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I played a lot of RPG's during high school, then nothing until my son hit around 7 and saw the "living" D&D games and we got back into it. I'm waiting to buy the PDF (only) when it comes out, just because the box freaks me out. Also, I've been dissed by Mr. Raggi, who found a super-awesome girlfriend on "Ok Cupid" AFTER HE HAD STOPPED USING IT, whereas I got no replies.

I'm very excited about LotFP. I didn't like that the initial retro-clones were so precious with the original material. I plan to review it as soon as I get my copy, then run it with my Saturday Old-School group.

GMing: None right now
Playing: AD&D 1st Edition, WW Scion

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Hi, I'm a 37 years old gamer from germany. I started playing Fantasy Roleplaying Games when I was 10 years old. Over the years, I played many Fantasy, SciFi and Horror RPGs. I startet D&D in 2008 with 4th edition. From there I came to Pathfinder and 3rd edition/d20. On a convention I bought the german edition of Labyrinth Lord, after this I came to Classic D&D and OD&D. But LotFP is the game I love most.

Some days ago I startet my D&D dedicated blog ( It's in german, but I think google translator is working quite good.

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I'm the Reverend Dakota Jesus Ultimak, D.M., you can call me The Reverend Dak for short. The people that know me best just call me Dak, no respect I tell you.

I've been playing D&D since around 4th grade, which would be around 1979. It was the Holmes Edition, and we were totally playing it wrong. Later that year a new kid that had an old brother that actually played D&D taught us how to play, and my life was forever changed. My Elf's first big prize was a magical bow +4 that when I uttered the words "Babuka" the arrows would become flaming arrows... OMFG... life changing...

I mostly played 1e AD&D for many years then dabbled with other games until I graduated High School. Later on I played a little 2e, but bought and read tons of other games that were never played.

I started playing D&D again when 3e came out, and have played and adopted every edition since all the way though 4e Essentials, that's when they lost me as a fan and customer. I've been looking for "my" D&D ever since, and I found it in the OSR scene.

I'm currently running a Swords & Wizardry game and a Trail of Cthulhu campaign (Which goes to show I'm not adverse to new games.) I'm waiting for my copy of LotFP too! (I have tons of games, and I want to play them all...)

I turn 40 in a few days.

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I am a longtime gamer, who started with the Moldvay version of basic D&D.  Moved on to ADD, Shadowrun, Warhammer 40,000:Rogue Trader, and lots of others.   Sort of took a break from gaming for a bit and recently got back in the full swing.  I DM a Gamma World 4e campaign and a LotFP campaign.

Most of my players are IT pros and Literature masters students.  Pretty demanding bunch, but I love the challenge.


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Another Finn here. I got into RPG's a couple of years back, and was looking for a campaign to join. Found this American guy running a campaign here in the Helsinki area, decided to join. Was pretty fun, and ended up being both a great annoyance to our DM, as well as one of many guinea pigs for his little RPG project, some of you may know it, it's called Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role Playing. Jim probably still has a stack of my old character sheets where I decided that the old "Death or Glory (or mild amusement)" saying was a good way to go forward. So basically, I was always the expendable one.

Oh, and these days I play in a WH40K campaign as a slick and smooth talking neo-mafioso. The GM always feels outraged these days when I manage to swindle his NPC's belongings from them.

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I'm a 36-year-old, unemployed ( thanks Dubbya), resident of Muskego, WI USA (that's about 15 minutes from Milwaukee) with a useless Journalism degree trying to learn the esoteric art of computer programming in a futile attempt to improve my employment prospects. I got hooked on RPGs when I was 12 after I found a copy of Star Frontiers in the clearance bin at the local Toys R Us. While my conservative parents grudgingly allowed me to play sci-fi games, my mother bought into the Satanic Panic and forbade me to play D&D. By the time I was old enough to tell her to take a flying leap at herself, D&D had moved into 3rd Edition and my gaming interests had turned to miniature wargaming.

