Topic: Rules question about Architecture, Climbing etc.

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I have a rules question regarding

Architecture, Bushcraft, Climbing, Languages, Search, Sleight of Hand, Sneak Attack, Stealth and Tinkering:

Are those "1 out of 6" chances modified by Ability Boni? From what I got "Open Doors" is modified by the Strenght Bonus and the Intelligence Bonus modifies "Languages" (or isn´t it so?). But what about the others? I found no clue about this in the Player Core Book, but was wondering.

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Re: Rules question about Architecture, Climbing etc.

If you go purely by RAW, only Languages and Open doors are modified, rest arent'.
I think it depends solely on how good you want Specialist to be compared to other classes, but it's reasonable to rule that the Ability modifiers do affect other skills too.

Which modifiers should affect which skills then? Depends on the task, when Climbing I have used Strenght, if the character is simply climbing up a wall, but DEX if he has to operate a slippery vine or the like. Similarly Bushcraft can get a bonus from DEX, if you are hunting or INT if you need to identify a plant.