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Howdy!  My name's Jeff.  I run a little thing-a-ma-bob called Jeff's Gameblog.  I'm 38 and I started playing D&D with the Moldvay Basic set back in 1981.  My games lean pretty heavily toward meat-and-potatoes "mug the goblin" gaming.

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Hey there, I'm Gary. I'm in my early 40's, and started playing D&D around 1979 or 1980. I was introduced via White Box, but the first set I owned was the purple Otus box. I didn't know crap about the various and sundry versions of the game until much later. I played 1e and a bunch of other TSR stuff (Star Frontiers, Gamma World, Top Secret, etc.), dropped out after 2e became the go-to game, and didn't really pick it back up until 3e was released in 2000. I played that pretty heavily until 3.5 supplanted it, then started losing interest as 3.5 took over. I've tried a little Pathfinder and 4e, but they're not really to my liking (IMO, both of those take what I didn't like about 3.5 and go further). I got back into White Box about two years ago after my girlfriend (introduced to RPGs by Vampire and then 3.5) and I played in an OD&D con game, and liked it enough that I picked up a nice set and the supplements to go along with it.
I mostly do White Box with the Chainmail combat rules now, but I still dabble in other game systems. I'm crotchety, so I don't much care for playing with new-schoolers but I'm looking at starting a Lamentations game for my girlfriend and one of her friends.

I picked up Vornheim, Grindhouse, and Weird New World, and have to say that I've been pleasantly surprised by the rules for LotFP; I might be willing to give the 'alternate' combat system another go (or work my houserules for Chainmail into LotFP). Vornheim knocked my socks off. WNW is also to my liking - I'm not much for pre-made adventures but I do like "adventure areas." I'm anxiously awaiting the Carcosa release.

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Hi, my name is Kevin. I'm a 25 year old artist and English teacher living in South Korea.

My interest in gaming began when I saw an ad in a comic book for Rifts. My religious parents didn't really approve of the hobby though, so I didn't get to play role playing games very often back then. When I did, I had to keep it a secret. My first gaming experience was with Mentzer basic at a friend's house. The first game I ever owned was Tenchi Muyo RPG (using the Tri-Stat system). I had to keep it hidden under my mattress as my step-dad was the type of person to burn rpg books. I never got to play the game;  my step-dad found the book and took it with him to the shooting range.

I got back into gaming during college with third edition D&D, but I didn't like it very much.
After a two year gaming lapse I got back in with World of Darkness, Fudge, Fate, and fourth edition D&D.
I've started gaming a lot more since coming to Korea. I play in an AD&D game twice a month. I run Moldvay basic for my students every once in a while. I've played in D&D 4E and Call of Cthulhu games, and I've run a game of oldschool Traveller.

I'd like to run or play in a game of Lamentations of the Flame princess, but it's really hard to find other gamers around here. I'm living in a backwoods town called Jochiwon you see. There are only about five other foreigners in this town, and none of them are interested in D&D. I have get on a train for two hours to get to where the gamers are at.
I am moving closer to Seoul sometime in February though; it should be easier for me to find games then. I really want to play Carcosa, Paranoia, Stormbringer, Traveller, and Gamma World.

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Hi, I am Michael aka Stargazer. I'm a 36 year old technician living in Germany and some of you may actually know me through my blog, Stargazer's World. I started playing RPGs back in the early 1990s. I was introduced to gaming through TORG, but then joined a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition group shortly thereafter. WFRP is still one of my favorite games. I actually haven't played any old-school D&D until a couple of years ago when I discovered Swords & Wizardry.

At SPIEL 2010 I actually met James Raggi and talked with him about LotFP but alas I had to leave, so there wasn't time to pick up the game there (I ran out of money anyway), but a few weeks later I was able to track down a copy. I haven't run a game using LotFP yet, but I hope that I can convince my group to give Carcosa a try as soon as I have had time to give it a thorough read.

When you read my blog you already know that I love all kinds of roleplaying games. I am as likely to run FATE as I am to run something more old-school. And even though I don't play as often as I would like, I am still a huge fan of pen & paper RPGs and I always look for new and exciting games to read and perhaps to run/play.