When I got out of college, I started to get back into role-playing through my mini-gaming friends. I started with Traveller d20 (eventually I picked up the earlier editions) and one day a friend from a campaign I was playing over IRC invited me to help play test Mutant Future. Even though my first mutant died horriblly after a botched saving throw during his very first combat, the experience inspired me to look into other retro-clone games as well as the original editions of D&D. My friend who introduced me to Mutant Future also got me interested in Tékumel and the original Empire of the Petal Throne is now my favorite fantasy game.

What interests me about LotFP (as well as Carcosa) is that while I do enjoy the entire concept of the OSR, I find the "traditional" fantasy settings to be too vanilla for my tastes. I like a little spice in my fantasy games, and I appreciate anyone who is will to ignore (and even flip-off) convention to provide it.

Oh...I too have a blog.

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Greetings, all.  I'm 49 and have been roleplaying since 1978, with a ten year break from 1990 to 2000.  I started off with the original white box + the 4 supplements and then moved into AD&D.  I was the DM 95% of the time.  Went through several groups until 1990 when the last group all graduated, got married and headed out into the "real" world.  I became a physics teacher in Dallas, TX.  In 2001, a group of students were talking about the "new 3rd 3ed D&D" so I started playing again with them. 

Currently I have a group I play with in the Dallas area.  I trade DM duties with one of the players.  I'm running 3.5 right now until this campaign wraps up.  The other DM is running Pathfinder.  Once it's my turn again, I'm throwing them into LotFP with Vornheim.   

Can't remember how I found out about LotFP, but I'm glad I did.  Keep up the great work, James!

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Hi, I'm a 43 year old gamer living in the Netherlands, via the U.S., Canada and Spain.

(does this sound like an intro at alcoholic's anonymous?)

I got into D&D in the early 80's when a guy brought the boxed set to school.  We had a blast playing the early TSR games like D&D, Gamma World and Top Secret before progressing on to Runequest, Rolemaster and the FGU games.  The obsession progressed to more and more rules tweaking and less actual playing until I finally gave up sometime in University.  I've always kept up with reading the new rulesets but haven't played in 15 years.

Queue a few years ago when I started boardgaming again, which progressed to Warhammer and back to looking at the RPGs again.  Now I want to try starting up a game again but rather than starting with one of the new mechanics heavy, or artistic vampire clones, I thought it would be cool to go back to the start with an old-school system that let me focus on what I liked: coming up with cool stories with my friends.

As for LOTFP I originally found the site when I was looking at metal blogs (liked what James had to say on that) so it worked out nicely.  Playing rpgs while listening to metal in the background, them was the days. smile


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I'm 30 years old, married, and live in Asheville, North Carolina.  I started playing RPGs with a neighborhood friend when we were 10 or so.  We didn't really have rules, for the most part, beyond flipping a coin for resolution.  I remember we would find NPC names by opening a phone book at random and pointing to a name with our eyes closed -- just like the random number table in the backs of Lone Wolf and Freeway Warrior paperbacks.

In middle-high school, I played some AD&D and Rifts (never any long-term campaigns).  I discovered Vampire: The Masquerade through a Goth friend in High School, and it was pretty much World of Darkness all through high school and early college, with occasional breaks for Legend of the Five Rings and WFRP.  My parents considered RPGs satanic for the most part (thanks to the TV-movie Cruel Doubt and the general occult hysteria in evangelical Christian circles at the time), so I did a lot more solitary reading and daydreaming than actual playing until late High School.  I remember when I was 12 or so, throwing out a copy of Moldvay Basic that I'd bought at a yard sale for fear my parents would find where I'd hidden it.

Over the last decade or so, I've tried to make up for lost time.  I fell in love with WFRP, especially, but I found D&D 3.5 and 4th ed. pretty uninspiring.  I had never really played much D&D, but I always had an image in my head of the way "it was supposed to be" and this wasn't it.  I reacquired Moldvay Basic (along with Expert) and  decided that this was exactly what I had wanted out D&D all along.  Then LotFP Deluxe came out, (I bought it after reading a discussion about it on and I liked the presentation, the atmosphere it evoked, and the rules tweaks (especially encumbrance, which I'd always found a headache in pretty much any game that used it).  From there, I went on to discover Grognardia, D&D w/ Pornstars, etc. and I was hooked.

