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Hi, I'm Ben. I'm 46-ish and live near Chattanooga Tennessee.

I started out with the Moldvay basic set, moving on to the Expert set and then 1st edition AD&D. I got into other RPG's, (FASA's Star Trek, Palladium's Robotech and Rifts.) then gradually got out of RPG's by the mid 90's.

In the past year or so I started playing the WotC Star Wars Saga edition RPG with some friends and it rekindled my interest in D&D. I re-acquired the Moldvay/Cook B/X rulebooks and started up a campaign with my SW's crew.

I learned about LotFP through the WTF D&D? article others have mentioned. Since I enjoy 4-armed naked snake ladies, I investigated further. After downloading a pdf of the rules and magic book, I started introducing LotFP concepts and an emphasis on weird horror into my D&D sessions. (The specialist class, spells, the combat actions, Bone Men from Carcosa ect.)

I acquired a print copy of the rules and magic book and now I'm going to try to run a straight up, early modern period setting LotFP campaign. (Probably Better Than Any Man, we'll see.)


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Hi, I'm Andrew. I'm 34, and I'm Australian but currently living in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

I first got into RPGs with the D&D Basic Set "Black Box" in the early 90s. I've played lots of different games over the years, but when I moved to Dubai away from my gaming buddies, I stopped playing regularly for quite a while. I really love RPGs so I had to try to get back into gaming after living here for a few years. I was running D&D 3.5 and Pendragon before I left Australia, and so I looked at Pathfinder, but I just couldn't wrap my head around the rules again confidently enough to play it, so one thing led to another and I got into OSR games via Castles and Crusades.

I can't say exactly where I first heard about LOTFP, because so many different OSR blogs, groups and websites were always raving about it. Eventually I figured I had better pick it up over summer, and I just ran my first ever RPG convention game for a group of 8 people - their first LOTFP experience. I really enjoyed it and I hope I get to play more face to face LOTFP games with people who are good humoured about character death soon!

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Hey, I'm David. I'm 30 and I live in Riverside, California.

I first got into RPGs when I was about 15 and played some AD&D in a Ravenloft campaign. After that I read a bunch of White Wolf books and never played with any of them, but then got into Deadlands and played a bit more of that, but then didn't play anything for a long long while, maybe 8 years?

When I got back into gaming a few years ago I played Savage Worlds for a bit, then played in a 5e game that came to a close right after I joined up. I ran an Apocalypse World campaign after that, but the players said they wanted to play D&D after than ended, and while I wanted to run a game either way "D&D" meant Pathfinder or 5e for them.

I realized I had little interest in or talent for either of those systems, and looking for an alternative lead me to the OSR, and then LotFP by way of the stand-out name and praise about the system in general. That was about a year ago, I think.

I've been into it ever since. The LotFP commitment to mind-bending content and glorious production values, along with the ample uniqueness and raw creativity of the OSR in general was exactly what I was looking for all along. Now I have a blog that's mainly session reports that people seem to enjoy reading, and I'm hoping to self-publish an adventure I've been working on any time between now and the near future.

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Hey! Marco here, 35, compulsive roleplayer.
I play everything (mostly as a GM) from classic D&D to modern storytelling games like Kult, L5R and Mage the Ascension.
My natural environment is horror/dark fantasy.

Hope to find one more passion with LotfP.

Have a nice day!

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Hi everyone! I'm Caleb, 35. I'm really excited about starting to run a LotFP campaign for a group of friends in the next few weeks.

I haven't played any rpgs involving things like ...dice and ..."rules" for a few decades, but then a few months back I read about retroclones, checked out all of them that I could, and couldn't help but notice that one of them had a much cooler title than all the rest. And it turned out that I liked its rules best too. With LotFP in mind, I suggested to my friends, who either haven't played in a while or ever played, that I might be able to run a game... I'm a bit nervous but I think it will go okay.

I'm a fantasy writer and sort of addicted to world-building, so I've created my own world that differs from the LotFP canon (which I do really like) in a few ways. My world appears on the surface to be a faintly cheesy generic fantasy realm, though tinged with a bit of horror. (Though I used to hate it, somewhere along the line I've really come to appreciate that nutty flavor of old generic D&D, with its owlbears and gelatinous cubes.) This surface is something of a lie, and there are horrible cosmic conspiracies for players to uncover if they want to; I'll have to see if they want to.

Looking forward to reading more of the forum and to posting a session report after it happens!

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Greetings,  my name is Stefan. I'm 26 and from Austria (no kangaroos). I started playing RPG's with "The Dark Eye", like pretty everybody in German-speaking countries and BoL. But you get older and more weird and so your RPG's as well. And for now I play besides Lotfp, Venger Satanis stuff and CoC.

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I'm 43, started with the Moldvay red box, despised/envied AD&D, moved to Runequest at university and then left gaming for a very long time.
I restarted by running a game for my son's tenth birthday (five years ago): D&D intro set (very well made) and ended up running 3.5 for a group of young teens. I picked up the LotfP Rules and Magic crowdfunding because of the fabulous art and some lingering nostalgia for the game I made HUNDREDS of characters for back in the 70s. Now administer servers work with ip addresses and network ports, contented life.

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Greetings! I'm a fortyish year old anthropologist, educator, naturalist.

