Topic: Better than Any Man adventure using Savage Worlds at GenghisCon in Den

Hi all, if you find yourself in Denver over (U.S.) President's Day Weekend (Feb 14-17), I'll be running a Savage Worlds version of parts of Better than Any Man.

The site is here: … dayview=Sa

In one of the other threads on this site, I posted some of the pregens for it, including Alice, The Flame Princess and Melissa

Savage Worlds: Solomon Kane: Better Than Any Man
Hosted by Marc Gacy
Rumors are trickling in that the small town of Karlstadt may be able to stem the tide of war. Moving through the area just ahead of the advancing army, followers of the Path of Kane have heard the rumors and decide to find out for themselves. Can this be true? What's the catch? This game is a liberal retelling of the Free RPG Day adventure Better Than Any Man from Lamentations of the Flame Princess using Savage Worlds - Solomon Kane rules. Rules Taught. Beginners Welcome. Characters Provided.
5155.1 SAT 07:00PM - 11:00PM