Topic: Idea for adventure - Harvester, the video game

I don't know if you guys are aware of this piece of gore a goofiness that is Harvester.

If you don't know it, go check it out on youtube. There are many videos. I would advice you to go see the Retsupurae videos of it, as I find their humour a fine one. But the point with this post is talking about the idea of the game and how it suits Lotfp, in my opinion. Also, there will be spoilers about the game.


Ok, the game is about a virtual reality created by people who want to create serial killers. The virtual reality simulate a place so horrible as to dessensetize those inside of it for the act of murdering. It creates a town full of horrible, twisted people, that do horrible twisted things and don't even realize it. That premiss reminded me of Prembooktonshire, although Harvest is worst in terms of how open the gore and cruelty is. In Pembrooktonshire, the violence is beneath the surface, normally.

So, translating that idea to lotfp, we could have mages from a death cult (we could use the Duvan'Ku) creating an ilusory world upon victims as to twist and destroy theirs personalities, tending them towards becoming serial killers. The adventure could begin with the players already inside the virtual reality, not nowing that it is one, or they could be lured by the mage telling them about a job and saying something like "I will teleport you there, please, sit here". Another possibility for the virtual reality could be strange and weird science from beyond the stars, applied by either the death cult or maybe aliens, whose motivations for creating human serial killers are beyond the scope of human understanding.

The meat of the adventure would be surviving the virtual reality. At this point, the adventure could simulate many possibilities. it could be some kind of parody of 'Saw', with the players having to do sick survival games. It could be like Silent Hill, where they should solve puzzles while being compressed by the evil in the town. But the adventure should test the psychic resistence of the players. It should be not really about frightening them, or even horrifying them, but to bend their sense of justice. To open a door, you will have to gut a child and get the key on her stomach. When you climb the rope at the dungeon, you hear the scream of an innocent, as the rope is attached to a machine that, when you pull it, his bones are slowly being ripped apart. Actions they do should have consequences of suffering and pain against innocent. Heroism, most than all, should be rewarded with hopelessness and ironic fail. So, you saved the child at the cost of your arm? Good, but the child was a demon, and now the whole family who abandoned her is dead. How do you feel now?

To escape the virtual reality, you have to go to the bottom of it and surpass all the chalenges and do all the nasty things. At the end, should be a boss. The death cult wants not only serial killers, but strong serial killers. So, the boss serves as a mean for testing strenght - and a good dramatic resource to end an adventure, at least in my opinion. When the players awaken, the mage should be gone, or they could be alone in a hill. There should be no way for them to know what happen, although they could try to puzzle it out. Also, during the adventure, while in the virtual reality, maybe some saves for Magic could be done, so they could se the reality flickering, maybe see themselves in the room with the mage. But that could spoil the mood. If one of the players believe that this is an ilusion, they might be allowed some test to disbelieve, but, even if they disbelieve, the virtual reality can only be escaped by going all the way down. So, the player who is having the visions of the truth behind the ilusion might think of himself becoming crazy.

The aftereffects of the adventure should have the players making saves of Magic, and maybe some saves could happen during keypoints of the adventure. This save will see if their personality was twisted or not by the virtual reality. If one should fail the test, a randon roll should assign an insanity for him. The insanity should be something that makes the players want to do horrible things. For example: "When you eat human flesh, receive +1 in all attacks that day. If you eat the flesh of someone still alive, receive +3"; "When you brake the heart of someone with hard words, become immune to all mind effecting magic through the day" ; "When you torture a creature to a crowd of innocents, gain +1d100 x your level xp. If you torture a human, gain 100 x your level".

Those insanities should tempt the players on doing them. Another possibility is that, besides having a choice option, they should have a compulsory one. So, for example, the cannibal one should have a text saying "you must eat human flesh at least once per week, or suffer -3 in all attacks" besides the other one.

And, after it all, the adventure could give seed to others. What about the Duvan'Ku and that plan of creating serial killers?  Are other mages doing the same thing? There could be many doing that, creating serial killers for centuries. Maybe each mage has it's own reality. One is silent hill, other is saw, so on and so forth. Maybe the mage has it's soul inside the virtual reality and, to be destroyed, he must be defeated at his own ilusion. I don't know, but those are ideas.

What do you people think? Any ideas? I'm interested in writting and developing it, would anyone join me and make some drawings and editing, since I'm bad at both of it, haha. Besides, english not being my mother tongue makes me prone to make mistakes, and having people helping to write is not a bad idea.