Topic: druids?

So I'm starting to get this world together and it turns out in talking to the woman running the magic-user really has something a little more druidy in mind. I wonder if anyone's got any good ideas for a nice old-school implementation of a druid. Thanks!

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Re: druids?

If you have another OSR game that has a druid class, you could port that into the game; just tweek the spells and class abilities so they are comparable to the existing LotFP classes.  Alternately, you could use the LotFP cleric as the basis of a druid class.  Go through the cleric spell list and eliminate any spell dealing with good or evil/law or chaos (Detect Evil, Protection from Evil, Turn Undead, for example).  You could then adapt a few M-U spells to replace the eliminated cleric spells (Wall of Fog, Dark Vision, Gust of Wind, Growth of Plants, Hallucinatory Terrain, and Control Weather among others could be appropriate for a druid.  The main consideration would to have no more than 10 spells per level and that the spells are not more powerful than a cleric spell of the same level.