Topic: Suicidal Winds spell

One of my players rolled Suicidal Winds from VAM! when levelling up and now I'm trying to put reasonable constraints on it so as not to break my game. I know, I know, using the weird magic system is asking for game-breaking fuckery. I brought this on myself.

I'm thinking at the very least I should assign a "chance to collide with man-made or natural structure" die-roll with higher probabilities for lower elevation and longer distances.

Also, the way the spell is worded, I can't tell if the caster gets to carry a passenger at first level, or not until second level. Anyone ever use this spell in-game? Thanks in advance for any advice!

Re: Suicidal Winds spell

My read is that they can only carry a passenger at 2nd level. (Basically, each level amounts to one passenger.)

I'm curious how this spell might break your world? For one, there is the chance the wind will drop the character. For two, they likely can't carry the whole party. For three, if they want to get back, they will need to cast the spell again, using up their spell slots (and/or risking miscasting) and risking the falling chance again.

Also, the spell specifically states a height and rate of travel. I use real world maps for my LotFP setting, so after calculating the height of travel, I would just draw a straight line to make sure the character isn't hitting any mountains. If they roll a particularly low height, they may even hit hills or manmade structures.

If you'd prefer not to do the above, then I think your idea of just giving a roll to see if they collide with something makes sense. Personally, I'd negotiate these odds with the player, since you are modifying the spell to make it worse.