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Hi I'm Gianni and a long-time BRP/RuneQuest/CoC fanatic. I've played a d100-ised version of Death Frost Doom last year at a con in Germany, which hooked me on LotFP. Although I'm not a big fan of the D&D system, I've definitely enjoyed all the PDFs I've purchased through the site. I'm now eagerly awaiting my first dead tree purchases.

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Jim here, I was inducted into D&D just in time to watch TSR crash and burn, and 2e will always hold a special place in my heart.  I love this setting, and am anxiously awaiting the day that my copies of Carcosa and Isle complete their crawl through the stars and arrive at my door.  In the meantime, I'm hanging out here, soaking up the atmosphere - glad to be here!

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I'm Forrest, age 42, living in Madison, WI, about an hour north of Lake Geneva for those who care. Been gaming since '79 when a friend of the family introduced me to GEV, Warp War, and AD&D. Gamed for many years with a sabbatical for my undergrad years, after which I picked up again, off and on, till present. Most of my gaming now is done online or with my teenage kids. I can't even remember all the games I've played, but AD&D, Gamma World, Call of Cthulhu, Mechwarrior, C&C, and Traveller are all most notable. Currently mashing Labyrinth Lord (specifically Realms of Crawling Chaos), lots of LOTFP, and a chart and spell or two from Arduin Grimoire, with a healthy dose of home rules. Gotta say I love the ouvre of LOTFP and the focus on the gaming experience, rather than mechanics. Great stuff that's got me excited all over again about gaming. Picked up the grindhouse PDF and Stargazer, Weird New World (which is, incidentally, amazing) as well as all issues of Green Devil Face. Looking forward to what else rears its eldritch head. I've edited and written professionally (won the World Fantasy Award for my editorial work, in fact), so I might have to try my hand at churning out some material for LOTFP . . . after I finish the novel I'm currently working on!

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Hey boardies,   

Just ordered my copy of Lotfp and looking forward to running my first game.  I haven't gamed in over 10 years, but I used to run just about anything I could get my hands on (and con people into playing)  My tastes run towards heroic sword and sorcery: think Howard, Leiber, Wagner and Shea.  I'm 34 years old and I live in the Los Angeles area. 


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Greetings and salutations.

I'm Matt. I work as a graphic designer in Pittsburgh, PA and live in the rural vicinity. I started with Moldvay's Basic Set in the 80's and fell in love. I have played a few different games since then, but not nearly as many as I've bought and read. I've been energized by the recent crop of rules-light games and the current OSR that's going on. (Specifically Stuart Robertson's Weird West, Mutant Future and, of course, LotFP.) I'll be taking over our usual 3.5 game night next month for our first Weird Fantasy adventure (Death Frost Doom). Can't wait!

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My name is Vance.  I live in Ponte Vedra, Florida (USA, of course).  I got the OSR bug a few months back and was looking for something.  I read all the books/systems I could get my hands on (or PDF's downloaded).  I found LOFTP by accident.  Saw the cover on a website.  It struck my interest and well...  A bunch of reviews and write-ups later I ordered and got the Grindhouse boxset. 

I ran my first session last Friday, then another the very next night.  I had a blast!  My players did too (save one, who was not used to the old school style of it all). 

Looking forward to a lot more gaming using LOTFP, and posting here about my groups escapades.

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I'm Forrest as well, 26 and recently of Denver, Colorado.  Grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where pen and paper gamers are few and far between.  My early gaming experience came from lots of the AD&D computer games, especially Dark Sun: Shattered Lands.  Got off to college and played 7th Sea and Deadlands, with a bit of 3.5 thrown in for color. I always kind of dismissed D&D given what I'd seen.   Eventually I ran my own 7th Sea campaign for a year and learned the fun of GMing with a great group.  Since then not much happened on the RPG front until I found Mr Sabbath's blog when the I Hit It With My Axe thing was going on.  Seeing his interesting ideas, and following them to the rest of the OSR blogging, my mind was blown a bit.  The Grindhouse Box seemed to be just what I wanted to get myself going.  Since then I've managed to run one LotFP game (TPK) and am in the process of building a setting for another.  More games are impending as the GM for the Rolemaster game I've been in is having to deal more and more with schoolwork, and my Grindhouse box and I will likely fill the gaps.

All of what I've been reading in this forum has been inspirational, and I expect to be hanging around a bit more while I sort out my ideas.  Most pleased to meet you all!