What attracts me to LotFP (and the OSR in general) is the sense of constant invention and creativity.  I'm still a huge WFRP (1st and 2nd ed.) fan, and more fond of dark fantasy, horror, and "weird fiction" than epic fantasy, so LotFP's a good fit.  The DIY aspect and the emphasis on back-to-basics is invigorating to me, and I'm now just starting to try my hand at participating instead of just watching from the sidelines. 

I just started a blog at, which I'm kicking off by re-posting the "Weird Rome" and "Weird Greece" segments I did for this thread, while I go about revising them.

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Hi, Marc here.

Started with Holmes D&D back in '78, switched to AD&D shortly after, which, like a cyberman, slowly had all of its parts replaced with Iron Crown pieces (first Arm's Law, then Spell Law, then Claw Law, then finally moving to MERP, still maintaining AL, SL and CL). Concurrently played a bit of Runequest, The Fantasy Trip, Call of Cthulhu, Villains and Vigilantes, and Chill. Like many took a break from gaming for a while, then got back into The Fantasy Trip (through Dark City Games), got into a D&D 3.5 game, and then found Savage Worlds, which has been my go-to game since 2006. I've read most of the OSR games but never played any of them.  I recently had the opportunity to really delve into LotFP and now I really want to play (or run) a game, time permitting.

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Hej all, Vince here.

Started, like so many of you, with the Red Box back in '85ish. Worked my way up through MERP, Cyberspace, AD&D, 3.5, and more than I can count. Settled in with Savage Worlds a few years back as my goto, and now run/play mostly FATE based systems (DFRPG). Got LotFP a little while back, and will hopefully be able to convince some of my group to give it a go.

I'm a Canadian, living in Copenhagen, Denmark, and have also started a small little publishing outfit to handle some ideas I want out in the world (and to hopefully give me a chance to break away from this whole office work thing...)

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Hello, my name is Lon Varnadore.

I started later in life, I started with a Palladium Superhero game, didn't go anywhere.  Made a character for 2nd edition AD&D though never got to play.  I picked up the books and used the art to inspire my scribblings.  I am an amateur writer.  Then, in about 2003 I started up a new 2E game with some friends and it was intense, six days a week from 10 pm to about 6am, went on for almost a year.  After that, I started looking at all of the rule books in a very different way.  I have played off and on ever since.

I startng reading blogs aboout these games, have one myself,  Enough with the self-promotion.  I read the blog about LotFP and liked some of the ideas.  Then, I bought the deluxe edition.  When I got it in hand, the next day, Raggi put up he was working on a Grindhouse edition and I waited and waited.  I now have that one as well and it is amazing!  I have even been able to get my group, mostly later edition players who kinda whine about LotFP being "to hard" to play a game.  I loved it!  And, they got a kick out of it as well.

And, I am going to keep at it as well.  I might start up a Google+ game with this new Neverending Con that Zak S. talked about.

THANK YOU JIM RAGGI!  Thank you for an amazing and simple system!

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Hey Geordie Racer - just wanted to say welcome and that Newcastle is one of my favorite cities - I have musician friends there, and try & get over every few years. Glad to see a Geordie!

Campaign blog:
Other, rarely updated blog:

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I'm a 36 years old french, i play since i'm 14.First try was a D&D redbox ... pure disaster because we stole it to the big brother of one of us and he caught us, during play! I am mainly a game master and i try a lot of different games, mainly WoD, Over The Edge and a french game named "Scales" ( you play dragons & faerie folk hidden among humanity). It made a long time since i played fantasy RPG so i decided, few month ago to run a campaign of this kind. I choose tu run LotFP and so ... i'm here.

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Hi, I’m Andrew – a 39 year-old English gamer playing since 1980. Moldvay Basic was my passion back then, and as the years rolled by and my tastes simplified I found myself falling in love with it all over again. Then came Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay; a game that gave me the euro-flavoured quasi-historical grit I craved.

After hearing the good word about LOTFP on various boards I downloaded the art-free version, read it and ordered grindhouse. Here was a game blending the best elements of my two loves with an identity all its own.

