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Hello all.  I'm Michael from Wichita Kansas.  I'm 47, look 37, feel 27, and occasionally act 17 so there's that.  I have been a DJ in strip clubs for the last 25 years.  I play AD&D 1e.  I started with OD&D in 1976.  I enjoy weird fantasy with a bit of post apocalyptic sci fi thrown in.  I discovered LotFP from reading Zak's blog, bought a few products, and thought I would join the forum.

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Hey there! I'm 47, look 57, feel 67 and act like I'm 77 (get off my lawn!), so there's that! Welcome!
This forum comes and goes in terms of activity. I bet it will pick up a bit when the Ref's book will (hopefully) get released over the summer.

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Hello, dungeon master since 1994, currently 37 and tired of Pathfinder and D&D. Stopped playing since 2006 to 2011 but got some old times guys together and now enjoying a solid group. I was in the Pathfinder Society (starting it in Spain) from 2013 but got tired of munchkins and the limits of the game. Left it and looking for something fresh I discovered LOTFP some weeks ago. Just Dmed the Tower of the Stargazer and hoping to play all the modules I can get. Cheers to all and game on!  ^_^

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I'm 27, I live in central California. I cut my teeth on D&D 3.5 over a decade ago, much to the horror of my conservative mother. Since then, I've played Gamma World, a bit of D&D 4.0 and didn't care for it, the original Paranoia, the MouseGuard rpg based on the Burning Wheel system which left me sorely disappointed, and Pathfinder.

What drew me originally to Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Roleplay was a combination of the obscenely long name and the fact that there was a module called Fuck For Satan. You just don't stumble across something like that and keep walking like nothing happened.

Since then, I've purchased nearly every piece of the LotFP catalog in PDF because I'm a digital hoarder. It started out as a strange curiosity, but the philosophy drew me in. Honestly, modern RPGs just don't scratch the itch that I sensibly shouldn't have as I didn't grow up with old school systems.

Seeing every player character coddled and given god status for bumbling through a linear "the king said to, so you will" dungeon once every couple weeks was really off putting. That's partly the GMs fault, partly the system. So LotFPs "I don't love you, the system doesn't love you, the dice will not be fudged, and it's your own fault for dying" attitude was refreshing and attractive.

In the end, I think the philosophy and the flavor were the hooks that pulled me in. Plus I love upsetting my Pathfinder fanboy friends with things like "save vs poison or die" and seeing them cry because their PCs are being held responsible for their brazenly stupid actions. Bwahaha!