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Welcome Forrest,

What part of Denver? I'm in the Boulder area myself.

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I'm Jörg. I'm 37, from Germany and have re-discovered my love of roleplaying after some dormant years. I started playing in 1991 with AD&D 2nd edition, switched to 3rd and stayed there until my local group fell apart due to jobs, kids and life in general. I read about LotFP in some online blog, took a look and was immediately intrigued by its simplicity and atmosphere. Itching to play!!!

Sadly, getting a group together in my town will be a challenge, much more so if it's going to be an English retro-clone. So I'm currently "preparing" by designing a nice little corner of weirdness in my campaign world - hopefully to be populated by eager PCs soon!

Nice meeting all of you!

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My name is Jeff, I'm 31, and I live in British Columbia, Canada (not a lumberjack though, most of the time). I got my introduction to LotFP over the weekend at GottaCon in Victoria, BC. My friend ran a couple games of it at the convention, and despite not actually getting a chance to play (no other players showed up for the sunday morning game slot), I did become the default winner of the table prize (because no other players showed up!), which was a copy of the Hammers of the God adventure. After reading through that adventure, I decided I loved it and have just now ordered the grindhouse boxed set!

I've been an RPG player for at least 2 of my 3 decades, and have played dozens of different systems. Of late, I've been gravitating towards the systems that focus more on having a good time escaping into a story, rather than crunching the best way to dole out massive numbers with my character's stats. (don't get me wrong though, it still makes me feel like a champ when I score a critical hit on the latest dragon/liche/evil cleric/unsuspecting innocent bystander) Luckily, my regular gaming group seems willing to make this transition along with me, so hopefully I can convince them to try out LotFP!

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Hi, I'm Mike. I'm 39 and a graphic designer/videographer in my day job with some game design thrown in when time allows. I got my start back in 1981 with the Basic Set of D&D and have been playing RPGs ever since. I've done some writing/designing for a few Savage Worlds settings and while I love that system, I'm always looking for something new/different. Of late, I've been missing the ol' D20 and starting picking up some Pathfinder books (D&D 4E didn't fly with my group).

I've been seeing LotFP mentioned on forums and grew curious. I'm a huge Lovecraft fan and when I heard it had Lovecraftian elements, my curiosity grew even more. Also, a lot of what I had heard was regarding the art and what many considered "too extreme". Now, as a graphic designer, that made me want to see this art. As a gamer and fan of horror, I was curious as to just what my fellow gamers saw as being so "adult" and "violent".

My copy of the Grindhouse box set arrived today. I sat down and flipped through all of the books. I love the art. More often than not, I found  myself thinking, "Hey, I've had that happen in my games!" So yeah, I love this game. Excellent job!

Looking forward to sharing the awesomeness with my players.

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I am 29 years old male from Finland. I never played that much D&D or other similar games when I started roleplaying and never had. We did try to play D&D Finnish red box but didn't stick to it. I also tried to run AD&D 2nd edition later but during the first fight encounter we switched system to Praedor. Some time ago played D&D 3.0 and liked it after stripping rules. It was too complicated and slow so we got rid of several rules to make it faster.

I started playing when I was 11 or 12 with ANKH. After that I've played several dozens of games. In the beginning MERP, Rolemaster, WHFRPG, CP2020, 2300AD and so on. Last 10 years I've mostly played with my girlfriend and have played mostly Vampire: the Masquerade, Call Of Cthulhu, Werewolf: the Forsaken, Fading Suns, Praedor, D&D 3.0, AFMBE and so on. I do own more games that I have played and I try to collect rpg books.

I got interested to oldschool games not to feel nostalgia but because of OSR and RPG Bloggers feed where many bloggers dig this gaming style. Inspired by OSR bloggers I downloaded several free games and liked the idea and "oldschool feel I never actually played" of those but never got interested enough.

Then I found out about LotFP. I really liked this "weird fantasy" idea because I am a horror fan. So I bought the Grindhouse edition.

My games are usually about the story and characters so LotFP is basically a little different I am used to play. Just finished reading it (even though I got it last year) and now I am really excited to run it!

