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I have started a new LotFP campaign. We had our first session last Sunday. We play at a store called Titan Games & Comics so I will call this group the Titan Gang.

The setting is Earth. The first scenario took place in June of AD1601.

I could use a few more players so if you are located near Atlanta, GA, USA then come by the store and introduce yourself. The next session will be November 13th (Sunday) at 1PM.

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I'll be using the Rules and Magic book pretty much as written. One change I will make is that PCs other than specialists can gain more skill points. The other classes will get one point at 2nd level and again at each even numbered level.

I'll be using an "alternate history" concept as part of the setting. Other than the main setting (Early Modern Earth) there will be numerous alternate timelines. There will be natural portals that allow transit between these worlds. The Earth of the main setting is only connected to one other world that I will call Nexus World. Not only are there humans on Nexus World but the demi-humans, as well. So, any demi-human in the main setting will have come through a portal to get there.

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1st session

The first scenario was set in England in the year AD 1601. I decided to use The God that Crawls. Anthony R. was playing a wizard. Walter C. was playing a cleric(Church of England). Andy R. was playing an elf. Two players did not show up (and probably will never be seen again) and they would have played a fighter and a dwarf. I had Anthony run the fighter and Walter ran the dwarf.

The party was hired by Rupert Greene to investigate a village church. Greene was a scholar of things arcane even though he was not a wizard. He had come across info in old books about strange circumstances (and strange artwork) at this particular church. He promised the PCs 25sp each if they could sniff out the real story. So, they left for the village called Three Oaks. I had decided that the road to the village ran past the back door. There would be a chance that they would spot the door through the foliage next to the road. They all rolled poorly and did not see it.

They went to the church, knocked on the door and were met by Timothy. He let them in then went to get Reverend Bacon. Bacon greeted them and the party indicated that they were travelers who wanted to stop to pray. He was glad to let them do it but they mentioned the paintings they could clearly see on the walls so he gave them a tour. After the tour, the party indicated the need for prayer so Bacon conducted them to the pews and went back to his chamber. The three boys were bustling about the church cleaning various things. While sitting the pews the party whispered a plot to distract the boys and have one party member look behind the curtain. Their roll to distract the boys was successful and the elf looked behind it to see the door on the right. He chose not to try to go through the door so as not to raise a ruckus. The party left the church.

Once outside, they determined that they had investigated enough and would head back to London to get the fee. Since they were retracing their route, they had another chance to spot the back door and they saw it this time. They approached the door and saw the sign. They thought that it could only be a ruse on the part of the locals and not really from the royal government. They removed the bar and opened the door.

I'll finish the account of session one in a day or so.

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continued account of session 1

They peered in to the passage. They light from outside let them see a chamber a short distance in and some strange residue on the floor. they moved in.

I had decided that anyone could do a passive Architecture roll just to see if they noticed something strange about the roof just beyond the door. If anyone made the roll then they could do a 10 minute exam with Architecture roll to figure what was up. Both rolls were made. They were able to figure out that they had between no minutes and 30 minutes before the collapse. They decided to risk it and go in. They went to the opened vault and found a small bag with a gem worth 150sp. They decided to go the way of  the lighter slime trail so they went a short distance, saw the various stairs and the unopened vault. They had a mallet, some iron spikes and a crowbar. They opened the vault and found a potion of light.

My plan was to have the god start at his lair and move randomly through the complex until it heard the party. I decided that it would need to be at least somewhat close to hear them opening a vault. If it was on a different level and the other side of the complex then it would not hear them.

So, they had opened one vault and had not yet seen any creatures. They were getting scared about the collapse and went back outside. They shut and barred the door. they waited for the collapse and heard it through the door.

I had rolled 4 turns for the collapse as soon as they opened the door. They spent 1 turn examining the roof/trap, part of a turn grabbing item from the first vault moving to second vault and 1 turn opening it. Then, they hustled out so they had a few minutes to spare.

I'll finish the story of session 1 soon.

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continuation of 1st session

The party went back to London and met with Rupert Greene. They gave him a report of the activities and he paid them each 25sp. He advised them to lay low for awhile. They waited a week and decided to go back to the underground complex to find more treasure.

