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Hi all,

I hope James doesn't mind me posting this here!

I put together an edited version of the Grindhouse character sheet, including a couple of changes:

- Added a "Spells & Magic" section, for recording both spells and magic effects / items / curses, etc. I made it as large as I could, because magic effects can be complex.

- I removed the Magic-User and Cleric pentagram things (they looked cool, but my players rarely used them), and replaced them with the "Languages" section.

- Added a section for recording "oversized" items.

- Merged "Properties" and "Investments"

- Changed various spellings to British English.

LINK: … sp=sharing

EDIT 1: The old file was 795k. I added compression and it's now 143k (less than the original grindhouse character sheet). The logo loses some definition, but I can't tell the difference when printing.

EDIT 2: Recompressed the image. It's now 243k, but the image is much better quality.

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