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I haven't seen any news on the Referee screen  from the rule book funding thing. I'm wondering what's going on with that.

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I also want to know about this

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Seems like there's no one wanting to tell the truth here.
That's sad...
It's a Crowdfunding branch of forum and its supposed to be loyal to the users.

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Well, the art for it is done, since that was shown during the crowdfunding campaign.

I think it's safe to assume that we won't see, or hear, much of the referee screen until the referee book is in it's final stages (as in, all the rules are set in "stone" and no more editing is to be done). Seems near impossible to finish them in the reverse order.

However, another possibility is that we might not see the referee screen until the new edition of the Rules & Magic book has been finished, or at least finished enough that the referee screen won't contradict whatever new rules are used in that.

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure the referee screen is a low priority for James (and most OSR GMs in general) as rolling dice in the open is preferred. Also, the revision of the Rules & Magic book is years off, and apparently people are already quite concerned about this referee screen, so, that puts the odds heavily in favor that it will just come out at the same time as the Referee book and "who cares if it meshes with the new Rules and Magic book or not, let's just get this thing out ASAP" will be the prevailing attitude.

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yeah, Ref screen will go to press same time as the Ref book (and the slipcase will need to wait until both parts of the Ref book, including the monster book), are done. Doing everything I can to get all that stuff wrapped up this summer.