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Hi again all,

This question is a little easier than all the others i've asked...i think. wink

If you were to run LotFP for a bunch of folks who had no idea about D&D (or role-playing in general), how would/could you rename the Saving Throws into something anyone could "grok" without the need to retain any nostalgia?

Eg. Dodge, Area Affect (already there), Traps, Spell Affects (already there), Toughness, etc etc etc

I am hoping to run an after hours game at my work, and as such want to possibly rename them for ease of understanding for those who have never played an rpg at all before.


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You could call them A, B, C, D, and E. There's really no need for the players to know what they mean or what they're for - it's the Referee that calls for the saving throws and notifies players which category to use. As long as they can find it on their sheet, I don't see what difference it makes.


KO/Death, Movement, Area Effect, Items, Spells

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Thanks Jim, that will help.

I know i could just go , "hey make a save against A", but i don't see the harm in given the names a little flavour that they can still understand the meaning of.

On an aside, as i don't really want to start another thread on the subject, something i noticed while converting some monsters from other OSR sources was that LotFP (of the ascending AC games) uses the highest base unarmoured target number (12) and moves up from there to 14, 16 and 18. The others tend to use 10, with the odd one using 11 and move up by 2's from that starting point. So I was just wondering if this anything i should take into account when converting? Was there a concious decision to do this, and if so may i ask why? My original guess was that LoTFP isn't expecting too many magical armours, shields etc as written, so made the base a little higher, but this was just a guess of course. It could also just as easily be that those numbers just felt right to you in play. smile

Thanks again.

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Base AC of 12 threw me off a bit, too, at first.  But I assumed that since the game seems to favor a post-renaissance time-period, having a base AC of 12 encourages lightly armored, swashbuckler-type characters and reduces the need for heavy armor. 

And to avoid starting a new thread: am I reading the rules correctly that a Strength bonus is used only for the Hit Bonus and does not add to the damage roll?



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That is correct.