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XP as halfings, but no new spells.  I don't limit what spells they can learn, but just one a day.  Admittedly I haven't had to test out long term repercussions.  But it works thus far.


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Not to dissuade you from from picking up the box set, but the new PHB is available, and the game master guide just got crowd funded and will be released...well TBD, but its coming.


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I took a more simplistic approach, using the halfling race as a template and switched out the bushcraft skill for tinker, and changing the +1 AC bonus for 1 1st level spell.


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32 year old who grew up mostly in California.  Grew up on Air Force Bases, and then joined the Army (currently in Germany) as a second career after working as a Mortician for a while.  Started with AD&D 2d ed in 4th grade and dabbled in a lot of different games and systems.  My favorites ended up being Call of Cthulhu and Deadlands though.  I always found myself gettling saddled with being GM so I've come to terms with that finally.  I was immediately turned off with D&D 4th ed, and realized I was tired of the powergaming that always seemed to happen with 3rd (I know it can happen with any game..).  So I wanted to go back to my roots and play AD&D again.  I stumbled across LotFP in that search just as the new gamemaster's book  was being funded and jumped on in, at the same time re-discovering Tomb of Horrors and plenty of other classic Gems of roleplaying that I've heard occasional stories about but never experienced.  I'm hoping to be able to focus some of this manic energy into something that I can give back to the community some day.  Right now I'm getting an online campaign ready with various friends to run some classic dungeon modules with some LotFP adventures mixed in.


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I've been told that when you want to you'll start seeing something everywhere.  Like 42 after reading the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

So I took my kids to see Frozen the other night.  While I was dreading a saccharine sweet story, instead I left thinking -man this would be great material for a weird fantasy story.  Really all the factors were there:
-Magic was present but not common
-Magic was not well understood and not even well controlled by the one who welded it
-Monsters consisted of Wolves, the cold, a prince, a foreign diplomat, and a snow golom.  (and the sidekick snowman elicited screams when he went off into town by himself...)

Of course the movie had a happy ending - it was Disney, but what if it ended 10 minutes earlier it would have been very dark indeed, but even with the Disney ending I wonder how the town would feel about its queen that almost killed them all, or the foreign powers that now have this Ice queen on the throne.  It may not be a happy ending after all...


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Doesn't it make sense then to have a list of animals then in the bestiary section then?  It would provide a good foil for the abnormal to be able to be compared to the normal.


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Ok, ok, BEFORE you  start throwing rotten fruits and vegetables hear me out.  Then you can pelt me with last weeks produce.
So a good run was made at getting a monster's manual for LotFP in the crowd funding, and evenone is stoked to at least get almost 50 monsters ready to torment players with.  Great.  I am new to LotFP.  I've played lots of other RPGs over the past decades and I really fell in love with the concept of making up fresh new monsters that can't just be cataloged and rehashed to keep players on their toes.  But what about when players are not encountering the horrific thing from beyond in the game.  What about the "normal" monsters that fit into the fantasy campaign worlds.  I don't think that these "normal" creatures should clog up the space paid for by backers for the new referee book, but in rules and magic There are elves and dwarfs etc.  So as banal as it would be - doesn't it make sense to include at least a list/table of some wild life or some of the normal trope monsters (orcs, goblins, skeletons etc.) for the benefit of people who either new to the rule system  or LotFP might be their first exposure to RPGs (especially game mastering).

So I guess the big question left is when is the crowd-funding campaign going to start?