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Greetings and salutations... I am Mica Fetz... raised in Baltimore, MD, U.S.A. - "army brat" and former soldier.

Age 43. 

The first RPG I played was Mentzer's red box back in 1982-83.  I was the party Cleric, and the mapper.  My second character was an Elf.  By that Christmas I was running my own games on the weekends, and I've been at ever since. 

I love the feel of LotFP... I like that it streamlines the burdensome rule sets that have grown out of a Gary and Dave's "guidelines" from 1974.  LotFP provides just enough for an experienced GM/Referee to move forward and have fun, while also creating a "rules-lite" entry point for beginners.  Additionally the LotFP art is amazing... really primes my imagination to create strange and wondrous things, people and places.

Glad to be here!

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Hi, I'm Ben. I'm 46-ish and live near Chattanooga Tennessee.

I started out with the Moldvay basic set, moving on to the Expert set and then 1st edition AD&D. I got into other RPG's, (FASA's Star Trek, Palladium's Robotech and Rifts.) then gradually got out of RPG's by the mid 90's.

In the past year or so I started playing the WotC Star Wars Saga edition RPG with some friends and it rekindled my interest in D&D. I re-acquired the Moldvay/Cook B/X rulebooks and started up a campaign with my SW's crew.

I learned about LotFP through the WTF D&D? article others have mentioned. Since I enjoy 4-armed naked snake ladies, I investigated further. After downloading a pdf of the rules and magic book, I started introducing LotFP concepts and an emphasis on weird horror into my D&D sessions. (The specialist class, spells, the combat actions, Bone Men from Carcosa ect.)

I acquired a print copy of the rules and magic book and now I'm going to try to run a straight up, early modern period setting LotFP campaign. (Probably Better Than Any Man, we'll see.)


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Hi, I'm Andrew. I'm 34, and I'm Australian but currently living in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

I first got into RPGs with the D&D Basic Set "Black Box" in the early 90s. I've played lots of different games over the years, but when I moved to Dubai away from my gaming buddies, I stopped playing regularly for quite a while. I really love RPGs so I had to try to get back into gaming after living here for a few years. I was running D&D 3.5 and Pendragon before I left Australia, and so I looked at Pathfinder, but I just couldn't wrap my head around the rules again confidently enough to play it, so one thing led to another and I got into OSR games via Castles and Crusades.

I can't say exactly where I first heard about LOTFP, because so many different OSR blogs, groups and websites were always raving about it. Eventually I figured I had better pick it up over summer, and I just ran my first ever RPG convention game for a group of 8 people - their first LOTFP experience. I really enjoyed it and I hope I get to play more face to face LOTFP games with people who are good humoured about character death soon!

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Hey, I'm David. I'm 30 and I live in Riverside, California.

I first got into RPGs when I was about 15 and played some AD&D in a Ravenloft campaign. After that I read a bunch of White Wolf books and never played with any of them, but then got into Deadlands and played a bit more of that, but then didn't play anything for a long long while, maybe 8 years?

When I got back into gaming a few years ago I played Savage Worlds for a bit, then played in a 5e game that came to a close right after I joined up. I ran an Apocalypse World campaign after that, but the players said they wanted to play D&D after than ended, and while I wanted to run a game either way "D&D" meant Pathfinder or 5e for them.

I realized I had little interest in or talent for either of those systems, and looking for an alternative lead me to the OSR, and then LotFP by way of the stand-out name and praise about the system in general. That was about a year ago, I think.

I've been into it ever since. The LotFP commitment to mind-bending content and glorious production values, along with the ample uniqueness and raw creativity of the OSR in general was exactly what I was looking for all along. Now I have a blog that's mainly session reports that people seem to enjoy reading, and I'm hoping to self-publish an adventure I've been working on any time between now and the near future.

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Hey! Marco here, 35, compulsive roleplayer.
I play everything (mostly as a GM) from classic D&D to modern storytelling games like Kult, L5R and Mage the Ascension.
My natural environment is horror/dark fantasy.

