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I love the weird new magic system! But most spells don't have a miscast chart for 1-6. I have not made one for each spell, but I have made them for schools of magic. So when a player miscasts, I look at what school their spell falls under and roll on the appropriate table.
Here they are:

1) illusion - caster and friends present believe the spell was successful
2) Target is polymorphed into same race as caster.
3) Caster is polymorphed into same race as target.
4) Caster is polymorphed into same appearance as Target
5) Random foe is target
6) Random Friend is target
7+ as in VAM

1) There is no information to obtain
2) Opposite Information
3) False information
4) Accurate information about something else.
5) Caster Experiences the Rapture
6) a torrent of true information delivered rapid fire about everything.
7+ as in VAM

1) Spell affects 1/2 HD as normal
2) Spell affects Random foe
3) Spell affects Random friend
4) Spell affects Caster
5) illusion - caster and Friends believe the spell worked
6) Spell reversed
7+ as in VAM

1) Cast at 1/2 level.
2) Random Foe is target
3) Random Friend is Target
4) Caster is target
5) Cast at 2x level
6) Cast a 10x Level.
7+ As in VAM

1) illusion appears to have failed, but only to the caster
2) illusion succeeds, but only for the caster.
3) illusion appears, but only for the caster and harasses the caster, preventing dispelling, spell casting or concentration until sleep is gained.
4) illusion appears, but only for the caster and is sentient. It speaks in a language the illusionist understands. The illusionist is often seen conversing with this illusion than no one else can see. It takes up a retainer spot. It can also betray you . . .
5) The illusion appears, and is a solid, sentient, creature with HD equal to the illusionist's level. It attacks the illusionist and his companions.
6) illusionist experieces the Rapture.
7+ as in VAM

Necromancy miscast chart

1) Caster saves vs poison or dies
2) As if "Electric Grave" were cast on the Caster
3) Corpse becomes a Lich, twice the level of the caster who is hostile to the caster. (if no corpse is available, the Lich is summoned to the caster from elsewhere)
4) "Raise the Dead" is Miscast. The Dead do not ignore the caster.
5) Caster and his companions all become Sentient undead, similar to Liches. They do not gain spellcasting abilites.
6) Caster is "Harm"ed. (loses all but 1d4 hit points)
7+ as in VAM

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These pair nicely with the latest school I'm assembling.

Consider them yoinked!