Topic: Am I being stupid?

I just got my box in the mail a few days ago. It's a great game but I have been looking through the spell decriptions and I can't find an entry for the level nine MU spell 'Lost Dweomer'

Am I being stupid? I have gone through a few times and it is possible that I am having a brain-spasm and just missing it. Or possibly the effects are described in the context of another spell or elsewhere in the game?

Apoligies if this is just a foolish mistake on my part.

Re: Am I being stupid?

No, you're not being stupid.  I haven't received my hard copy of the game yet but I noted the absence of the spell in the .pdf when I downloaded it and posted about it in the errata thread.  I guess by then it was too late to fix the print version.



Re: Am I being stupid?

I just looked up the word 'Dweomer' and discovered it basicaly means 'magic'.

So there is a spell called 'lost magic' and it has no desciption.

And it has only just occured to me that this is probably a Ragi-esque joke and that in fact I am being stupid after all.

I will try and think of a cool description for the legendary missing spell and perhaps win back a thin sliver of my self respect.