Topic: Cleric Turning Undead

I like that Clerics can no longer just turn undead all day long. But I feel like making it a first level spell (competing with cure light wounds) is too painful of a choice, especially for a referee using LotFP for a more "traditional" D&D game.

Has anyone thought of any good midway points between unlimited turning and 1st level spell? I thought maybe you can turn until you fail and then you cant turn for the rest of the day.

Re: Cleric Turning Undead

You could always go with a cleric being able to turn 1/per level every day. Or can tun once at level 1, and gain an additional turn at 3,5,7,9 etc.

Your idea for turning until they fail (in game meaning their faith was shook and can no longer attempt with meditation/rest) works really well too.