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I'm Houston, 23 and live in Michigan. I got started with 4e after years of looking at the hobby from the outside. Grew disillusioned with it and looked backwards at the other editions. Found 3.5 to be way too time consuming and then eventually discovered the OSR and what not. That lead to LotFP and all sorts of crazy stuff. Liked what I saw and here we are. I've only run a couple of games due to my schedule, but that's left me with a lot of time to think. So, you know, Hi and whatevs.

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Hi, I am Benjamin Wenham.

I am from the UK, I am a newbie to the OSR scene.  I played only a tiny amount of old school 'naming violantion roleplaying game' when i was younger, jumping into Warhammer fantasy roleplay, Cyberpunk 2020 and world of darkness very quickly after first playing DnD. Started into the Pathfinder scene from the publication of Burnt Offerings, and started to DnD as a result.  I have had a few writing credits for said system, but have never really been comfortable with it.

I recently got Lamentations of the Flame Princess(grindhouse edition) thanks to its mention of atomic array, and have enjoyed reading it so far. Looking to run some in the near future, to run my home brew humanist fantasy setting.

Re: Introduce yourself!

I was born when Nixon was president, and my first exposure to RPGs was through a friend who owned a copy of Holmes’ blue box, sometime around 1979 or 1980. I quickly acquired a copy of the then-new Moldvay purple box rules. First edition and other games followed, but by the mid 1980s I (along with my circle of friends) had switched to GURPS. By the mid-1990s I was playing computer RPGs instead of tabletop games: Games like Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter nights, and Fallout. I probably would have never looked back, had it not been for some folks who replicated The Keep on the Borderlands and Tomb of Horrors for Neverwinter Nights. I went back and looked at those old modules, and I was hooked again.

Admittedly, my preferred ruleset now-a-days is Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying, and I tend to favor a game with an investigative feel, like Call of Cthulhu. However, nostalgia keeps bringing me back to the old-school games. Of the current crop of retro-clones out there, I like LotFP the best, both in terms of mechanics as well as feel.  My thanks to Jim and anyone else involved with LotFP – keep up the good work!

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My name is Lars, from Denton, TX.  I'm 27, and started running games with MERP (Middle-earth Role Playing) when I was about 12.  At the time, my parents wouldn't allow me to have any books with "Dungeons & Dragons" on the cover, although I did have some experience pulling out an old White Box and some other books from friends' Dad's closets and the like.  Games I've ran for people in the past few years include D&D 3e/4e/1e/Labyrinth Lord/LotFP, Shadowrun, Burning Wheel, and a few others. 

I game more now than I have at any point in my life.  My dayjob is in computers and my nightjob is in electronics -- so any time I find myself with leisure time, just for myself -- there's nothing I love more than holing up in a corner with an RPG-related read, or notebooks to take notes and design dungeons for my next game.   I suppose this routine will persist for the rest of my life.

I'm very attracted to talking about games, since I am a self-taught DM and love seeing how other people do it.  That interest has led me into a recent obsession with the OSR community.  I'm at the point now where I can't really stand any of the newer versions of D&D... they all feel too much half-way (and not in a good way) between the things I love about OSR gaming and things I love about story-based gaming like Burning Wheel.

If you're in the North Texas area, I'd love to hear from you.

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Hey Folks.

My name is Matt, I live in London Ontario, Canada. I am 39 years old, scary 4-0 coming soon! I started playing DnD back in the day (mid to late 80s) with the Mentz red box. Long story short I got it as a gift from a buddy who almost killed me in a mini-bike accident, true story. I was in the hospital for two weeks and he gave it to me during that stay and I have been hooked on RPGs ever since!

I stumbled upon LotFP in my trips around the internet researching old school games and OSR RPGs. 4th ed put a bad taste in my mouth when I realized it was just a map and minis tactical game. I bought the pdf version of the grindhouse release and really dig it, it reads really well on my ipad, which I have about 30-40 RPG books on now. I also just purchased a dead-tree copy of Carcosa, wicked book! Going to order LotFP box set soon.

Not in a game right now, having issues finding folks my age to play with, but keeping my eye open.


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My name is Kristian, I'm from Denmark and plan to start out a LotFP campaign set in Weird World renaissance Italy as soon as the firearms supplement arrives with The God That Crawls.


Re: Introduce yourself!

