Topic: Availability?

I think I missed this somewhere --

Will all of the funded adventures be available in pdf/print for those that did not have a chance to fund them?

Re: Availability?

That was the point of the campaign, to fund modules for eventual sale. I think there might be one or two bonus module that are exclusive to the kickstarter, but all the main modules are going to be for sale. The first of those modules that was finished The Seclusium of Orphone is already for sale.

Re: Availability?

Yes they will, except for the exclusives.

But even a couple retailers participated in the crowdfunding so they get access to the exclusives too since, well, they're part of the group it's exclusive to since they participated. Noble Knight. Remember Noble Knight tied up over $4000 in the July campaigns (getting most of that back from the adventures that didn't fund, but they still tied up their cash since IndieGoGo takes payment immediately) so of course they have full access to whatever was produced there.