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Ok, delete this if I am being an idiot again; I have the Rules and magic book 1. I can't find anything on Morale and loyalty checks outside of having to "make a check" How does this system work? I imagine it is likley in the GM's guide in the grindhouse/deluxe edition.

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To quote from the Grindhouse Referee book:

"Morale: Unthinking, fearless monsters should be Morale 12.  Cowardly, sniveling creatures should be about 5 or 6.  Your "average" fearsome, courageous monster should be about 9."

On page 60 of the Rules and Magic book, under "morale," it explains that you roll 2d6, if the roll is equal to or less than the morale of the monster, than it's willing to stay and fight (therefore, a monster with morale of 12 will stay and fight to the death no matter what...)  There are then some additional rules about when to make the checks, modifiers, retainers, etc.

Re: Morale and Loyalty.

Thanks Crunk!

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