They walked to the back door. They did notice one of the kids from the church had been sitting on the hill side keeping a watch on the back door. The kid ran back towards the church as soon as he saw them. They noticed that there were signs of much recent activity in front of the door including stone blocks and timbers. They opened the door again and saw the trap had been repaired. they closed the door and started moving around the base of the hill and staying in the wooded lower slopes. When they got to the other side of the hill, they moved up closer to the clear area at the summit but stayed the the underbrush to hide. They saw Bacon and some villagers mustering at the front door to the church. Some of the villagers had farm implements. A few of them had swords. And, two of them had wheellock rifles.

The party decided to move away from the hill and toward London. They tried to stay out of view of the folk of Three Oaks and move across country. Eventually, they got back to London. They decided to tell Greene about their second venture. He was quite agitated by this turn of events. He advised them to get out of London and maybe even out of the country. He indicated that he would be leaving London for a little while.

So, we finished the session with the assumption that the party members would be heading North away from London to other parts of England.

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Second Session

Whereas the first scenario took place in June of AD 1601, the next one happens in October of AD 1601.

Same three players (and character allotment) as last time. See above for details.

They wandered the countryside for a few months making their way the best they knew how (but that's just a little bit more than the law would allow).

They wound up in Liverpool. The wizard had sent letters to Rupert Greene. Greene let him know of an acquaintance named Charles Rutherford who resided in Liverpool. Greene hinted that Rutherford might need someone to hire. They made contact with a somewhat suspicious Rutherford. After Rutherford verified info about the party, he did indeed offer to hire them.

He met them in the private room of a tavern along with two bodyguards. Rutherford told them that he had a box that contained a demon. He showed them the box and it seemed made of remarkable workmanship. It looked like it was made of a somewhat strange looking metal but it seemed to have little, opaque red glass windows.

More on this session later.

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More on the Second Session

Rutherford talked to the box and it responded. The red glass windows would glow when it spoke. Rutherford indicated that the demon/box had provided much information to him. Whereas most folks in Britain thought the cosmos was roughly 6,000 years old based on the biblical account, the box had told Rutherford that it was more than 13 billion years old. It had told him about other star systems and the planets that orbited those stars. It told him about one planet in particular. It informed him that there was a vessel here on Earth that could transport Rutherford to this other world. Rutherford made a bargain with this demon/box to dig up the buried vessel and take the box back to the planet of its origin.

Rutherford told the PCs that the vessel was almost unearthed and ready for the journey. He said it was in a mountain side in the Pennine Range. He promised them 1,000 silver for each person if they would travel with him in the vessel to the other planet. They were to guard him and assist in his explorations. They agreed if he would give them 100 silver up front and give them a few days to get ready. Rutherford agreed and the deal was made.

I'll give more account of Session Two later.

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Continued account of session 2

A few days later they started travelling North. It took them three days to get to the mountain. There were workmen at the site unearthing the craft. It had a shape somewhat like a saucer on top of another saucer. Rutherford had the workmen exit the area after provisions and supplies were taken aboard the the craft. Rutherford was instructed by the demon/box to place it into a box sized depression on a surface of the interior. When he did so many lights illuminated in the interior of the craft. The surfaces of the central cabin became transparent and the occupants could see outside. The craft wrenched itself out of the mountain side and travelled up into the air. The passengers saw the surface receding. Soon the blue of sky became the black of outer space. They saw the curvature of Earth and moments later saw it as a diminishing sphere. The Sun became smaller and smaller by the moment. When the Sun was just a pinpoint of light, the craft shuddered and the view of the outside changed. Instead of seeing a dark field with points of light, they now saw a field of whiteness with small points of darkness. They travelled under these conditions for about an hour. Then, a shudder ran through the craft once again. The starfield looked again as it had at the beginning of the journey. The craft seemed to be approaching a star. Then, it seemed to be headed for a planet of that star. As it got closer to the planet, they could see that much of the world was purple in color. But, there were areas of beige or tan. there seemed to be blue seas and a northern and a southern icecap. The craft began to plunge down to the surface.

