Topic: New to LotFP - where to start

I'm new to LotFP and since there is no book catalogue I can find, I need some guidance.

So there is one core book, one referee book and the rest are all adventures? Is there a setting book? Or a bestiary?

Which books are necessary or recommended to play the game? I'm only interested in printed books, not pdf's.

What are the best adventures (still in print)? Is there an underground adventure to combine with veins of the earth?

Can you still get the tutorial book?

Thanks for getting me started.

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Re: New to LotFP - where to start

The only core book you can get in print right now is the Rules & Magic. The tutorial book is not available in print.

I know you said you don't want PDFs, but all of the PDFs offered for free on LotFP web page are great:
-Referee Book = the other core book
-Eldritch Cock and Vaginas Are Magic = collections of spells and new rules

There are also a number of free adventures:
-Better Than Any Man (phenomenal!)
-Stranger Storm (in the Referee book mentioned above)
-Slugs (bestiary!)

The best thing to buy in print as a starter is the Fire Adventure Anthology, as it contains 4  adventures written by James Raggi, including Tower of the Stargazer, which is a great starter adventure for new Referees and players.

After that, I'd say both the other Adventure Anthologies are essential, along with Death Frost Doom.

From there, I'd say buy according to your interests.

There is no official bestiary (but there will be one with the new Referee book coming later this year).

There is no official underground adventure for Veins of the Earth (although you could pick up Deep Carbon Observatory to complement it, but that's not officially LotFP).