Topic: Announcing...

LotFP at SPIEL19 in Essen!
October 24-27 2019
Hall 6 Booth 6L114

The last three convention stops for LotFP resulted in RECORD SALES and
we're looking to continue the streak at SPIEL!

Our sales gimmick this time? WE ARE OVERSTOCKED! A big ol' pallet with
no way of getting it home. So we are not selling books with individual

We will have a scale on site, and WE ARE SELLING BY WEIGHT! The more you
buy, the cheaper it costs per kilo! Here's how it works:

Up through the first kilo of weight, we charge 6€ per 100 grams.

For the second kilo of weight, we charge 4€ per 100 grams.

And after the second kilo, we charge just 2€ per 100 grams.

All prices are VAT inclusive, and this offer includes EVERYTHING at the
booth! Everything we have in stock at the LotFP Webstore will be present
at the booth, as well as the items that debuted at Gen Con, plus a couple of other things we'd sold out of here but were kept in storage elsewhere!

And to encourage you to add juuusssttt one (or three) more books to the
pile, while we will be rounding up to the nearest 100 grams on the first kilo, if you're buying more than one kilo we will round DOWN to the nearest 100 grams!

So if you were to buy one of everything at our table at normal prices (not counting t-shirts), it would cost 469€. But under our pay-by-weight
offer here, at 7.25kg it would cost you just 204€... a 57% discount!

So come pick up all the new stuff, fill out your collection with the
back catalog, and TAKE THESE BOOKS AWAY FROM US!

We take cash and Paypal!"

Royal Decree by the King