Hope to find one more passion with LotfP.

Have a nice day!

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Hi everyone! I'm Caleb, 35. I'm really excited about starting to run a LotFP campaign for a group of friends in the next few weeks.

I haven't played any rpgs involving things like ...dice and ..."rules" for a few decades, but then a few months back I read about retroclones, checked out all of them that I could, and couldn't help but notice that one of them had a much cooler title than all the rest. And it turned out that I liked its rules best too. With LotFP in mind, I suggested to my friends, who either haven't played in a while or ever played, that I might be able to run a game... I'm a bit nervous but I think it will go okay.

I'm a fantasy writer and sort of addicted to world-building, so I've created my own world that differs from the LotFP canon (which I do really like) in a few ways. My world appears on the surface to be a faintly cheesy generic fantasy realm, though tinged with a bit of horror. (Though I used to hate it, somewhere along the line I've really come to appreciate that nutty flavor of old generic D&D, with its owlbears and gelatinous cubes.) This surface is something of a lie, and there are horrible cosmic conspiracies for players to uncover if they want to; I'll have to see if they want to.

Looking forward to reading more of the forum and to posting a session report after it happens!

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Greetings,  my name is Stefan. I'm 26 and from Austria (no kangaroos). I started playing RPG's with "The Dark Eye", like pretty everybody in German-speaking countries and BoL. But you get older and more weird and so your RPG's as well. And for now I play besides Lotfp, Venger Satanis stuff and CoC.

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I'm 43, started with the Moldvay red box, despised/envied AD&D, moved to Runequest at university and then left gaming for a very long time.
I restarted by running a game for my son's tenth birthday (five years ago): D&D intro set (very well made) and ended up running 3.5 for a group of young teens. I picked up the LotfP Rules and Magic crowdfunding because of the fabulous art and some lingering nostalgia for the game I made HUNDREDS of characters for back in the 70s. Now administer servers work with ip addresses and network ports, contented life.

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Greetings! I'm a fortyish year old anthropologist, educator, naturalist.

And gamer: Thirty years ago, I started with D&D Basic Set, and since then I've been into AD&D, the new D&Ds, Rifts and various Palladium games (TMNT, c'mon!), Call of Cthulhu, Chill, White Wolf games of all kinds, Aberrant, god even some LARPs that I won't mention -- all kinds of games really, but I've always preferred horror and weird/ speculative settings.

Over the past decade or so, I've played fewer and fewer games. I've made do with running an occasional Call of Cthulhu one-shot to entertain on special occasions, and sometimes playing in a D&D campaign if I can find a table.

I'm in the San Francisco Peninsula. I can't run anything right now, but if there's a group nearby (especially if you're interested in playing this rad Veins of the Earth setting) and you take me in, then I wouldn't mind eventually entering your GMing cycle. Anyone?

Palo Alto - Redwood City - Los Altos - Mountain View - Cupertino . . . Santa Cruz - Aptos ?

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53, from Atlanta, now living in Croatia. I started with Holmes Basic.
Bought Cook eXpert and AD&D PHB on the same day.
Quickly converted completely to AD&D. Treated 1st ed Gamma World as the same game as AD&D.
Shifted to Oriental Adventures.
Converted to 2nd Ed AD&D when it came out.
Switched to 3.5 D&D. Found out it sucked to DM.
Discovered Mazes & Minotaurs in the 21st Century. Have been playing that for years and have even written material for it. Still run a M&M game on roll20.
But if I run D&D, (1st ed) AD&D is my home.
Just recently, Patrick Stuart led me to Lamentations of the Flame Princess. I am very intrigued! I'm planing to run Deep Carbon Observatory in October that will eventually morph into a Veins of the Earth campaign with LoFP. I was originally going to start with AD&D. Now I'm thinking about going full conversion to LoFP!