More about the 2nd session later.

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Here is more about session2.

For those who did not figure it out from the last post, I'm using the Carcosa supplement for the second scenario.

They landed on a metal platform. It seemed to be in a grassland area but the grass was purple (they had landed in hex 1410). rutherford began a conversation with the demon/box.  After a little bit of strange flashing lights from the box, it indicated that the platform would not provide enough power to return to Earth. Rutherford would have to take the box to another location on the planet. The box indicated it would take roughly seven days to walk there but the demon/box could guide them. The box indicated it needed to go to the Northeast (see hex 2301). The group left the craft to have a look around.

They saw that the platform was right next to a footpath running North and South. Looking to the South they seemed to see a gorge about half a mile away. They went there in investigate. The path took them right to the edge of the gorge where they found a basalt stairway leading down the slope to a huge metal bridge that spanned the wide river at the bottom. It seemed to them that there were a great many coins and gems scattered on the bridge. They also noticed that there were many cave openings on the walls of the gorge. They decided it was a trap and that they should avoid it. They went back to the craft, gathered their supplies and headed North on the foot path. After a couple of miles, they found that there was a path coming from the Northeast that intersected the path they were on. The demon/box told the to go Northeast and so they did. What they did not know was that there was an invisible monster at the crossroads and it began to follow them.

I'll give more info about session 2 soon.

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Here's more of session 2

They proceeded several miles and saw a village. They were now in hex 1510. The huts seemed primitive and they saw figures near the huts. The fighter went to closer to get a look. Some of the figures with stone-tipped spears approached. The fighter saw that they were not human but the were generally human shaped. They had grey skin and black eyes. They were nude and had no visible sex organs. The fighter heard a voice in his head telling him not to approach the village. So, he went back to the party at the path. They proceeded on the pathway. Rutherford asked the box about the creatures and it stated that they were the same kind that had created the demon/box and the craft. But, the ones in the village were a rebel faction that eschewed high technology.

About six miles after the grey village they came upon another village and the path went right through it. For certain reasons, I decided it would be a village of Purple Men rather than Dolm. They saw the village was in a bad state and saw many people use objects that looked like a hookah. They saw children obviously neglected. The demon/box translated the villagers speech to English and translated the Earthing's speech to the local tongue. The locals begged for any green lotus the strangers might have. Some offered sexual favors to get it. The party declined and hastened out of the place to continue their journey.

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More of the account of session 2.

After stopping for a midday meal, they travelled a couple of miles and the box directed them to follow an intersecting pathway that lead North. Now entering hex 1509, they walked four or so miles and saw a strange thing off the right. It was maybe a quarter of a mile away and looked like a lumpy pillar rising from the plain. Rutherford wanted to investigate so the moved towards it. As they got closer, they saw it was a huge mass of pulsating fungal growth. They only approached to a distance of 100 feet and could see some liquid spray out of the thing to a distance of 20 feet. They decided to go back to the path and proceed on the journey.

Only two miles past the fungus pillar they came to a castle occupied by Yellow Folk. The path ran right next to it. Some men armed with spears and shields came out to talk to them. They seemed surprised by the strange appearance of the group. They were especially interested in the elf with the pointy ears and squat figure of the dwarf. They called their cheiftan to come out and be conversed with the party about where they were going. He tried to barter for the demon/box but Rutherford refused and the chief did not press the matter. He eyed all the firearms the party was carrying and assumed they were like the weapons of the Greys. The party left to continue the quest. Right beyond the castle was a trail leading Northeast and demon directed the group that way.

They walked another four or so miles and it was getting dark so they made camp without trying to start a fire. During the night, the invisible monster attacked the person on watch. It had been following them since it first saw them. A fight ensued and the thing was quickly killed. The box informed them that it was a Child of Ny-Gor-At. The cleric cast a healing spell on the wounded
person and they tried to get more sleep.

That was the end of the second session.

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Same group of players.

