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The following used to be a post on my blog in during 2017. But if you have not met Valeria till now, it should be easy to introduce her into your ongoing game smile

Meet Valeria

The characters may or may not have heard stories of the ghost of Valeria: the young woman disappeared while gathering mushrooms and was never seen again. But her ghost does and brings bad luck to everybody she sets her eyes upon.

A randomly determined PC will see a woman with long brunette hair in a long, white dress that stands in the wood next to the road, about 45´ away from it. Although she is not near the character is able to perceive her face with impossible and eerie clarity: she looks the PC straight into the eyes with an empty expression. From one moment to the next, she is gone like she would have never existed at all. But the character knows exactly where she stood just the moment before (a fact the GM should stretch to the player once).

Valeria was raped, killed and later buried in a shallow grave. Her ghost appears to show the people where her remains can be found. A character that looks around at the spot she appeared at will find a human finger bone with a successful Search test (the bone was dug up by a wild animal). If the PC start to dig up the earth, they will be able to recover most of Valeria´s remains. Once those have been handed to a priest for a proper burial her soul can find rest. A PC that sees Valeria but does not help her, will be cursed by Valeria´s ghosts: the PC will have to re-roll the next successful Saving Throw once.

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