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Super fast shipping...especially considering the time of year. The books are really impressive especially Carcosa which is superby illustrated and incredibly evocative. A real thing of beauty. You've done it again, Mr Raggi...thanks!!

Very cool. I've always liked the snippets of 'flame princess' back story and this just adds another dimension to that story. Look forward to finding out  more....

...but what the hell is that thing on the table?


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Brilliant. Cheers.


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I asked the exact same thing in another thread...and for the same reason. Having extra copies for the players would be very handy.


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Cheers...but there seems to be a problem with the fonts in some places. At least I'm getting some error messages.

Got my box the other day and it has really blown me away...the art is fantastic, the layout really well-done and user-friendly, it's really well written and this variation of the rules just works really well for me.

A couple of things I've been wondering...and can't see anything about on these forums...but are there any plans to release the Rules & Magic book as a standalone product? It's always nice to be able to give players their own copy. Also are there any plans to do a kiddie-friendly version? I love the art but there are a few pieces that mean I won't be showing the books to my kids. But this is such a clear and well-written version that I think it would be the perfect intro. Perhaps a standalone Rules & Magic book that is kiddie-friendly...?