The party roused and broke camp. They again followed the directions given by the demon/box. They walked on the trail going Northeast several miles(hex 1608) and came to a place where they could see an area devoid of both plant and animal. The near edge of the area was some 500 feet from the trail. It seemed to be circular in shape. There seemed to be a strange stone structure in the middle of the area and it was roughly half a mile away. One of the party decided to get a closer look. As they walked toward the building they started to fell light-headed and sick. The curious party-member went back to the group and they proceeded on their journey.

After maybe five miles, the came to a small mesa near the trail. It seemed a building had been atop it in the past but the side of the mesa collapsed and took part of the building with it. Some of the structure was still intact at the top. They could see some weird looking metal up there. They climbed up to investigate. They found the Proximate Transflector. Rutherford queried the box and it told them what the thing was and who built it. They characters had no idea what that meant. They did find the scroll tube. They continued the trek.

They kept on their journey and moved into hex 1708. They walked a few miles and the trail went close to a citadel containing Blue Men. Some Blue warriors came out to talk and ask the party's business in the Blue Folk's territory. As usual, they were curious about the party's strange appearance. Both sides remained peaceful and the Blues warned about the Ulfire slavers.

They party encountered a group of five slavers who ordered the party to submit and be taken captive. Violence ensued, one slaver was killed and the others lost morale and fled. There were four other such slaver parties nearby; Their distances ranging from half a mile to a mile. The Ulfire survivors made their way back to the chieften but he decided not to pursue.

The party walked several miles. They did not seem to be pursued so they made camp. They got up in the morning and travelled. They moved into hex1807 and saw the terrain becoming rougher. They began to wend their way through a boulder strewn area where they could not see far ahead. Some of the party noticed a large creature flying through the air a hundred yards to the left. The creature saw them. It flew to within fifty feet of them and perched atop a boulder. The Primordial One seemed to be scrutinizing them carefully but offered no violence. Neither did the party. They party slowly kept walking while looking over their shoulders. When it was out of sight, they picked up the pace.

I'll finish the account of session 3 at a later point.

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More about the 3rd session:

In the morning, the party continued on their way according to guidance by the demon/box. they walked several miles into hex 1907 and came to a large village of the Yellow folk. An outlying patrol of warriors met them and escorted them through the village since the party did not want to trade.

After walking a few more miles they saw a reptile that walked on large hind legs and had small fore limbs. It was as big as a hut. It was some distance off and the party tried to make sure it did not notice them. It did not. But, it did breath blue light at some other reptiles and they burst into flame. they screamed and dies and were eaten by the big lizard. The party snuck away from the distracted monster.

They pressed on into hex 1906. After a few miles, they were accosted by five of the Red folk who seemed to want to rob them. A fight ensued and one red man was killed. The others were frightened by the firearms of the party and fled. The other groups of Red brigands who were not too far off decided to find easier pickings elsewhere.

After walking a few miles, the party was ambushed by another Child of Ny-Gor-At. This was a large crustacean with feathers and no eyes. there was a fight that lasted awhile with the party finding it hard to damage the thing because of its hard carapace. Eventually, the killed it but not before it snipped the fighter in two with its pincer/claws. They buried his remains and proceeded on the journey. Yes, they looted his body.

The party walked several more miles and made camp. In the morning they, trekked further. After four or five miles, they came to a castle with Blue Men. It seemed like there were not many of them. Neither the party or the Blues offered violence they travelled further.

Only two miles down the trail they came to a strange building with a small number of Purple folk. The purples and their apparent leader tried to entice the party into taking up the worship of the Old Ones but the party was not interested in religious sermons. They kept walking.

As the party walked away from the monastery, we ended the 3rd session of our campaign.

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4th session of the campaign.

The party is still wandering across the planet that harbors a city called Carcosa while being led by a demon/box.

The same players from previous sessions (Andy R., Anthony R. and Walter C.) were there. We also had Jon S.-D. He was playing the dwarf that had been an NPC.

In my last posted I forgot to indicate that they had entered hex 1905.

At the beginning of the session they traversed into hex 2004. After a few miles, they spotted a group of allosaurs before they themselves were spotted. They wisely hi in the tall purple grass and let them wander off.

