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I'm getting together with some old friends next week who have only played modern iterations of D&D. They've agreed to try a one-shot to get a taste for old school gaming. If they like it, we may continue with a campaign. If not so much, we'll play a 5E campaign.  I'm planning to use LotFP and looking for a good one-shot adventure for 1st level characters. I guess it doesn't necessarily *have* to be a one-shot--any good intro adventure would do--but something short would be preferable, since we may only have one evening of gaming in this system with this group.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated.



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If you are willing to do more than a one-shot, I recommend Scenic Dunnsmouth above all else: it has the LotFP-vibe without going COMPLETELY over the top, while being a fun to prepare as well!.

If you want a one-shot, The Pale Lady fits the bill. It has the vibe, it has the grim and grime, it may be done in one or two sessions.

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Re: Looking for an introductory one-shot

Tower of the Stargazer - good old school dungeon crawl with some LotFP twists.

Death Frost Doom - put LotFP on the map, dungeon crawl meets horror.

No Salvation For Witches - lots of NPCs interactions, horror, and gonzo.

Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children - super gonzo,  full on LotFP, and FREE!

I recommend checking them out and seeing which will work with your group. I’ve run them all and the players enjoyed them.

Re: Looking for an introductory one-shot

For a One-Shot I recommend "Tales of the Scarecrow". I've run it twice. In both sessions the players were new to LotFP and they loved the adventure.

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Re: Looking for an introductory one-shot

Thanks for the recommendations!

I am going to look through these and choose one. I will let you guys know how the game turns out.