Topic: Better Than Any Man (some questions)

Is this scenario considered appropriate for 1st level PCs or should they be higher?

Does the Infinite Tower go "up" infinitely or go "down" infinitely or go both ways infinitely?

Re: Better Than Any Man (some questions)

I had some 1st level PCs working through the adventure. They did well enough; especially helpful were the morale checks forced by fire-arms during the first round of combat, which scared off monsters on more than one occasion. The main town in the module, Karlstadt, involves NPC interaction and dialogue rather than combat, so level is less relevant. There are a few enemies that are too tough for 1st level PCs, but LotFP modules are designed to be deadly and require players to flee or think creatively.

It is very much a sandbox, and the players could easily spend all their time at the Infinite Tower (which does go both up and down infinitely) without interacting too much with the other elements. Or they could spend all their time exploring the areas under Goblin Hill, or they could... you get the idea.

Players making good choices in any of the areas will do better than players making poor choices, regardless of character level. Some areas and monsters are just too dangerous to tackle with a sword, regardless of character level, and the players would do well to think of other solutions.

Re: Better Than Any Man (some questions)

I suppose after I typed all that... I could more directly answer your question.

I would say that Better Than Any Man is appropriate for PCs of any level. Higher level PCs will have more options available to them for handling some situations, and they might be able to outright defeat some enemies that lower level PCs will need to deal with through other means (running, negotiation, etc.). However, none of the areas are impossible for lower level PCs.

If you run this module with 1st level characters, then the story that develops will probably look very different compared to running the module with 3rd or 5th level characters... it should be fun either way.