After several miles of following the trails indicated by the demon, they met the Brown man on the rock. They were polite to him and a long conversation ensued. the man told them many things about the planet and then they departed. A mile after meeting the wise man the camped for the night.

The next day, they moved into hex 2104. During the morning they passed both the pulse cannon and the sigil in the rocks. They spent only a little time examining each and then continued. They moved into 2203. After walking a few miles, they saw the Space Aliens standing on floating disks about half a mile away. They seemed to be searching for something in the grass. The party decided to try to avoid them and did so. Traveling another five miles, they came to the robot village and talked with the Bone sorcerer. He asked them to help him escape. He offered Space Alien technology (night vision goggles) in return. They indicated they would try to help him later then then left. They walked a few miles and made camp.

In the morning, the wandered into hex 2202. They walked few miles and were ambushed by a Child of Ny-Gor-At. Their firearms made quick work of it. It helps when every member of the party has guns. After another few miles they came to a village of Dolm men. They were very wary of the Dolms and did not fall prey to any scheme but left promptly.

They moved into hex 2201. After some time, they encountered the bone sorcerer with the fancy sword. He had a wagon being pulled by a small tricerotops and he had two Green slaves. He was cocky and arrogant. He demanded the party give over all their treasures to him. They told him to "fuck off" and fight ensued. Bad rolls on my part meant that they killed him even though he wounded the cleric but not with the special effect. The cleric took the strange bone-white sword. They freed the slaves who went off to the East.  After walking some distance more, they encountered another Child of Ny-Gor-At and killed it. then, they made camp.

In the morning, they set off and made their way into hex 2301. Walking only a little way in, they found the Space Alien facility to which the demon/box had been leading them. It led them to a metal door in the side of a low hill. The box opened the door for them and they entered. They found metal corridors and the demon caused parts of the ceiling to illuminate. They were attacked by creature that looked like three fleshy globes attached by fleshy ropes. They killed it easily as it had only HD1. It did not make contact with them so its contact poison was of no avail to it. Right before getting to destination room of the demon/box they were attacked by a Flying Dagger ( basically bat-shaped but with a bony spike at the front). They killed it and then went into the room.

I'll finish the account of session 4 soon.

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Here is more about session 4.

The demon/box told Rutherford to place it in a 2" deep hole in one of the metal panels in the room. Rutherford did so. The panels began to light up with strange lights, flashing and blinking. The demon told Rutherford that it had sent a signal back to the craft and that the craft would now gain power. then. It would fly to the party's present location. After a few minutes, the box informed them that the craft had arrived. They went outside and boarded the craft. Rutherford began consulting further with the box about what the craft could do. The demon told him that the craft could emit light that would burn through most materials and kill even large creatures.

They took the craft back along the path they had come. They stopped where the sorcerer was held captive by robots and used the craft to destroy the robots. The sorcerer gave them the goggles, as promised.

They went back to the gorge that was near the landing pad that they had originally alighted upon. They flew the craft down to the bridge and got out to collect some treasure. Some of the creatures in the wall of the gorge started flying around but the craft's weapon was used to destroy a few of them and the rest hid. Each of PCs was able to get 2,000 sp worth of treasure.

They then flew the craft back to Earth. Rutherford paid them each the 1,000 sp he had promised for the venture and they parted ways.

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Session 5

A new/old scenario for this session.

The events take place in June of AD 1602.

For this session the players were Anthony R., Walter C. and Jon S.-D. About half way through the session, a fellow who was shopping in the retail store came up and said "hi" to Walter. Walter knew him from other gaming situations. This would be Sam M. I cajoled him into joining the game and gave him the NPC dwarf. After the game, I invited him to join the campaign but I'm not sure if he will.

Andy R. could not be at this session. Since he is moving to Alabama, he might not continue in the campaign. We had talked of a telepresence option so his face may appear on a laptop at our in-person games. Maybe we can decorate the laptop so that he looks like Arnim Zola from Captain America fame. I assumed that his elf was not able to join the expedition.

