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Hello all,

Really enjoying this Carcosa supplement and looking forward to using it for a game as soon as I can, but I am curious about something regarding low-level characters. Given the dice rolling conventions, it would seem possible that a character could end up with 1 HP point should they roll poorly on any die. If this occurs, do players just raise it to the minimum listen in the main rules? Seems like the most logical approach but am curious if anyone went about it differently.



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Crunk Posby wrote:

I don't think most of what you suggest would dramatically change things. Although I don't fully understand what you mean by "have fighters roll an additional d20 per level." Does that mean they roll with advantage? Add all the d20s together? That would change things a lot... 

I think it's pretty easy to just fold in the spells and supplements and use whatever D&D set you want. Most Old School games are not meant to be completely balanced anyway, and dropping the AC from 12 to 11 only gives characters a +5% chance to hit a 0-level NPC.

Thank you! I should have been more specific, in delvinging deeper, fighters basically roll a number of d20 equal to their level and all are treated as separate attacks, in this way, a fighter could make multiple attacks in a single round.

Oh and dropping the AC by one is meant to make up for the lack of PC to hit bonuses.


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Hello everyone
New to the forum and LotFP, but have been playing 74D&D for over a decade, and really love the spells and supplements for lotfp. With some things though, I do prefer the OD&D approach and wanted to see if I could make a few changes without completely throwing off the balance of the game.

One change I was going to make was to get rid of the generic to hit bonuses, and have fighters roll an additional d20 per level (per 2 levels after 9). I in turn was going to change the strength bonus to the +1 dmg for 15 and above. If I lower the standard unarmored AC to 11, would this work ok without terribly unbalancing things? The other changes I was going to do would be change experience to that modled in delving deeper, and give a +1 to hit and initiative for Dex over 15 (+2 ranged)

Curious as to if any of these changes would drastically screw with any of the other game mechanics. The other of&d clone I've been using is delving deeper, which is essentially an improved version of od&d with better clarifications.