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With commentaries being add-ons, isn't it also true that we won't know how many have been paid for until after the campaign is over? Better back it just in case someone's springing for another Vornheim.

I'd like a level between $35 and $150 too, but I understand you don't have a lot of time to create new stuff to give away. Are any of the other upcoming releases far enough along that you could do preorders?


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Oh dang, a Ref book hardcover too! Any idea when any of this stuff will be out?


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Mnemonic Enhancer is called Pneumonic Enhancer in the spell list on p.86.


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Also in Summon, the "imaginary equation" has "f=/= f" which I think should be "f ≠ f" and "(x + 1)2=x" with a regular two that should be squared. Not to pick on Summon or anything...


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This looks great! I'm really looking forward to all the LotFP stuff coming out, but this hardcover is going to get the most use.

The new phrase "For example" in the sentence about coins in the encumbrance rules makes it sound like 100 coins is an oversized item. Is that intentional? I had read 100 coins as a regular item in the softcover rules.

Also, the accountant is  mis-formatted in the retainers chart.


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Are these being word-of-mouthed on PF forums or is that forbidden since the adventures are too "adult" for explicit PF compatibility? Seems like there's plenty of people who like funding kickstarters in that scene.

The duration of Spell Immunity doesn't match the description.

In the equipment lists, there doesn't seem to be any reason why some prices over 1 gp are listed in gp and others in sp. I think the lists would be easier to read if they were all in sp, or at least if all the prices over some amount were listed in gp.

Maybe you could even use the typography to accent prices not in sp (like cp is italicized, gp in small caps) or something?