The set up for the scenario is that the party was contacted by Charles Rutherford. He had been in correspondence with Rupert Greene. Rutherford learned about the party's venture to the church with strange artwork and tunnels under the hill. He came to the conclusion that the party had not taken full advantage of the place. He offered to use his amazing vehicle to transport the party to the village in the middle of the night when the villagers would all be asleep. In the months since the journey to the other planet, Rutherford had learned how to make the craft invisible for a limited amount of time. He only asked for 10% of all monies gained off the top. The party agreed.

So, the party flew back to the village in a flying saucer. A few days ahead of time, they had prepared a timber bracing system for the trapped door.

They went through the "Exchequer" door. This time they took the tunnel to the left. I had decided that the god would only hear them if it was reasonably close to their noise-making. They opened several of the vaults and got a few coins, a very valuable gem and two scrolls (one wizard scroll and one cleric scroll). Each scroll had many spells. Eventually the god came along. Despite the fact that it was obviously slow and could be outrun, they charged to fight it. The dwarf was killed in the fight and they eventually ran away. They left the tunnels and discovered that the god would not leave said tunnels. It just remained at the doorway watching them. Someone did rush out of the saucer and close the door.

The party flew away in the flying saucer.

End of session 5 and end of Return to the God that Crawls.

If all goes well, we will start Thulian Echoes at the next session.

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Here is the account of session 6.

Walter C. (cleric), Anthony R.(wizard) and Jon S.-D. (elf) were back for more. Sam M. did show up for another session. He had a wizard. Andrew M. was a new player and he had a fighter. Since the Roman times pre-gens numbered 6 I asked Rich R. to show up for just this one session.

So, the party was contacted by Rupert Greene about a chance to get hands on some treasure. When they got to his house in London they found that Charles Rutherford was there. Green had come across an account of treasure hunters who had journeyed to "Thule" around AD 152. He had contacted Rutherford with a plan to get a band of adventurers together to get what could be got. The idea is that Rutherford would provide transportation with his flying saucer. They could read the account in order to be prepared for the expedition.

At this point, I told the players to put away their PCs since we would play through the previous expedition in order to find out what happened.

More about session 6 later.

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Continued saga of session 6: Thulian Echoes

In the previous post, that should have been Rich B. rather than Rich R.

We randomly assigned the pre-gens to the players. I did a "fast forward" of the boat rude from Scotland to Thule. They looked around a little then headed for the volcanic spire in the middle of the island. They found the entrance without much problem and saw that it was a draw bridge. The engineer tied his grapple to his rope and swing it to catch the top of the bridge. He succeeded.    They told the ex-vigiles to pull the rope and the bridge came down about 1 to 2 feet then locked in place. They staked the rope to the ground on the near side and and the engineer shimmied up the rope to the top of the bridge. He clambered onto the bridge and looked in the gap. Enough daylight shone in for him to see floor and a winch on the wall. He slid down and released the winch lock. He lowered the bridge and the party crossed over. They moved into the foyer and saw the statues, the fountain the doors and the balcony. They examined the statues fairly closely. By now, they had ignited a lantern. The Pictish "ranger" used the rope/grapnel and swung the grapnel onto the balcony railing. He climbed up and looked around the balcony. Then he parted the curtain to see behind it and found that he needed a light source. If I remember correctly, they used the rope to get the lantern up to the balcony then ignited a torch for the folks in the foyer. The "ranger" looked at the stairway and the tunnel. he went downstairs to see the tunnel near the door. I think one of the foyer PCs opened the doors at that point.

I often have magical happenings be obvious due to some visual phenomena. When they opened the doors, the statues emitted a faint glow for a moment. They heard a faint creaking sound and someone noticed a statue's fingers move a tiny amount. Rich B. called for everyone to drag statues to the bridge and dump them in the moat. With 6 PCs, 4 ex-vigiles and 2 pictish fishermen, I figured they could do it before the 5 minute time limit. Having handled the golems, they began to treasure hunt in earnest. They
did pick up the gold bowl from the balcony.

I'll continue with session 6 later.

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Let's continue with session 6:

Note: they also took the curtain from the balcony.

