Hmm I really like these ideas. I might morph them for my sword and sorcery game...


"Witch Hunter
Witch Hunters replace and progress as Elves except where noted.

Witch Hunters are trained in advanced combat tactics like a Fighter.

Witch Hunters can cast magic-user spells but advance in a spell unique progression.
Witch Hunters begin play with Read Magic and 1 other spell in their spell book.

Spells Per Level
    1    2    3    4    5
1    1               
2    1               
3    2               
4    2    1           
5    2    1           
6    3    2    1       
7    3    2    1       
8    3    2    2    1   
9    3    3    2    1   
10    4    3    3    2    1
11    4    3    3    2    1
12    4    4    3    3    2
13    4    4    4    3    2
14    5    4    4    3    2
15    5    4    4    4    3
16    5    5    4    4    3
17    5    5    5    4    4
18    6    5    5    4    4
19    6    6    5    5    4
20    7    7    6    5    5

Witch Hunters are trained at tracking and surviving (2 in 6 Bushcraft).
Replaces the Elves Search skill.

Witch Hunters are less often surprised than other classes (1 in 6 chance).

Witch Hunters receive +1 to hit per level (like Fighters) against Magic-users and creatures with magical abilities.

Witch Hunters are able to track magic-user's and magical creature's residual magical energy (using Bushcraft) but only if they have cast a spell or used a magical ability; the following modifiers apply to the check:
-1 if the magic-user/creature cast more than a single spell or used more than 1 ability in the same area
-1 if more than one magic-user or creature is being tracked (if they have also cast a spell or used a magical ability)
+1 for every 6 hours that have passed since casting or ability use as the residual magical energies fade
+2 if the target passes through a secret door (this distorts the magical energies)
+3 if the target passes through a magical portal
The target may use other means to hide their magical trail, it is up to the Referee to determine what the penalty to the check is."

I really really like this one. For a sword and sorcery game though I might re name it warlock or even sorcerer (to mimic an elric type character whos sort of a warrior mage)


Mountaineers replace and progress as Dwarves except where noted.

Mountaineers are able to bear incredible burdens; it takes five additional items for a Mountaineer to gain the first encumbrance point.

Mountaineers add their Strength bonus to damage dealt with axes and oversized weapons.

A Mountaineer receives a +1 bonus to their Constitution modifier (so a Mountaineer with a 12 Constitution has a +1 modifier instead of the usual 0 modifier, for example). A Mountaineer also continues to apply his Constitution modifiers, if any, to Hit Points gained after level nine.

Mountaineers add double their Strength bonus to Open Doors when using an axe or crowbar.
Mountaineers scale cliffs and mountainsides and are excellent climbers, starting with 3 in 6 to Climb.
This replaces the Dwarves Architecture skill.

Id call this class Berserker for a sword and sorcery game, but use everything you have written up until the last paragraph. Rather than be able to climb and open stuck doors better, Id give them a berserking ability that gives them a temporary base attack bonus equal to a fighter and bonus HP equal to their level for the duration of one battle, at the cost of -4 AC due to recklessness. And once the battle is over they have -2 to all attack rolls and cannot berserk again until they rest.


Trailblazers replace and progress as Halflings except where noted.

Trailblazers have Paralyze, Poison, Device and Magic saves as Clerics; Breath saves as Fighter. Level 0 saves as Fighter.

Trailblazers are quick, they are good with ranged weapons and extremely agile. Trailblazers add one point to their Dexterity modifier and receive one point to their AC when not surprised.

In the wilderness, Trailblazers have an uncanny ability to remain hidden and have a 5 in 6 Stealth skill.
Trailblazers are excellent hunters, trackers and foresters and begin with a 3 in 6 Bushcraft skill.

Trailblazers gain a bonus to their speed as they level up if they are wearing leather armor and unencumbered.
Movement Speed
0    120'
1    130'
2    130'
3    140'
4    140'
5    150'
6    150'
7    160'
8    160'
9    160'
10    170'
11    170'
12    180'
13    180'
14    180'
15    190'
16    190'
17    200'
18    200'
19    220'
20    220'

Id reskin this one as a ranger/woodsmen type. Maybe granting a damage bonus against animals?

Great ideas all around though im a sucker for tinkering.


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Quick thought:

What is saves just had a single task resolution number on a d20? Base 15. Lowers by 1 per level after first. Add your appropriate attribute modifier. Fighters get an extra +2 against strength and constitution based saves, specialists get +2 against dexterity and charisma based saves, and magicians get +2 against intelligence and wisdom based saves. You could also use this system for raw attribute checks and not just saving throws when its something more general and not in the realm of a specific skill, instead of the commonly used "roll under or equal to attribute" mechanic.



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You could always go with a cleric being able to turn 1/per level every day. Or can tun once at level 1, and gain an additional turn at 3,5,7,9 etc.

Your idea for turning until they fail (in game meaning their faith was shook and can no longer attempt with meditation/rest) works really well too.


