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I'm reskinning lotfp as all human for a sword and sorcery themed campaign set in a version of hyperborea.

I'm reskinning Dwarves as Cimmerean type barbarians. Instead of the larger HD (d10) and the Enc bonus encouraging heavier armour/more gear I was considering a rule change to encourage them as non/lightly armoured barbarian style.

Would adding their Con modifier to their AC (stacking or not stacking with dex?) do the job? (replaces extra equipment allowance).

My other thought was to let them ignore 1's taken in damage (replaces larger HD but better represents "toughness" in play)

or increase their crit range to 19-20 (18-20?) which doesn't step on the Fighters BtH toes but makes barbarians scary to fight.

Others seem easy- Picts as Halflings
Nobles (all with a hideous bloodline secret) as elves
Sorcerors replace mages/clerics.
Specialists stay.

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It doesn't sound like they'll have much in common with the Dwarf stats at all by the time you finish. Maybe leave the Dwarf stats as is and make them Stygian slaves or something? They have encumbrance bonuses and CON from working in mines and building grand Stygian towers, lugging stone blocks all the time.
Maybe just create a fresh class for barbarians/Cimmerians.

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My barbarian goes like this - … arian.html

It's more of an angry rage barbarian than a Fafhrd or a Conan though.

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If you want to make barbarian class to favour going without armour, you may give barbarian character +1 to AC and melee AB per encumbrance point unused. So a character with 4 ENC would have base AC 12 and base AB 1, while a barbarian with 0 ENC would have base AC 16 and base AB 5. Just an idea. The downside of the system is that barbarian begins play rather powerful, but there's really nothing to gain with experience, except HP.

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