And gamer: Thirty years ago, I started with D&D Basic Set, and since then I've been into AD&D, the new D&Ds, Rifts and various Palladium games (TMNT, c'mon!), Call of Cthulhu, Chill, White Wolf games of all kinds, Aberrant, god even some LARPs that I won't mention -- all kinds of games really, but I've always preferred horror and weird/ speculative settings.

Over the past decade or so, I've played fewer and fewer games. I've made do with running an occasional Call of Cthulhu one-shot to entertain on special occasions, and sometimes playing in a D&D campaign if I can find a table.

I'm in the San Francisco Peninsula. I can't run anything right now, but if there's a group nearby (especially if you're interested in playing this rad Veins of the Earth setting) and you take me in, then I wouldn't mind eventually entering your GMing cycle. Anyone?

Palo Alto - Redwood City - Los Altos - Mountain View - Cupertino . . . Santa Cruz - Aptos ?

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53, from Atlanta, now living in Croatia. I started with Holmes Basic.
Bought Cook eXpert and AD&D PHB on the same day.
Quickly converted completely to AD&D. Treated 1st ed Gamma World as the same game as AD&D.
Shifted to Oriental Adventures.
Converted to 2nd Ed AD&D when it came out.
Switched to 3.5 D&D. Found out it sucked to DM.
Discovered Mazes & Minotaurs in the 21st Century. Have been playing that for years and have even written material for it. Still run a M&M game on roll20.
But if I run D&D, (1st ed) AD&D is my home.
Just recently, Patrick Stuart led me to Lamentations of the Flame Princess. I am very intrigued! I'm planing to run Deep Carbon Observatory in October that will eventually morph into a Veins of the Earth campaign with LoFP. I was originally going to start with AD&D. Now I'm thinking about going full conversion to LoFP!

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Morning all,

43 year old yinzer now living in the UK.  Big gap between my time playing games but recently got back in and want to get more going.

If there is a podcast with actual play, chances are I've listened to it (long commutes =  lots of time to listen to stuff!)

Play 40K/RT online at the moment but am looking to to run some online LotFP and/or old D&D modules and wanted to see if anyone is interested.

Hope to get more involved here an look forward to what comes next.



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I am Marc.

Started gaming with one other person in 1981 using AD&D rules and all of the modules I could steal as a 7th grader. Mainly used it as a way to work through fantastic stories and create epic battles.  Still remember G1 through Q1 and all of the S series like it was yesterday.   I was the DM (and the paladin) and he was all of the other characters and a lot of rolls were fudged but a lot of cool shit happened. I feel like running through an old Gygax module faking rolls and creating situations was more intense than most movies I watched.  We didn't play so much as experience D&D.

Ended up moving on to the early TSR computer games after that and did some sporadic gaming after that.

Got back into gaming in 2011/12 and discovered all of the OSR stuff going on. Also started to understand how much I had missed out on. After seeing how much I had been missing out on I bought a copy of the LotFP deluxe box and thought it was awesome. Used a combination of that and some b/x rules and some new OSR modules to run a campaign for my old friend his wife and my girlfriend for a couple of years. 

Some time goes by, 5e comes out and does some things well and I start playing that.  I like it, I want to support it, but it isn't quite what I want....

Some more time goes by and I am getting ready to start up a new campaign with some new gamers and I find myself being drawn back to LotFP. 

So all I can say is thank you to James.  Your product helped guide me getting back into RPGs and it looks like it will do that again.


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My name is Adam. I live in Mississippi. I just bough into the game at GenCon after hearing about it for many years

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Hi, I'm Emeric a french player. My english is not very good but I'm gonna try. I beginning to play a long time ago with Das Schwartz Auge, Call of Cthulhu, Chill, D&D red box...

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Emeric wrote:

Hi, I'm Emeric a french player. My english is not very good but I'm gonna try. I beginning to play a long time ago with Das Schwartz Auge, Call of Cthulhu, Chill, D&D red box...


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Hi, I'm Greg. I live in Brussels. I roleplay since the 90s, I was 11. I loved these Lone Wolf gamebooks and played the red box once, but my 11 years old group made it directly to Call of Cthulhu. We played a few years all the one shots, with 2 or 3 characters each (we never played the published campaigns), then we played a lot of online vampire games, more sandbox than anything, before discovering apocalypse world. At this point I re-discovered all these indie narrativist games. I can't remember where I've heard about Lamentations, but the Ron Edwards'adeptplay played a key role, and I've gmed for the first time Tales of the scarecrow yesterday, opening a road for a Lamentations campaign.

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Hello, I'm Johnny. I live in Austria. I started  to play D&D 3 years ago. (additionally Shadowrun aswell) So I'm quite a young DM. I was introduced with LotFP in January. And already played NSFW. It was sooo funny! Now I'm preparing my second adventure. I love the way how story are written in the modules. And fell in love with the module.

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French referee here with a huge GM experience mostly in Ravenloft.
Love horror and make my players feel disturbed.
I played a few LOTFP modules with my group of friends:
Tower of the Stargazer
Death love doom
A stranger Storm
Scenic Dunsmounth

We play in 17th century England, with no races other than humans (but dwarves existed in a near past) as advised by The Master of All Things, and my party are members of a secret society who gathers magic things.
I'm trying to make all those adventures linked together and not simple one shot with no consequence, so i'm trying to avoid most 'end of the world' thing.

Can't wait to read the summaries of your campaign, my dear fellow referees !