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Crunk Posby wrote:
AnonymousWizard wrote:

To keep with the 'saves as skills' idea, how about the following:

There are six saves, each tied to an Ability. Might (Strength), Agility (Dexterity), Endurance (Constitution), Deduction (Intelligence), Perception (Wisdom), and Willpower (Charisma). Each begins at two in six, a positive modifier in the linked Ability makes it a three in six, a negative modifier makes it a one in six.

There are thirty six possible points in this system, and your average PC will begin with twelve. If we assume we want PCs to have a maximum in all saves by level twenty one there's still more than twenty points to hand out, so increasing a single save by one point per level should be fine, or one skill point every other level if you want something closer or 'classic' LotFP scaling.

Oh, we should also decide important things that the six saves defend against. Might is our basic save versus restrained, so it's what you roll to break out of ropes or paralysis. Agility is essentially reflex from D&D3.5, so is our anti-area affect save (less useful given the lack of AoE spells in LotFP, but it's already important due to AC). Endurance is save versus poisions. Deduction is our save versus illusions. Perception is a catch-all save versus traps. Willpower is a catch-all save versus magic. Not perfect, but each one has their uses.

For the record I'm less important about the Intelligence save being important because I give everybody bonus skill points equal to 2+int modifier(+the number of additional skills I add).

Here starting save values begin at roughly the same ranges as in the original rules, and advance slightly faster (which makes a big difference by the teens).

The problem is that the Dwarf and Halfling begin needing extra bonuses if you're running with demihumans, elves actually get enough advantages already to stay at their current XP track (being MUs with combat options, less restrictive casting, and better skills). Okay, maybe we can give the elf spells as a MU (read magic+three at first level, one that costs no money each level), but otherwise there's no problem. I'd be tempted to just give halflings a skill point per level and then give dwarves a Fighter's to hit bonus and maybe raise their XP table to be identical to an elf's, but then I like the idea of there being a second 'complete warrior' option in the demihumans.

Hmm, I kinda like this idea. I wouldn't rename the saves and would just apply whatever ability score made sense for the save. I like the idea of starting at 2 in 6, and only getting a single modifier of +1 or -1 based on ability score. I'd probably do +1 every other level.

Thanks for all the replies everyone. This is mostly what im leaning towards at the moment:

- Saving throw is recorded along with all other skills at a base of 2 in 6 chance of success.
- A 13+ in a relevant attribute will increase this rank by 1
- At levels 3 and 6 the saving throws skill rank increases by 1. (so a 6th level character has a 4 in 6 saving throw)
- Saving vs an enemy or spell casters magic that is higher level/HD than you lowers your skill rank by 1. Saving vs an enemy or spell casters magic whos lower level/HD than you grants a +1 to your saving throw skill rank. 
- A 6 is always a fail

I think that keeps it simple and streamlined in the spirit of the game (seriously the encumbrance and lite skill system are some of the best parts of LOTFP and getting saves to work in a similar manner is really appealing). What do you guys think about the above system and how it works? Im thinking of typing up a small document for my games including this save system and some of the custom/variant classes posted in other threads.

Upon further reflection I think the multiple d6 for saves isnt the best idea. I think it'll only serve as a fiddly distraction by adding another task resolution system. Youll fall into that trap of players arching their eyebrows when you tell them "d20 high for hit and damage, a single d6 desiring a low roll for skills, and then a variable amount of d6s aiming high for resisting magic and SOME non magic threats". Then it becomes "If i want to roll perception or to dodge a boulder do I roll multiple d6s for my charisma aiming high? Or do I roll 1 d6 like skills? Or is it a roll under mechanic like in other editions?"

It could just be my own weirdness, but the uniformity of LOTFP is what really makes it appealing to me and the introduction of the new multi d6 save system would really take away from that aspect.

Reminds me of the retro clone Crypts and Things. I love the game, but half way through the kickstarter for its second edition the author adopted a rule called "testing your luck" where you roll 2d6s and have to hit your luck score or lower (a luck score is usually 7-12), and on a success your luck temporarily lowers by one but you pull off the stunt. It was a cool mechanic for mitigating failed skill checks, attempting to stop a casted spell from being wiped from memory, inflicting max damage or cleaving into a nearby target. Some really cool ideas. But the author just took his fresh new idea and applied it to everything. Now resisting posion became a luck roll, all saves became a luck roll, staying conscious and maintaining ones sanity became luck rolls... basically the mechanic over saturated the game and lost a part of what made the game so good in the first place.

Anyways thats just my gut reaction to this. If anyone has any comments or ideas for tweaks in the system I typed out above let me know!


Also.. regarding removing attribute mods ill have to think about how I feel about that. My gut reaction is that its a bad idea, and that someone with 18 strength ought to hit harder than someone with 10. Then again, with all skills being a 6 sided and with saves no longer being d20 based (meaning you probably wouldnt be applying mods for future save systems) I could see attribute mods being stripped out. Then again my 18 strength character should probably get a bonus for attempting to grapple a guy with 8 strength, and my archer with 18 dex should probably shoot more accurately than someone with 9 dex. It also means everyone but a fighter will lack any combat modifiers and really just amount to a feeling of lack of distinction between non fighters. Every character will be just as unremarkable and vanilla as the other regardless of attributes.

