Topic: 2e Playtest Rules—How to use Demihumans and Clerics?

I will be launching a new campaign in a couple of weeks and would really like to try out the playtest rules offered in Eldritch Cock. The campaign I’m about to launch, however, will be set in Zack’s world of Vornheim, so I want to keep the Dwarves, Elves (White and High), and Halflings around. Any ideas on how best to do that in a manner consistent with the playtest rules offered in EC?  And relatedly, suggestions for how to manage clerics? I know that James Raggi has promised rules for all of this in a future 2e appendix, but alas, we’ll likely be waiting some time for that and would like to see what I can do for this new campaign in the meantime.

Re: 2e Playtest Rules—How to use Demihumans and Clerics?

I would say just give them the extra skill points after character creation, give elves a random spell or two from the spell lists. Keep anything that doesn’t contradict the playtest rules and ignore what does.

I still use clerics with the new rules, and I have them operate identically to Magic-Users except:
-make magic saves using WIS instead of CHA
-they choose a religion or deity and use a holy symbol or book instead of spell book

If it’s important to your campaign that clerics have access to cleric spells, then you could easily just keep them like in the core book.