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I've been told that when you want to you'll start seeing something everywhere.  Like 42 after reading the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

So I took my kids to see Frozen the other night.  While I was dreading a saccharine sweet story, instead I left thinking -man this would be great material for a weird fantasy story.  Really all the factors were there:
-Magic was present but not common
-Magic was not well understood and not even well controlled by the one who welded it
-Monsters consisted of Wolves, the cold, a prince, a foreign diplomat, and a snow golom.  (and the sidekick snowman elicited screams when he went off into town by himself...)

Of course the movie had a happy ending - it was Disney, but what if it ended 10 minutes earlier it would have been very dark indeed, but even with the Disney ending I wonder how the town would feel about its queen that almost killed them all, or the foreign powers that now have this Ice queen on the throne.  It may not be a happy ending after all...

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heh, there's more than a few disney films that could make really entertaining grimdark adaptations.

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I've found some inspiration in Jeffrey Thomas' "Twisted Princesses"...