So that brings me to today. Tomorrow (or the week after, depending on how things shake out) I run my first session with a brand new group. What they’ll make of cannibals in Tudor Suffolk is anyone’s guess; I’m looking forward to finding out.

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JimLotFP wrote:

Who are you? Where do you come from? How old are you? What did you start playing these traditional fantasy RPGs (again)? What draws you to LotFP stuff, be it blog or commercial releases?

Let's see... I'm Bob, from Linwood (near Saginaw) Michigan. I'm 38, and started playing D&D with the B/X and Red Box sets around 1982-1983. I've played and loved D&D in every format since (minus the skills/powers era of 2E, but only because I just didn't want to buy the books, not because I had anything against it). Currently, I run an ongoing 4E campaign.

I have nothing bad to say about any given edition; I've loved them all, and fully believe it's more about who you're playing with and how they approach the game than any damn set of rules. OSR has its place in the gaming community just as much as 4E. Fanboys and girls who can't seem to let others be and enjoy the game they enjoy have done far more harm to the gaming community than WotC, Hasbro, or TSR.

I'll end the rant there, but I feel like it needs to be said. Ours is a niche enough hobby without turning people away by becoming militant and self-righteous about a set of rules.

Anyway, I heard about LotFP on a D&D podcast a few months back. I believe it was Jeremy Crawford (or maybe Rodney Thompson) talking about LotFP during the "what kinds of games are you playing these days" section. I was intrigued, and began to learn about the OSR in general, and LotFP in particular. I've been reading the blog in a hit-or-miss fashion since. Love the idea of OSR, and I'm loving the "weird fantasy" take that LotFP puts on the game.

I just picked up LotFP: Grindhouse Edition, Tower of the Stargazer, and The Grinding Gear at Gen Con. I'm hoping to play through those with my current 4E group as an occasional break from our ongoing campaign. Some of those guys didn't even start playing D&D until 3E, so it should be truly interesting.

(As a side note, at Gen Con I also played a session of Keep on the Borderlands with my very first DM from 1983, with whom I've recently reconnected. That was quite a blast from the past.)

So, that's me in a nutshell. Pleased to meet you all!

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Hello there, I'm Dave. I'm 38 and I live in a small city in Northern Ontario, Canada.

Like many of you, I started roleplaying with the Mentzer Red Box back in 1983. I quickly added the Expert set and while I played the crap out of that with my friends my older cousins introduced me to AD&D. We also started playing sci-fi systems like Star Frontiers and Gamma World.

By the time I hit high school I was playing mostly 2nd Edition AD&D but as I met more people who played RPGs I played more and more systems and settings. I don't think there is a D&D Campaign setting I haven't tried once and if I tried to list all the RPGs I've played here it would just be ridiculous. To get and idea of the breadth, I have played both Top Secret and Top Secret SI (but not in that order) and everything else from Toon to Hero System.

After graduating from university I moved around a bit and stopped playing for a while. Then I fell into a First Edition AD&D game and had some fun, but this was way before the OSR and I think the DM was running 1e not for the possibilities it allowed but merely to skip the complications of the later editions. It wasn't about the freedom of a rules light game, but actually the opposite.

I followed an opportunity back to the frozen northern city that is my home here in Canada and played a little D&D 3.5, but fatherhood and my fledgeling business interfered with regularly scheduled games and I stopped playing again for several years. I haven't played Fourth Edition, but I've read the books and I can see the appeal; I just don't think it's for me. I like the careful resource management of the older versions.

And that brings me to LotFP. A while back, I started getting an itch to play again. I wanted to see what had happened to gaming since I had dropped out so I checked out a few podcasts. I was surprised to find out people were going back to the basics of the game, to rebuild a better experience with the Old School Renaissance. I heard James Raggi talking about the Grindhouse edition of his game on a podcast, then another one, and I liked what I was hearing. I started reading his blog and got excited about his way of playing this game we all love and a couple of months ago I purchased the Grindhouse Edition of Lamentations of the Flame Princess. I haven't started playing again yet, but I think once the winter rolls in and my slow season starts I'll have plenty of time to get a few games in again.

