Topic: Totally unofficial LotFP crowdfunding

So I came across a kickstarter today that is not being published by LotFP but uses its rules base etc. … s?ref=recs

Anyone come across any other LotFP 3rd party products for funding?

I'm not affiliated with the KS, I just figured some of you would want to know about it, as I know I sure want to know about compatible products.

Re: Totally unofficial LotFP crowdfunding

which type of product is dis??

Re: Totally unofficial LotFP crowdfunding

It is a marine type campaign setting with the same weird aesthetic LotFP goes for.  I get the vibe of old lighthouses and ships mixed with squids and barnacles growing on everything.  Like if all of society looked like the bottom side of the pier.  Of course this is only my guess as it hasn't been released yet.