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davidnusse wrote:

Just a simple question, what keeps the 6th level Magic User spell "Disintegrate" from ruining campaigns?

Just a simple answer then, the GM not being a dick.

davidnusse wrote:

Am I missing something?

Computer says yes.


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Alexi wrote:

Ps apparently I'm too dumb to embed pictures...

And while we're on the subject,

http://store.warlordgames.com/collectio … otte/books

European Weapons & Warfare 1618-1648 looks especially tasty.


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Alexi wrote:

What are you fine folks using for Lamentations miniatures?  I'm about to paint up some Warlord Games guys.
https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/ … JpIjoidCJ9

I don't tend to bother with minis for RPGs, but if I did want to grab some Warlord's Pike & Shotte would probably be what I'd go for too.

Lord Inar wrote:

... I don't know what is!

http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/01/t … src=footer


JimLotFP wrote:
Cutter wrote:

* Constitution determines what die you use for rolling hit points.

I assume this is instead of a Con mod? Seems to punish people who have a high Con rather than another stat. Too random.

That's kind of the point. One thing I hate about the modifiers is they eliminate the lower possibilities. It's why Strength doesn't modify damage, because doing 1 point of damage should always be on the table.

(One thing I'm going to have in the Ref book is the idea that monsters shouldn't have multiple attacks, nor should their attacks do multiple dice of damage, just so even on a successful attack it's always possible for them to do only 1 point of damage.)

The lower possibilities are covered by the more likely chance that they didn't roll well enough to get a modifier in the first place.

Don't be a bastard for the sake of it.

* Constitution determines what die you use for rolling hit points.

I assume this is instead of a Con mod? Seems to punish people who have a high Con rather than another stat. Too random.

* Magic saving throws modified by Charisma.

Don’t mind this.

* Shields should give bonuses to parrying.

Might use it if the party was mostly made up of combat junkies, otherwise no.

* Encumbrance should affect initiative in some way.

Don’t have anything against the idea but it’s application could get messy.

* Not original, but all weapon damage is d8, with the "roll twice, take the lowest/highest" for certain kinds of weapons.

No. I like all the dice.

* Also thinking that by expanding the skill list a bit, we could give Fighters and Magic-Users some skill points to play with…

Tending to the no, fighters are great at fighting, MU’s cast, leave the specialists their deal.

* Witch-Hunter, Conquistador

If they had unique abilities, if your thinking of dropping the races, then maybe yes.

Sword Lake wrote:

Didn't get The Idea from Space. Should I regret this?

With every fibre of your being.


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Solon wrote:

I may have overlooked it but I did not see any prohibitions on use of weapons for any character class such as magic-users only using daggers and staffs like in Basic D&D. Are there any?

Are there any class prohibitions concerning armor?

Nope & nope.

We deal with it by letting the players, not the background, define their relationships. Our priest is quite bombastic and chides the 'witch' for having intercourse with the devil, but all his threats are made with an implicit some-day-there-will-be-a-reckoning caveat.

Practically speaking the cleric's player has no wish to give the magic-using player a genuinely hard time, but revels in the opportunity for banter.

You can probably guess that our games have a good mix of the lighthearted punctuated my brief periods of OMGWTF is that.

We don't really campaign anymore, so I haven't had cause to try and rationalise a bigger picture. Options run from having Clerics (capital C) in charge of the church either overtly or covertly, to spell casting clerics (small c) being thought of as no better than their arcane brethren.

I think James has mentioned in the past that he no longer has Clerics in his home game (or Dwarves, Elves and Halflings) but I don't know if he still has Clerical NPCs, or whether this implies that some distant future edition of the game may also remove all of those options.


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analivia wrote:

can we buy this book?

It's not out yet.

See https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lotf … 34313#home from more details.

If you missed the indiegogo campaign, you may have to wait until it hits retail.

littlemute wrote:
Legion wrote:

Apparently there was a contest to identify the three-eyed, tentacled, haloed statuette on the table in the header image for this forum.
What were the results of that contest?

It's a suppository.

Why would you suppose that?

You're a whacky bastard James...

littlemute wrote:

Can you press during a charge?


I bought 3 and 3.5 at the time, never ran them, and I own PDFs of the first few Pathfinder books but have never ran it either.

Too many options for the time available.

Yuritau wrote:

My favorite use of Pikes/polearms in general in RPGs is narrow hallways. Especially 3e+/PF. Attack of Opportunity Trip attacks are brutally hilarious.

Did/do they have specific rules for such things or were you forging the narrative?

I’ll take your point for defensive fighting, but remain unconvinced on the press.

I have no issue with longer weapons being able to strike from behind another player, I don’t buy that those characters would be able to attack in such a way as to get an advantage. You can wave that pointed stick with the vigour of a sewing machine, it won’t make the enemy step into it.

Pikes are great, in massed formations against other massed formations. But in the numbers a classic party is likely to be constructed of they are too easy to parry and step inside the reach of.

On a side note, how much of a cover bonus, if any, would you give to the folk with the spears (littemute’s example) standing behind the front line?

And following that line of thinking, how much of a cover bonus, if any, would you give to the bad guys from attacks originating from the second rank?

Yuritau wrote:

Actually, it could be a very effective strategy to have a front row of sword and board fighters advancing while using Defensive Fighting, and second row spear/pike fighters using Press. Sounds like good planning to me.

The numbers look good, but how can you effectively fight defensively if you cannot back away to avoid a blow? How can you press when you cannot advance towards the enemy to exploit a weakness? For me, a certain amount of freedom of movement is implicit in these manoeuvres.

littlemute wrote:

I played a module with the LotFP rules recently that was very fighty.  Our tanks would sit in front and then the weasel guys would hang in the back with spears-- some of these back-rankers were fighters and had access to the special effects.  Is it legal to PRESS if you are in the back rank?

If the player can come up with a compelling (and entertaining) rationale as to how they can make a "fierce attack" while 'hiding' behind one of their compatriots, sure.

Otherwise I'd be more inclined to suggest the opposite, that they were setting themselves up for the Defensive Fighting modifiers (+2 AC, -4 to hit).

But that's just my 2 coppers.

Pokémon in LotFP...

Dribbling Winkie Monstro...I choose you...?

I tried to think of a helpful answer, then I tried for a glib answer, but ultimately I got nuthin'.

I'm here for the weird.

"It does exactly what it says on the tin."


I think that just about covers it.

thornlord wrote:

Now I want to find the stories and read those. :-)


Maybe not all, but some.

We may not need the system but the world is nicely collated,

http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/5 … c=salepage

PencilBoy99 wrote:

I'm about to run my first LotFP game and there's only one hack I feel compelled to make, which is something like

(1) Warhammer Fantasy Role Play's Luck Points - spend to avoid death (not necessarily some other permanent damage);
(2) Crypts and Things Constitution Damage - HP are fairly easy to refresh, Constitution represents actual physical damage required to die

Given my misguided intent, what kind of approach for making characters slightly more heroic and durable will do the least damage to the system?

This is Lamentations of the Flame Princess. You should embrace death and welcome into the party like an old friend.


Might be of passing interest to those of you that like big guns, currently being hosted on the BBC.