So that's the short version of my RPG evolution. I think this forum is great! Inspiring and interesting!


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Hello, I am Sándor, a 20-year-old Hungarian gamer. I started role-playing with D&D 3.0 about seven years ago. After a longer campaign and a couple of short adventures, I switched to Vampire: the Masquarade, then - having acquired a corebook in London - to New World of Darkness (frankly, that one-and-a-half-year-long nWoD mortal campaign we had was the best game I have ever participated in).

After toying with a couple of games (including but not limited to Rifts, Werewolf and 7th Sea), in 2009 I came across Melan's Sword and Magic rules, and while playing in a homebrew setting with it, I could play in Urban's outstanding Pnakotik Ruins campaign for a single session. I am interested in old school gaming since then - currently in LotFP and Carcosa (also toying with Vikings & Valkyries ideas).

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I'm Daniel. I'm 27 and from Alabama in the southeastern US. I started with RPGs via D&D3.5 in college. I've always been the GM. My group of friends has always played RPGs on and off. We started out, as I said, with D&D3.5, and we had a blast with it. When everyone came back from various grad schools, we kicked into 4e, and everyone found it lame (except for a new player we picked up, who had never played anything pre-4e).

Anyway, from dissatisfaction with 4e, we've done a few indie games (Dogs in the Vineyard, Poison'd, Apocalypse World), and those have been a lot of fun, but sometimes you just want to head into the dungeon, you know? So I tried fooling around with 4e to make it so that I could stomach running it. Unsuccessful. It's just not my taste.

So when I found LotFP, I thought: jackpot. Thanks for making such a great product. This really hits the sweet spot of what I was liking in 3.5e (and was already well on its way out in that edition, in fact).

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Hi, I'm Nick, a 25 year-old recent college graduate living in Georgia, USA.

I started playing AD&D 2e when I was 18, tried to move on to 3e but it didn't work out.  I still love 2e, and then I discovered Basic/RC, and then picked up and am loving LotFP.  I am also a fan of L5R 1e and Savage Worlds.  I have also started trying out 4e D&D, which seems like it offers a different scratch to itch from other editions, but I think its confusing product model will keep me from investing beyond the Essentials line.

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I'm Jeremy, born in 1976 (so 35 in 2011), and I live in northern Indiana, USA.

My game related blog is at

I've been playing RPGs since 1988, having started with Star Frontiers.  I find the best sessions are where things go horribly wrong, and the characters are left to pick up the pieces.  This typically means that the characters have non-harmonious personal agendas.

Lately, I've been diving into using Burning Wheel and Fate-based systems, but am very much intrigued by LotFP, seeing it as having some great ideas. 

I'm in the process of kicking off the AD&D 1E adventure series Bloodstone (H-Series), though I'm planning on using Burning Wheel.

Lately, I've become convinced that I want bring a balance into the dice rolling, such that combat doesn't chew up so much of my time (I'm looking 4E squarely in the eyes and saying

Re: Introduce yourself!

Who I was....

Who I became...

Who I am now...

Or something to that effect.

I'm Jamie, live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas. Thirty-eight years old currently and started gaming in '81 maybe '82? Summer of 3rd grade started it and I know I had the Red Box D&D in 4th grade as well as the AD&D players handbook. Played throughout the school years, increasing my collection as people we're getting out of it as 'uncool' during high school. A lot of friends permanently loaned me their stuff as they put gaming behind them.
Played a few years after high school as friends we're going through college but upon graduation the group kind of split to the four corners of the earth. Some have returned and we're trying to get things back in order between jobs, kids, life, etc.
Haven't got LotFP yet but at least intrigued as it reminds me of the early days of gaming when the only sane people were the characters trying to survive in a world gone mad. Never mind that there was sanity issues enough among thse 'heroes' in going into dank forgotten cities, crypts of ancient cults, tombs of long dead wizards whose lifeforce had not quite left the plane of existance.
I'm at the very least interested enough to join the community and be sold on the idea that LotFP will get me nostalgic and teary eyed about how the strangeness and insanity that seemed rife among D&D of the 80's seemed to cool to mediocre in the 90's.

