Topic: Sullen and Sick they Shall End!

A long time ago I wrote up some diseases. My current LotFP group has entered the Pilgrimage of Hunger (but is unlikely will not stay in the Veins of the Earth). I guess this is a good place to have them catch a strange disease, especially if they fight a monster down there that is able to harm them with tooth or nail.

Which should I use on them? They have no cleric/healer with them...

1# Yellow Wound Rot: Wounds do not heal naturally but ulcerate quickly and cause a fever (no non-magical healing; -1 penalty to all rolls as long as there are lost hit points).

2# White Weep Skin: large patches all over the skin swell and turn sickly white (1d8 point of attribute damage to CHA; max hit points reduced by 2).

3# Jointburn: all joints swell, ache and inflame (DEX bonus is reduce to -3, Initiative is halved).

4# Purple Stains: the skin at the sides of the neck, at the arm pits and at the loins becomes deep purple, like a hematoma ( -2 penalty on all Saves vs. Poison, and a -3 penalty on all Saves vs. Diseases).

All these diseases may be cured by a physician and 2d4 (minus CON bonus) days of rest, or by magic/super-science. Before they are cured, the attribute damage cannot be healed.

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