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I just got my physical Grindhouse Edition box set in the mail.  I must say that I'm really impressed.

However, I'm a bit worried about the binding.  I was wondering if anyone who used it at the table was having any trouble with it.

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I've had no problems.



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The books were printed by one of the top printing houses in Finland.

My personal play copy is also the same one I put out on display at conventions for people to look through... so over the past 7 months hundreds of people have had their paws on the books in addition to my using them for prep and play, and they are holding up just fine.

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That's good to hear!

Again I have to say that I'm utterly astounded by the quality of the physical product.  The rules are good too, of course, but after dealing with the soft backs of Labyrinth Lord and the S&W white box, I was expecting something much less physically impressive.

Well done.

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The only issue I have had is with the Grindhouse edition books.  The color printing on the spines began to wear off after only a month of use. This is almost always an issue with perfect bound color covers though, and not exclusive to LotFP.  I remember when the hacker zine 2600 went perfect bound from saddle stitched for a year and had the same problem.  They switched back to saddle stitch afterwards.

I covered the spines on all the books with a strip of packaging tape to prevent further wear. 

The answer is a hardcover LotFP, ha!!

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If only...