Topic: Upgrading?

From the take my money please department.

Like a strange fungus from beyond LotFP products have grown on me.  I bought quite a few of the products as .pdf from the webstore, and now wish I had gotten the hard copy.  Is it possible to get the cost of the .pdf as credit to buying the hard copy/pdf from the webstore?

Re: Upgrading?

This sounds completely reasonable on the surface.

However, in practical terms, it's a bit complicated.

This would have to be manually done, as in a unique coupon manually created for each customer who wanted to do this.

That really sounds like a potential "I'll never get anything else done ever" situation if it catches on as a thing to do, and open up "Well I bought PDFs and then hardcopies before this offer so can I get a refund?" situations and in general would make me pull my hair out.

Any suggestions to getting this done without me hating the job, the customers, and ever being born, will be listened to.