Anyway, from the doors they went down the hall toward Room H. I assumed that the zombie-guards were only there to prevent dangerous things from the natural tunnels below from getting to the old wizard's complex. Thus, they did not attack when the party entered the room. The party examined the contents of the room. The map illustration shows a spear on the Ballista but the text says a round shot. I went with spear. The party took the spear off the ballista. For some reason, one of the party decided to just attack a zombie. At that point, the zombies responded and a brief skirmish ensued. The party handily destroyed the undead sentries. Someone took the key. They decided not to open the gate (yet). They proceeded down the hallway toward The Machine. They came to the supply alcove, took the silver spools and opened the chest.

Then, they went down the stairs to The Machine. I had decided that the bad air would do more gradual damage. They went into the circular hall a little way, looked at the gold floor plate and looked at the silver inlay on the walls. Rich had his ex-legionnaire try to pry silver from the wall with his dagger and he died instantly from electrical shock. they grabbed the body and moved up the stairs to where the air was not harmful.

I'll write more tomorrow.

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More about session 6

After dragging the body up the stairs they went to the stairway to explore the upper floor. The party headed toward Room I which means they would go through the lightning trap in the hallway. This was a different kind of thing than the electrified walls in The Machine. I decided to give them a chance at spotting the trap. I decided that there would be tiny copper needles in the wall from which the lightning would emit. They rolled well for perception and spotted the needles. The ex-gladiator rolled his round shield down the hall and set off the trap.

I'll try to finish write more later but right now I have 2 nine-week-old kittens cavorting around the keyboard.

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Two entries in one night! Yaaaay!

The kittens are elsewhere.

So, after avoiding the hallway lightning they approach Room I. They examine it without entering the dangerous part. They see the granite slabs with the razor sharp glass. They see the silver inlay of the walls. The party decides to turn around and see what else they can find.

They make their way over to Room F. they search awhile and see that it is just an old storage room with nothing but debris and detritus. The party then approaches the shrine. Standing at the doorway, they see the murals, the cube, the candles and the dagger. They enter the room. Some candles ignite and some shadow satyrs are created. They attack the party. The fight goes on a few rounds and more shadow satyrs are created. I think it was Walter (who plays a cleric) that came up with the idea of going in and knocking the candles off the cube. I decided that the candles had to be on the cube to work so his idea would pay off. After two rounds he managed to knock them all off so the shadow factory was closed for business. They destroyed the remaining enemy.

More about session 6 very soon.

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Here is more session 6 info

The party left the Shrine. They went back to Room H. They used the key from the guard-zombie to unlock the gate and proceeded down the natural tunnel. they did not touch the plants. after going about 50' and around a bend they saw worker-zombies harvesting the plants. Since the workers did not attack, the party scooted around them and kept going down. After going about 200' down the tunnel and finding nothing else of interest, they headed back up to the dungeon.

They went to the stairs that led to The Machine. They wanted to spend as little time as possible in the bad air so two of them ran through the Machine tunnels with light sources. Thus, they got an idea of the lay out. The runners took some damage. they went up the stairs to think about what they wanted to do.

After awhile, a work party of zombies came along the tunnel and went down the stair to The Machine. The party decided to brave the bad air once again. They followed the workers. The workers went to the door and opened it. the party followed the workers into Room K. The party took some bad air damage. They saw the workers dump the stuff from the flowers into funnel. One PC went to look in the funnel and disappeared. Another PC did the same (I suspect the player took a not-give-a-shit attitude since he knew he would never play that character again). At that point, the party had had enough and left the dungeon quickly. They indicated that they would make their way back to civilization. 

I think a healing spell was cast somewhere along the way.

So, that is the end of session 6. We will see what the "present day" party decides to do when we have our next session two days from now.

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We had session 7 yesterday.

