Topic: New LotFP releases!

The new LotFP books are live!

US Store:

EU Store:

If you buy the Deck Of Weird Things enter coupon code WEIRD for free shipping on your entire order!

Product Summary & State of the buisness blogpost: … 6d&m=1

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Re: New LotFP releases!


Re: New LotFP releases!

Ordered a shirt and "Big Puppet" from the EU store. Let´s see how shipment works out in times like these smile

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Re: New LotFP releases!


I have a feeling it will take a LOOONG time, he had to get all new boxes, and has to wait for them to arrive before he can even start packaging, and then he has to transport them himself, then they have to get through a worldwide pandemic. It all basically sounds like a LotFP adventure in and of itself! wink

Have you looked through the PDF of Big Puppet yet? It looks pretty incredible - unlike any other LotFP module thus far. (I'm saving my first read through for when I get the book in hand, though...)