I'm a 30 year old swede living in Stockholm. Stared gaming around 89-90 with the Swedish equivalent to DnD, Drakar och Demoner (Dragons and Demons), which is version of the basic-rolplaying system.
Tried basic DnD from the red box in the 90's but I have mostly played Swedish RPGs. Got back in to the hobby a few years a go and have mostly played Trail of Cthulhu since then.

Found out about the old school clones last year and have been DMing a couple of adventures using Sword and Wizardry Whitebox rules.

Picked up a copy of the Grindhouse edition last week and have been really impressed by the game system as well as the theme of the game.

Re: Introduce yourself!

Hello all, I'm Bill, I'm 25 years old and I'm from Buffalo, New York, a city that once stood as a shining pinnacle of humanity's progress and which now has fallen into decay and neglect.  It should come as no surprise then that I prefer Lovecraftian and Post-Apocalyptic type settings.

I got my start gaming in 2005 with a very short-lived D&D 3.5 game being run by a fellow living down the hall from me.  I was a druid, it didn't matter, the game lasted all of two sessions because the DM got a girlfriend (who was also an pen-and-paper RPG gamer) and ceased to have time to DM.  I got involved with the gaming club on campus and dabbled in a few different games my freshman year.  My sophomore year, I got into a 3.0 game that didn't make it past the end of the spring semester as the DM flunked out.  I began experimenting with DMing myself, and began a fairly long career of running Call of Cthulhu, with four campaigns having been run to completion as of this writing.

After college, my gaming slowed down some, but I was still active with it -- fortunately, a lot of my friends from school live close enough that we can continue to game together.  We've dabbled in Space: 1889, Savage Worlds, things like that, but we keep coming back to Cthulhu and, once we tried it, Pathfinder. 

I just wrapped up a long-running Pathfinder campaign earlier this month, and I've been overwhelmingly dissatisfied with the style of gaming it represents: I don't like the gigantic rulebooks, I don't like the endless lists of feats, I don't like there being 700 different classes.  I wanted something with lower levels of crunch and a stronger encouragement of "make stuff up, and roleplay a character instead of just crunching numbers."

I discovered the OSR, began researching, and discovered that Lamentations of the Flame Princess is everything I've been pining for and tried to house-rule Pathfinder into functioning as.

I've been working from the PDFs of the Grindhouse edition, just ordered a hard copy last week or so (birthday present to myself), and my group has expressed a willingness to give it a go.

Re: Introduce yourself!

I'm Bruno, 30 years old, half-French Canadian and half-Spanish. (Lived in both places at different moments in my life, name was chosen so it could be said in English, French and Spanish without having to change it much.)

  I currently DM a D&D 3.5 campaign but I'm also very interested in trying out different types of, well, let's call them 'd20 based RPGs'. I own D&D 3.5 (Looking at Pathfinder in a very pervy way though) and Castles & Crusades as far as those go. I just ordered a physical copy of Lamentations of the Extremely Long Name because it fit a type of game I've had in mind for a while now. I've started reading the PDF while I wait for that physical copy to arrive via mail! I'm also waiting for 'Crypts & Things'.

  I've got some other RPGs, more than a few being GURPS 3e books even though I've barely played the game over the years!

  I currently post random geek stuff on my blog, Bruno's Geek Reviews at where I interviewed Andy Hopp (amongst other people), creator of the RPG 'Low Life' (which I also own and really like!) and artist for some d20 supplements over the years. (Love the Wanderer's Guild!)
  The interview can be read here: … -andy-hopp

  As far as RPGs go, I tend to personally dislike modules as I have no trouble coming up with my own ideas for stories and scenarios and to me, using a module feels too much like studying! (It's way easier to remember details of something I came up with myself!) To clarify though, I have nothing against modules and I might enjoy them from time to time as reading material or from a collector's point of view. (One day I'll get my hands on 'Expedition to the Barrier's Peak'!!!) Heck, I MIGHT use an idea or map from it sometimes if I really like something... But usually I come up with my own stuff.

  I also happen to have a long list of RPG monsters I've created that I don't share with the internet because if I stop procrastinating I might try to make a book out of them someday! tongue

  So yeah, that's pretty much it. Does anyone read all of these posts? In all honesty I mostly browsed and stopped at a few from time to time. I didn't read all of these six pages. Even knowing this I nevertheless went to write my own post. I guess we roleplayers don't only love to talk about our 7th level Fighter, we also love to talk about ourselves!