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Just got the shipping bill for December, some other administrative expenses have gone up for 2012, and adjustments are needed if you want me to continue to bring you absolutely top notch RPG material.

Free EU shipping in the LotFP store ends 1pm Helsinki time Thursday January 12. If you're in the EU and want to still take advantage of no shipping charges, order before then.

When I first opened the LotFP store, I only had smaller books and I didn't have many European customers at all, and it was no problem to offer free shipping to try to help interest along over on this side of the ocean.

Now that the releases are sometimes bigger (talking about the LotFP box and Carcosa) and European orders account for a full third of my business now.  Shipping costs are adding up in terms of both actual euros and as a percentage of a book's cost.

It's not just my bottom line I'm worried about. I started releasing works by others last year on a profit-sharing basis, so when 1/3rd of the price of a book disappears in shipping, Geoffrey and Zak and whoever else will see release through LotFP are eating that cost too if it's their books being ordered.

However, I have made a decision that larger orders will have free shipping (tracking number included). The threshold for free orders will be 140€ for non-European orders and 125€ (pre-VAT) for orders to Europe. If you order that much stuff, then we can afford to eat the cost between however many releases there are in the order.

I will still offer free shipping to Finnish addresses, just because I live here and it's awesome and if you have a problem with that, move to Finland so you can take advantage of the free shipping too. big_smile

Questions? Comments?

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And what about shipping to France ?

Re: Free EU Shipping to End

aesdana wrote:

And what about shipping to France ?

It will cost a few euros more for French shipping due to whatever is going on with the postal service there. The exact amount will vary by the weight of the order.

I don't like singling out one country like that, but there seems to regularly be problems there that happen nowhere else, so I can't really ignore it. Hell, even with the tracking numbers there are cases where it says "delivery attempted" but no notification of this was left with the customer so they had no idea - without that tracking we'd have no idea what was going on.