John S.-D. could not make it due to prior engagement. Andrew M. cancelled at the last minute due to illness in the family. Andrew had sent me a copy of his sheet so I used his character (a fighter named Jeremy Blake) as an NPC. But, I told the players that he would just stay in the back and shoot his wheellock, if need be. Jon did not send a sheet so his elf was off somewhere else. So, the players were:

Walter C. with a cleric (Henry of Oxford)
Sam M. with a wizard (can't remember his name)
Anthony R. with a wizard (Radagast, so I guess his parents named him after an old Slavic god)

They had had a meeting with Rupert Greene and Charles Rutherford. They had been shown a book that gave an account of a treasure hunting expedition from long ago. Preparations for the expedition took a few days so all PCs had time to read the account or have it read to them. The flying saucer was loaded with lots of food and water.

They began the journey towards the area around Thule (a.k.a. Iceland). It took about 30 minutes in the craft that had been built by the grey aliens. They got near to the small island that is about a two hour boat ride South of Iceland. As they got very near, they could see that the island was covered in a forest of apple trees.

I'll continue with session 7 later.

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More about session 7

The roman-era party had neglected to lock the gate to the subterranean realms so various critters had come up.

Because the apple forest covered almost all the island the saucer had to be parked at the shoreline. Rutherford stayed in the spacecraft and the party walked to the volcanic cone. I had decided that the island would be smaller than as indicated in the text. So, it only a few miles to the entrance from the shoreline.

They got to the entrance. The party saw that only the thick side beams of the old drawbridge were there and they were barely there, at all. They walked back to the saucer and talked with Rutherford. He had them climb onto the top of the saucer and then slowly flew them back to the entrance. He got the rim of the craft right up to the doorway and they jumped in. He flew back to the shoreline.

The party walker a few steps into the foyer. The cleric looked at the area a few steps in from the door to try to find tracks in the dirt and debris that had blown over the centuries. The fighter stood next to him with a blank and dazed expression on his face; perhaps daydreaming of some girl he knew a few years ago. The wizards strode bravely towards the door which they intended to open, one on each side of the fountain. As they passed it, the two giant prehistoric salamanders leapt to the attack. Sam had recently created one of the wizards. This was the PC's first adventure and very first dungeon room. One of the creatures leapt up and bit off the head of the neophyte warlock. His body, spurting blood out of neck hole, fell to the ground. On the other side of the fountain, Radagast, who had been to the planet of Carcosa and seen The God that Crawls, had his neck ripped open by the other salamander. He died. The two remaining adventurers fired their wheelocks then moved into melee. They quickly dispatched the salamanders. They then discussed whether they should just leave the island immediately.

But, they pressed forward.

To be continued...

Re: [Campaign Log] Titan Gang

Some more about session 7

At this point, I had Sam play Jeremy Blake, the fighter. Anthony hung around to watch and I had him roll for the enemies they fought.

NOTE: I should point out that in addition to the three types of Hollow Earth critters that might be in the complex, I decided to invent one of my own. They are about as big as a medium sized dog. They are somewhat like spiders but more lozenge or cigar shaped. They have 10 legs and spikes on the back carapace to protect from predators. The bite only 1d4 damage and is not poisonous. They are semi-intelligent (maybe like a chimpanzee). 

They party of two went through the doors and up the stairs. They went to the door of the shrine and peered in. They saw the cube and the remains of the candles on the floor. They left and went to the abandoned warehouse. They saw only the remains of barrels and crates as well as some large reptile bones. The party left the room and headed for Hallway I.   

The party got to a position where they could peek down Hallway I without getting cut by the glass. The fighter's lantern only let him see 30' but the cleric had taken the Space Alien goggles and could see all the way down. I had decided that some of my Hollow Earth spider-things had made a nest in front of the door to Room M. they were attracted to the light and crawled on the ceiling in order to avoid the sharp glass and the electric walls.

The party moved down the corridor away from Hallway I. The spider-things came around the corner in pursuit. The party shot at the two monsters. One was killed and the other injured. The injured one fled to Balcony H and into the foyer. the two adventurers  went down the stairs and into the foyer. They did not see it anywhere.

At this point, the party decides to go look at the gate to Hollow Earth. They see no ballista and no guards. The gate is wide open. the party decides to wait there for awhile and rest. About 45 minutes later, a group of worker-zombies comes through carrying full buckets.

I'll write some more tomorrow...