Ill have to think about it a bit and post my thoughts later..


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Well i was thinking of providing a bonus of 1 higher skill rank with a 13+ in the relevant stat. So penalties or bonuses beyond plus 1 wouldn't apply. However maybe starting at a base of 2 in 6 chance of saving, while raising to a 3 in 6 save at level 4, and 4 in 6 save at level 8 (capped), would be more fair?

Im interested in the idea from the playstest rules. My two main problems with it are:

1) It diminishes part of what makes LOTFP attractive to a lot of people- and thats that the mechanics are streamlined. Presenting a new task resolution mechanic, especially one that co contradicts the skill system (for skills low on d6= good, playtest saves have high on d6=good).

2) It only utilizes wisdom.and charisma. I would think spells like lightning bolts would use dex as the save attribute, while something like a web spell would be strength based. I.dont see why it should be restricted to wisdom or Charisma.

I like your customized system, and would definitley use it for a game like the black hack or something thats all d20 low rolls = good. But just like my first issue with the playtest saves, it introduces a task resolution mechanic thats at odds with some elements of the system (attack on d20 is high= good, attribute check on d20 is low=good).


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Im looking to try to make saves function more closely to skills. Ive never been a fan of the arbitrary groupings of old school saves (breatn weapon/spell/wand) and think they make very little sense.

My idea for a d6 saving throw:

- Saving throw is listed under skills, with every one having a base chance of 1 and 6 to save.

- Every 3 levels (3,6, and 9 being the cap) this rank increases by 1. So a 6th level PC has a 3 in 6 chance of saving.

- Your rank is treated as 1 higher if you are higner level/hd than the creature you are resisting. So you are less likely to save against a powerful sorcerer, but more likely to overcome minor posions or magics from low tier enemies as you level up.

- +1 to your rank may also be added if you have a modifier (13+) in an attribute relating to that save. So Con for posion, Dex for breath weapon, Wis for charm, etc

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?


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Thanks for the reply.

I gotts say im digging the direction it sounds like its going in. One all encompassing spell list for the magic user class is great. Glad to hear the skill system is likely staying as is as well.

The save system sounds really interesting, and I could see it working on attributes besides charisma and wisdom. For instance:

Being hit from a giant snake gives a save vs constriction where you roll 4d6 against strength. Two 6s and you escape, one 6 and youre wrapped up but have an arm free able to attack with a one handed weapon. No 6s means youre completely wrapped up.

Or attempting to avoid a falling boulder gives you a save thats 4d6 against Dex. Two sixes you avoid it, one six and you take 2d6 damage, no sixes and you take 4d6 damage and are pinned for a round.

It opens up the possibility of non binary outcomes (similar to how ive heard dungeon world described) and Id be really interested to see saves taken in that direction. I think it would further give the system its own identity as well.

Im happy to hear demi humans are taking a backseat too. I run mostly sword and sorcery games so itll be that much easier to theme the campaign to my tastes (although ill still have to work a bit against the late middle ages era that the system implies). The fighter, magic user, specialist trifecta would be A-okay with me, although a barbarian/berserker class that has high hit points and can rage for bonus damage, an elf like fighter/magician modeled after solomon kane or elric that dabbles in magic (in essence replacing the cleric, maybe a witchhunter or something), and a woodsman/ranger type taking the halflings place would all fit in well and be nice additions IMO.

Anyways I look forward to hearing any additional updates about it in the coming months/years.


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Assuming the authors on the site, or someone else who works on lamentations of the flame princess, I had a few questions I was hoping someone can answer.

1) Ive heard a new edition for lamentations is coming out. Does anyone have a general idea when the release may be?

2) Ive heard clerics will be taken out and their spell list combined with the magic users list. I think thats a great idea and leaves it open ended for you to flavor your magician to be more warlock like, more cleric like, more druid like, etc depending on spells chosen and character theme. I was wondering if that was the intended plan.

3) Will the d6 skill system be kept? Because I absolutely love the straightforwardness of it and actually think its one of the best features of the game. Keeps things super streamlined.

4) Ive heard the author may be planning on doing away with d20 based saving throws that are categorized by the typical posion/deathray/breathweapon etc, and instead will use a d6 for saves much like how skills are handled in the system. Personally I think thats a great idea and (although I love old school systems) I find the old school saving throw methods and their categories incredibly archaic. I think having clerics save better against wands and staffs while thieves save better against poison (for instance) is just an artificial way to make it seem like theres greater variance between the classes when in actuality its pretty arbitrary. At the very least dividing saves into Might/Agility/Mental categories makes a lot more sense. Anyways just my 2 cents that id love to see saves handled differently than in the current edition.

5) Ive heard theres plans to take out demi humans and add them to an appendices as optional. I think thats a great idea since elves, dwarves, and halflings seem really out of place in LOTFP. I would like to see those classes maybe turned into something else though, like dwarves could be reskinned as barbarians, halflings as rangers, and elves as fighter/mage types (which could fill a void left with the cleric class being absent and make playing an Elric type character possible).

Does anyone have any info pertaining to these questions or the new edition?