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I just picked up the hardcover and PDF of this game and it's exactly what I was looking for big_smile  I'm coming from 5e but used to play 3.5 when I was younger. I got tired of everyone being a superhero and this old school stuff is perfect haha.

First question: I have the rules and magic book and my friend had an old copy of the grindhouse edition. I'm confused about saving throws since the two versions word them differently.

Grindhouse says int modifier is used against all magical spells. I would assume this means all magic including clerics, magic-user, magical creature attacks, and magic traps.

The version I have states that int modifier only applies to resisting a magic-users spells, so everything besides that would be discluded.

The second question is about disengaging and attacks of opportunity. The other B/X game I have mentioned this, but I can't find it in either copy we have. Is there another book that gets deeper into combat, or is this not a thing with the game?

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Welcome to LotFP!

I see that wording in R&M (newer version) but I have always played that the INT bonus applies to all magic based saving throws and WIS bonus applies to all non-magic saving throws. I think it's a bit more straightforward and easier to remember this way.

There aren't any attacks of opportunity in LotFP. (Personally, I reroll initiative each round, with one or the other side winning. This means that even if a PC wants to disengage, if they lose initiative, they might get attacked first, if they win, they get away...)

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Super easy to remember, so I will roll with that. We are starting our first session this weekend!

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Have you seen the playtest rules presented in Vaginas Are Magic and Eldritch Cock?

If not, I highly recommend at least incorporating the new spellcasting rules before your first game (and including the spells from both of those books in your list of spells for characters to possibly get at first level).

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I just got done reading them, those spells are wild haha.

The system seems cool, but the mechanics are different between the two books? There are 5 conditions for risky casting in Vaginas are magic and 7 conditions listed in Eldritch Cock. Does one of those books supersede the other? Also, one of us is already set on an elf, so we will need to figure out how this system works for that. Maybe the player starts with one spell instead of 3 to balance it out. Either way, thanks for sharing this is great.

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Eldritch Cock came later and supersedes VAM.

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I have to be honest, I do not like the spell rules from either book at all. Not in the slightest. I mean, I respect new ideas and innovations, and they would work great for a different game or a new game. But LotFP, to me, is taking the potential of Moldvay-Cook B/X to the extremel. The alternate rules for high level die roll magic is what DCC is for. I have Mage & Ars Magica. LotFP is supposed to be a mainline shot of pure Vancian juice.

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To each their own, of course.

I think the future of LotFP is heading toward becoming more of its own unique system, with strong old school roots. In many LotFP (and old school) campaigns we never get to play with the higher level spells b/c characters never live that long. The new system allows potential access to all spells right off the bat.

Also, "summon" is perhaps the most popular LotFP spell (and it's first level) so I think the new spell system is trying to emulate that exciting, risky feel with every spell.

If you keep using the original magic system, then VAM and EC make great options for scrolls that any character can try to use.