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Big kudos for all the fun "PDF only" features like the randomization. Like the adventure itself, it sets a new standard for PDF interactivity!

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Downloaded it before work will read it after class, though I did skim through it. From what I have seen I an really going to enjoy this.

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I tend to take ridiculously good care of my books, but I've been constantly flipping through this one since I got it and it's starting to get worn already. I'm steadily working on my conversion to Savage Worlds and giving a shot at some 3D tiles! Can't wait for my party to walk through this one (hope you recognize it!):

I'll be sure to show you the final product smile. You don't mind if I convert this to Savage Worlds / release it (free of course) by the way, do you?

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That model reveals more than the players should know when first encountering it.

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You're right, I'll be remaking it to have a smooth look to makes it look like it's just a smooth layer of liquid coating the floor or just narrate that section.

Edit: Updated tiles: Still need to finish up the oil room.

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So I have been reading and re-reading through this adventure during the day, and the Game of Joy, wow, The Joy is one sick wench! I really like the Reminder's creature though as it will surely exasperate some of my players. I'm honestly not entirely sure they are ready for this sort of game. It will definately throw them for a loop thats for sure. I like it and am looking forward to running it whether they like it or not as it will surely test their limits.

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So now I'm going to have to find and audio book for the Cantebury Tales in spanish because of this.

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Hi all!

Just read LotFP Rules & Magic this week, got a few adventures after falling for it.

I've only just started reading Better Than Any Man, and after reading the historical context (real world) of the setting, I've got a question:

How would you all (and especially James) see Clerics fitting into this alternate history setting. For the PCs specifically. Do you see them as Christians endowed with religious powers because of their faith? Or believers in old pagan gods? Or something strange and original?

I ask because whatever the response, the conflicts and themes of Better Than Any Man are going to hit Clerics very hard. Especially on how the religious framework is set up for them. (Are they Catholic? Protestant? Or some ur-Christianity or mystical order?)

So, James, how did you envision Clerics working in this setting? And anyone else?

I understand I can do anything I want with it, of course. But I'm looking for a handle on James' original intent for this.


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The "evolution" of the LotFP presentation is a little weird.

Cross-compatibility across the OSR is important, but that does kind of clash with the more historical setting I'm using lately.

Clerics totally work as nobody asks these questions. wink

But I see Clerics not as clergy, but more like fanatics. In Christianity, Joan of Arc and Matthew Hopkins would be Clerics.

But in my own games, not only do I not use demi-humans at all anymore, I also don't have NPC Clerics at all. Not a one. Still allow them as PCs though.

After the current workload is completed, the next thing will be a magic supplement that reworks things. It'll be a totally optional thing, and one of the options is the total elimination of the Cleric class.


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That's kind of what I suspected. And cool. My brain can make sense of the different (sometimes conflicting) elements of LotFP and BTAM now.

I was actually thinking of porting a lot of your terrific module work into a more fantasy based setting with a solid base of historical Germany/Scandinavia, a sort of Warhammer Fantasy setting but with rules that don't drive me nuts. A dark land, with all the weirdness, the dwarves and elves at the edges of the world, unseen by most humans. (No Halflings, however.) The Demi-humans *are* part of the weirdness. But, of course, there are stranger and darker things than them.

I'd build analogues for Christianity (with the Church, the Reformation, the whole bit) as well as the old pagan Wotonic and Nordic gods lurking about weakly. It is an age of men, but the age of men is hard. The moral and rational thinking is often frail against the dark, old powers man is trying to both leave behind and forget. The faith of The Sacrificed Son offers hope to some, but people themselves keep cocking it up.

Players, then, could play Clerics from several traditions, each having a stake or point of view on the shenanigans of faith, staking out their character's take on *their* point of view on what it means to be of one faith or another or their take on their god.

Just mulling at this point.

Thanks for the reply. It's giving me a bit more to think about.

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JimLotFP wrote:

After the current workload is completed, the next thing will be a magic supplement that reworks things. It'll be a totally optional thing, and one of the options is the total elimination of the Cleric class.


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