I've had a busy summer and haven't had the chance to check these forums, but I just saw this and wanted to say that I'm running a human-only setting (for the time being) and this is all really fascinating stuff. I'm about to go on an internetless vacation for a week but will definitely be printing this out to think about and test while I'm away. Thanks!


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Hey Geordie Racer - just wanted to say welcome and that Newcastle is one of my favorite cities - I have musician friends there, and try & get over every few years. Glad to see a Geordie!

I very much enjoyed the play report. And I was glad to see your remorse about being so brutal, and even your fiats reversing some things. I started our campaign with a vision of near-mercilessness in mind, but found that my players - almost all of whom are completely new to non-computer RPGs, were not so excited. So even in playing through Stargazer I found myself adjusting some stuff to make it less necessarily lethal. They still got creeped the fuck out and there was one death (via the telescope, so it was at least cool), but overall we were much happier.

My sense is that as the players progress, things (meaning me) will get tougher, as they get more used to the whole endeavor.

But I digress; it was a great post! Thanks for sharing it.


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Thanks, Jim! I figured the shock was a part of it. That all makes perfect sense.


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A friend was telling me his idea for a system that lets you arrange the order of your stats before rolling them up (and gave different dice to each stat), and, regardless of what I think about the idea, we got to talking about the traditional D&D running order for stats, and wondering about the effect of putting the physical stats up front, following with the "smart stats," and ending with CHA. What if CHA had come first for all these years? Etc.

Is there any particular reason the ordering of stats in LotFP deviates from the traditional D&D running order?


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In fact, I didn't. They were making plans to drag it all out of the tower and bury it somewhere, and I was actually fine with that because I was absurdly excited to let/make them take the time to get it out and then ask "So who's got a shovel?" (answer, of course: nobody). But cooler heads prevailed and they only pocketed about 400 coins each, though they did take the time to hide five of the chests in the storeroom with the crates of bones on the floor above. And now they've gone back to town, so that will probably be the end of it.


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Thanks, Jim!


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There's probably a pretty obvious (or at least standard) answer to these questions, but please bear in mind a) I've never run a game before and b) numbers make my head hurt.

(Assuming the gold standard), when awarding xp for gp, do you convert change (sp and cp) into gp for purposes of awarding xp?

And in Tower of the Stargazer (for example), would you award xp for things like the bottles of wine, books from the library, etc?\



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So I'm running my first game ever, with a group who have either never played tabletop or haven't played in 20 years, and I decided to use Tower of the Stargazer to get things kicked off. I also decided to start a blog in order to help us keep our details straight. Writing play reports is proving to be as much or more work as prepping for each session, but it's also proving really helpful.

Anyway, I thought people might be interested - and I'd be interested to hear any feedback people have. Here's the address:


Obviously, the whole thing is a spoiler for the adventure. And there are a few differences from the adventure as written - some of which are intentional and some of which are due to my misreading, forgetting, or being confused. But that's part of what makes it so exciting...


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Kobayashi wrote:
Errant Tiger wrote:

4. Specialists are called thieves.

Ah, yes, same here !

Right on! While I can appreciate the intent of "specialist," in practice it just feels clunky to me. And the player who's taking that role in our game, when asked what she wanted to play, immediately said "I wanna be a thief!" So who am I to argue?

Plus, "specialist" always gets an old Dead Milkmen song in my head.


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Just started playing, but thus far:

1. No demihumans (though I'm considering using the elf rules as the basis for another race altogether).
2. Roll 4d6 - 1 and distribute as desired for chargen. All characters start with maximum HP.
3. Druids! Using the spell list from Eldritch Wizardry (along with a few extra spells I found here and there). XP/HP as magic-user. Saving throws based on MU, with a few tweaks.
4. Specialists are called thieves.


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So I'm starting to get this world together and it turns out in talking to the woman running the magic-user really has something a little more druidy in mind. I wonder if anyone's got any good ideas for a nice old-school implementation of a druid. Thanks!


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Hi! I'm Errant and I live in Cambridge, MA. I'm 37 and looking at running my first game ever. As a kid I played AD&D (1e), Marvel, TMNT, Top Secret, and Star Frontiers, and then didn't play anything from about the ages of 14-30. Then a friend and I started an AD&D campaign that gradually morphed into 3.5 (with Call of Cthulhu as our "backup" game). That lasted for three years and then a bunch of us left town and I came back to Boston and spent a few months playing 3.5 with some seriously new-school kids, but lost interest. A couple years ago I stumbled upon Grognardia and started reading a lot of Howard and getting back to my metal roots... my interest in the OSR grew and it looks like I might finally do something with that half-baked world I used to fool around with years ago.

That's it, basically.