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Wow, I feel like the baby of this forum. I'm 19, from northern New Jersey, ans I actually started gaming with the first printing of the 3.5e Basic Set; the one with the black dragon. Previously I had really only been exposed to low- or unflashy magic settings in books, such as "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "Dark Lord of Derkholm," as well as some of the video games of the time; Zelda: Majora's Mask stands out in my mind as an influence, and I also played final fantasy and whatnot (but I quickly realized that fighters don't get spells and stopped trying to mix the two, haha.)

Todd Lockwood's grainy, sketchy drawings of objects and skeletons and other things in those brown pamphlets really set a few foundation stones in my head with what DnD was, and to me it was this dusky, sepia-and-gray and mysterious world.

Granted, I didn't get any real campaigns or sessions in until a while later (friends never 'got it' and I didn't have an organizational skills to run a game, one of the many failings of the 3.5e DMG was that it wasn't so much a guide as a bunch of rules the players didn't really need to worry about), after I had the 3 core books (I actually got the MM2 before the MM1 tongue ) And I had started playing online in a (now-defunct) community that pulled from a pool of players for its games. The harsh conditions of the shared setting meant experience points were low and treasure lower. Masterwork items were prized and treasured, and +1 items were out of many character's reaches. Eventually though, the community fell apart, and I drifted among other ones over the years.

As I grew older, I learned all the silly things in 3.5, from psionics (a feat that lets you run on the walls!) to wizards living in volcanoes and flying around and nuking the countryside. It left an unsettling feeling with me, it wasn't the DnD I knew. I tried to think on more of a heroic scale level, having played several MMOs by that point and seen some anime. I didn't exactly do it quite right, and only recently (past 6 months or so) been realizing that I needed a different system.

A while back I discovered Gary Gygax's Lejendary Adventure, and while searching for it within some... I'll put it as "Try before you buy" sites, I ended up getting ahold of a large amount of games that started with L. Mostly things that were either too long to bother reading or just looked uninteresing, among those were Living Steel, Legend Quest, and the Lamentations of the Flame Princess Deluxe Edition.

I read through it, loved it, starting following James's Blog and such, and bought the grindhouse a bit after it came out (along with hammers of the gods, grinding gear, and stargazer.) I've been haphazardly following OSR stuff as best I can since, and though I don't have the age-old wisdom of some of the veterans around, I try to understand  and learn more every day.

I've never been one for those 'jump out at you and scare you' style horror media, more for that ever-present sense of dread. AKA I prefer movies like "Knowing" to "The Ring" (still haven't seen it haha!) LotFP also introduced me to Clark Ashton Smith's works, which I feel is a good representation of that dread.

Plus all that dungeon-crawling weirdness is just awesome.

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I'm Cameron DuBeers and my main claim to notoriety is that I wrote the much reviled BHP Carcosa module "Obregon's Dishonor" and edited the somewhat better liked "Carcosan Grimoire".

I live in Texas, I'm in my mid-50's, and I game one night a week.

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Well I'm Ivan (Michael is my middle name, and I've used the IM moniker on too many websites to change - the only drawback as that folk tend to call me Mike...) - I'm from Connecticut USA and started with Moldvay Basic back in 1981 and quickly bought the three 1e books.

Life eventually had me shelve the game and coming back in a few years ago I found 4e to be unrecognizable and Pathfinder to be nice, but not the game I was interested in playing (and learning for the next 4 years!) Since then I've been playing various mishmashes of 1e and Basic, favoring a house ruled game (like all of us). I'm 43 FWIW...

I started playing in a LOTFP game in new haven a few months back and have really enjoyed the methods used to tackle things like thief skills, sequestering combat skills for fighters, and what not. Some of the rules adaptations made me wish I had thought of them as I was using a few house rules that were still too complex. (that said, I can't help thinking that a d12 method for specialists with double the starting pips and double the per level pips would be cooler - except for sneak attack - but then again, I'm a tweaker).

The game is everything that D&D should be (to me) - deadly, simple and fast paced - simple to learn and jump into with both feet.

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