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Hello all!

I want to create a personalized version of the classic adventure I6 Ravenloft for LotFP. Probably I will keep the main story and characters as is. The same goes for the valley and the village of Barovia.


Castle Ravenloft is extremely complicated. It's a well designed and realistic one... but too complicated. So I am looking for something smaller and simpler. I will keep some "classic" rooms and add more stuff of my own.

So my question is... have you created a castle map or have you seen a map like what I am looking around?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Personalized castle Ravenloft

Hi Volrath,

It's not a castle per se, but le Chateau d'Amberville of the TSR classic "Castle Amber" might suit you.  It's a sprawling manor with an vast central domed arboretum from which radiate the east and west wings, as well as the northern chapel complex.  I could be mistaken, but I think there's a subterranean complex as well.  You can purchase a harcopy from Noble Knight Games for around $20.00, but perhaps RpgNow has it in pdf form.

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