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Just wondering which items can stacks together as a 'single slot'?
I realize it mentions under the encumbrance table that small items (arrows, etc.) can be stacked,
but since arrows are taking a slot as 'Quiver' anyways, I was wondering about what else constitute as small?

For example - torches? one per slot, or do they stack (and how many you reckon?),
rations? flasks of oil? etc.

How does everyone rule on that?

Also - what can pouches contain? (are they large enough for a flash of oil?)


Re: Encumbrance Stacking Question

Torches are listed as a normal encumbering item, so they take up one slot each. Anything listed in italics is counted as non-encumbering, but some items "stacked" together take up a slot.

I would say maybe a dozen wooden spikes would take a slot, but only half that or less of iron spikes would take a slot (since they are heavier).

A flask of oil is already encumbering, so I wouldn't bother figuring out how many could fit into a pouch, which are for holding sling bullets (up to 20) or collecting small items that players encounter (stuff you wouldn't put in a bottle perhaps).

Oddly, pouches are encumbering but sacks are not, though I would imagine that a sack is larger. I imagine this represents that pouches are conveniently hanging off your belt, holding items for ready-access. Empty sacks are folded up and stuffed into your backpack; they only encumber you when you carry loads of treasure in them.

Re: Encumbrance Stacking Question

By the book no, but make your own rules. I allow stacking of 3 torches and 2 potions / flasks (oil, holy water etc) in one slot, and also allow the stacking of 3 iron rations per slot. It's worked out fine so far.

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Re: Encumbrance Stacking Question

We have allowed stacking of 20 arrows in the quiver, and no player character has ever had more than that...

As for rations, torches, and such, each weighs one point of ENC and that has worked well enough for us. It sometimes makes logistics very difficult in dungeon or wilderness, but on the other hand that's part of the game's charm.