Topic: Looking for cock!

Well, before you start to make photos of your (shapely?) piece, let me explain that I am talking about a PDF version of the announced FreeRPGDay supplement "Eldritch Cook". I know it is out in print, I know it is yellow with a rooster on its cover, I don´t know if there is a PDF version already and/or how to get it.

...and surprisingly, internet search engines have not been overly helpful here, either!

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Re: Looking for cock!

It's not out on PDF yet. The best way to "check" is to just go to the LotFP main site: and see if it's been updated there (ie, Eldritch Cock is listed with the other free books).

Subscribing to Raggi/LotFP on G+ is the only real way to get up to date news - he'll likely announce that it's available on there before anywhere else.